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Join your friends and neighbors for the Annual Seedlings Braille Books  for Children Open House featuring Piano prodigy 
  Avett Ray  Maness/American Idol fame. October 14 @ 4:00 - 7:00.
Our Livonia Symphony Orchestra offers up this one of a kind Mark King Signature Deluxe Bass Guitar

An anonymus patron of the arts has purchased and is donating this Mark King Signature Deluxe bass guitar made by Alembic guitars in California. The guitar has been appraised at $12,000.  And you have a chance to take it home as the Livonia Symphony Orchestra will be raffling it off starting this Saturday. Tickets will be sold for $100.

This one of a kind guitar provides signature electronics which will produce an accurate representation of the string movement, with even the most subtle fingering techniques shining through. Thoughtful phrasing is rewarded, and you'll be able to communicate your musical ideas more completely.
This guitar which is a work of art is made with buckeye burl showcasing a dramatic image front and back to match its quality sound.

Proceeds will benefit the Livonia Symphony Orchestra and will be sold throughout the concert season at all the Livonia Symphony concerts and special events prior to April 25th.  The drawing will take place at intermission at the May 9 concert at Clarenceville Auditorium.

The 2019 - 2020 season includes (highlighed concerts be selling tickets) 
Concert 1:   "OLD WORLD -NEW SEASON" -October 12, 2019 4:00 p.m.
Concert 2:   "MAGICAL FANTASIES -Dec 07, 2019 4:00 p.m.
Concert 3    "PASSPORT TO SCANDINAVIA" -February 22 , 2020 4:00 p.m.
Concert 4:   "ROMANCE IN THE AIR" -May 09, 2020 4:00 p.m.
Concert 5:    FREE:  PATRIOTIC AND POPS CONCERT - June 11, 2020

Special events include: (highlighted events will have tickets available)
A Sentimental Journey Benefit Dinner Burton Manor November 1, 2019
Shamrocks & Tea Laurel Manor March 08, 2020
Spring Garden Party Luncheon Laurel Manor May 17, 2020
Bob Bennett Memorial Golf Outing, June 05, 2020
Patriotic & Pops FREE Concert, June 11, 2020

The Missing Link (From the Stump). One man's drive to change how we think about 
recycling wood starting right here in Livonia. Could have been a serious issue for our city election.
Chris Last is identified as an urban forester. It is his desire to have Livonia be the center of tree recycling in the state of Michigan or perhaps the midwest. His idea? Let's take trees and instead of grinding them up turn them into wood planks, build picnic tables, houses, sheds. You name it let's just put the trees to use after they are taken down.

Chris last has received widespread support from industry, colleges and universities, parks programs. It is well received every where except his home town Livonia. He has proposed taking an acre at the Livonia landfill and put in his recycling equipment, at Greenmead where students can learn the art of taking a tree, milling it down, taking the wood and building something with it.

The typewriter will not go into detail on the benign neglect or the outright rejection he has received in Livonia. Candidates !! This is a project that was meant for Livonia. Here in Chris' own words is what he is thinking:

Southeast Michigan, the most densely and diversely populated area of Michigan. Focusing on the Tri-County area, a combined population of over 4 million people, the amount of "waste" generated going into our landfills, as of 2017, is 12,504,840 tons. Additionally our landfills receive "waste" from "other states" and Canada that equal another 3,858,250 tons, bringing the total to 16,363,090 tons . Out of that total the DEQ suggests that approximately 1,000,000 tons are directed to some form of "re-cycling". In a report from RRS (Resource Recycling Systems), EDUCATION was part of the topic. The RRS asked end-use market experts about the state of recycling education in Michigan. Two people responded, "What education?" Those who did recognize existing recycling education in Michigan felt that it could be better. One interviewee noted, "Education must be improved to improve Michigan recycling."

Some felt that the problem with education is the lack of responsibility for undertaking education efforts and the disconnect between the party providing education and the party responsible for materials. MRFs are put in a difficult position when they are responsible for the quality of the material, yet they are not responsible for educating residents on how to prepare recyclables. Local governments lack the funding to provide education or do not make education a priority, and they may also not have a good understanding of the economic drivers of recycling. Some felt that because of this, the organization with the responsibility for providing clean materials should have the authority to provide education. But some also cited the need to hold MRFs more acc
Chris Last
ountable for how they will provide quality materials. This boils down to the bottom line being that we are "chasing our tails".

The report was reviewed and what was realized is the typical "standard operating procedure" approach to any and most forms of re-cycling. The plastics, paper, glass, aluminum, metals of various kinds, "organic" or food waste. Finding an "end use" product in some cases were approached, but not to a degree that has a firm impact on the amount generated and difficult to move and market. What stuck out in this line of "waste" was the "Missing link". A "Solid waste" that is not only abundant in tonnage produced, but more over, is a Natural Resource. The trees being remove in our Urban Forests. There are many different reasons in the removal of these trees. From storm damage, be it rain or snow. The impact of disease or invasive species and land development. Even in some cases, especially in the Urban setting, to a homeowner their tree is nothing more than a burden. Having to prune, deal with falling limbs and branches and even the buds and seed pods "intruding" on their space.

This "wood waste" is than disposed of. What is not understood and recognized and the facts and numbers behind the potential of "Tree-cycling", are a very relevant portion of this material. In a report done in 2002 , urban wood waste in the municipal solid waste stream totaled 14.8 million metric tons, which is greater than the total estimated weight of timber harvested from U.S. Forests during the same time period. About 8.5 million metric tons were recovered, mainly for compost and mulch. Of the remaining 6.3 million metric tons, 1.5 million were sent to combustion facilities and 1.6 million were deemed "useable". Leaving 3.2 million metric tons available for further processing or "good wood" seeking a market.

The condition today of our recycling stream, especially now that the foreign interest of receiving U.S. Re-recyclable material is missing, could be considered "in dis-pare". The problem being, what can be done with it? How do we market it? Who wants it and for what? Moreover, is that the primary influx of this waste is man made, whereby the other, that continues to be ignored, is a Natural Resource. This "wood waste" has many different means of being used and marketed, in many different ways. Applying the educational factors that can be achieved in "re-purposing, utilizing" this "wood waste", encompasses a number of "positive impacts". From the Environmental Sciences, skilled trades, Conservation and pure and complete sustainability.

The D E Q (Department of Environmental Quality) shows no direction in the re-cycling or "Tree-cycling", and the potentials of incorporating the material produced by this project/program in a number of applications including; the training in many fields of our Environmental factors. Reducing the cost in many functions, completing unfinished projects. Up dating State, County and City Parks. A State Park like Belle Isle would be ideal for a number of reasons. Many of the Societies such as; Michigan Historical Preservation, Michigan Historical Barn Preservation, Michigan Trails, Michigan Lighthouse Society. Involving MIDAV and Veterans groups included for Veterans that either had a skilled trade prior to serving or obtained a skilled trade while serving, used as mentors and teachers. Reducing the tonnage of "wood waste", reducing the cost of disposal, much of which goes to waste through decay, and recognizing the all encompassing positive impact potentials of Tree-cycling, is a WIN WIN at so many different levels.

All the other forms of waste being focused on, once again, the most difficult issue is "END USE". The reality of Tree cycling is that it is
easily "re purposed", utilized in many factions. The "end use" limitless. As a State of Michigan Project/Program, each and every State Park would benefit on repairs and enhancements. Cost reduced, goals achieved. Through the process of Tree cycling, many different avenues of approach that pertain to many Educational aspects. From the Environmental Sciences applicable to climate and pollution, the process of invasive species, actual "real time", "hands on", "close up and personal" field studies. Also included is this line of "skill sets" are a multitude of "Skilled Trades". Learning hands on of , log grading, lumber grading and the process of "drying" this material, be it; air drying, solar drying and the technical skill of Kiln drying. Next in line of "skill sets" are every aspect of Building. The designing, engineering and utilizing, if even just a portion, of the millions of available board feet (bf) of material/lumber, capable of being produced at any dimension, retrieved from the millions of metric tons of Urban Forest "wood waste" or "solid waste" being discarded, misused and ignored annually. This needs to be addressed for all the right reasons and not placed on the "back burner".

Park and trail entrances (pictured right), made by vocational students, from re-purposed Urban logs, filling the gap in skilled trades and learning multiple other factions that lead to career choices.

In 2002, when Michigan was impacted by the Invasive Species, the Emerald Ash Borer, and working for a municipal Forestry Department, the Supervisor informed us about this "little bugger" and explain what Governor Granholm determined to be the "best way to handle this". Immediately, my first thought was "No, there has to be a better way to handle the "fall out" of so many Ash trees doomed for removal". A call was made to the MDNR and explained what "the plan" was. The immediate response from the MDNR was "Where have you been for the last 20 years". Instead, the Governor went with a quick fix even after being made aware, sending representatives to witness how to save the State of Michigan hundreds of thousands of dollars in the disposal process.

The demographics and logistics of a City, where location is ideal, would make it capable of reaching out to the 50+ surrounding Communities, and further every positive impact potential. All of the Educational factors giving the opportunity for those not bound for College, a number of options in fields that currently not only lack from the ability to fill positions, but expose these options in a career choice.

Since 2002, my focus, research and experience, was promoting and expressing the utilizing of "wood waste" in ways that contribute to society. Typically these ideas were not taken seriously and ignored. The mindset was "standard operating procedure" and thinking "outside the box" was not to be considered. Today the growing awareness and reality shows that these ideas presented so long ago, were accurate in the claims being conveyed. Right here in Michigan at MSU, the Forestry Department is using "Timber Framing" as a means for a new building. Unfortunately, the material was obtained from Quebec, but still the plan and idea in and of it self shows the potential of what can and should have been done 17 years ago. The USGBC is currently is promoting LEED v4.1 which also further is proof positive of what this Project/Program is capable of doing. Especially in the Educational factor and Skilled Trades. Here are their own words;

Taken from Esub; Sustainable construction isn't just ensuring that resources are being used in an efficient way in our projects. It means considering the environmental impacts that are created by the way we source materials and the processes we use to get the job done. It means understanding our projects not just regarding the bottom line and the benefit to our business, but also in terms of the impact on the environment, the community, and the world. And that's why sustainable construction is so important, because it does impact the entire world and not just where the building is created. From steel manufacturing plants, lumber mills, to the job site, there are areas for improvement.

ACCIONA: In order to achieve a sustainable construction we have to put an end to those bad long-standing habits of squandering natural resources.
https://www.activesustainability.com/.../sustainable-buildin.../ "sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."
What more needs to be said?

Michigan Leaders talk about better education, tackling environmental issues and being more conscientious in "long term effects". Not only does this Project/Program encompass a multitude of positive factors, but the "long term effect" is priceless in what can be achieved for so many people, in so many ways. The fore-mentioned clearly reinforces every single claim made.

Finding a Community that welcomes this Project/Program is ideal, surrounded by 50+ Urban Communities, all of which can benefit from having the opportunity to offer their citizens of every age, to be exposed to many avenues of approach in career choices as well as reduce the amount of "wood waste" and will set an example Nation Wide. Is endorsed by highly respected Professionals and reinforced by numerous LEED entities. For many, it is difficult to think, that the State of Michigan and its leaders, can not recognize, understand and support in the establishing of this Project/Program.
Cinematic Art expands in Livonia with the introduction of Fathom Events 
at the Phoenix Theatre
Elvis Unleashed
October 10 - 7:00pm

Turandot - The Met Opera Live in HD
October 12 - 12:55pm
October 16 - 1:00pm (Encore)
October 16 - 6:30pm (Encore)

Alien - 40th Anniversary (1979)
October 13- 1:00pm
October 13- 4:00pm
October 15 - 7:00pm
October 16 - 7:00pm

Rob Zombie's 3 From Hell - Encore
October 14 - 7:00pm

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot
October 15 - 7:00pm
October 17 - 7:00pm (Double Feature)

QT8: The First Eight
October 21 - 7:00pm

The Reliant
October 24 - 7:00pm

Manon - The Met Opera Live in HD
October 26 - 12:55pm
October 30 - 1:00pm (Encore)
October 30 - 6:30pm (Encore)

Spirited Away - Studio Ghibli Fest 2019
October 27 - 12:55pm (DUB)
October 28 - 7:00pm (SUB)

Raymonda - The Bolshoi Ballet
October 27 - 12:55pm

Faustina: Love and Mercy
October 28 - 7:00pm

LUZIA - Cirque de Soleil 
October 29 - 7:00pm

Click on this image for all movie times

Send your calendar notices to  rwilliamjoyner@gmail.com
October in Livonia
 Livonia Arts Commission's annual Fine Arts Exhibition is being held the entire month of October in the Fine Arts Gallery in the Bennett Civic Center Library.

October 1 - 30
Wilson Barn Pumpkin Fest Every day in October

October 19 - 31
Pumpkin Place fundraiser for Livonia Cares

October 12
Annual Fire Safety Open House

October 12 @ 4:00
Old World-New Season  Livonia Symphony Orchestra
Clarenceville High School  Louis Schmidt Auditorium

October 12:00 - 4:00
Recreation Center Halloween Open House
Costumes encouraged but not required

October 14 @ 4:00 - 7:00
Seedlings Annual Open House
Piano prodigy Avett Ray Maness/American Idol fame
Greeters: The typewriter and Bodyguard

October 19

October 19 @ 4:00 - 6:00
St. Paul Presbyterian Church
11th Annual Fall Fun Fest

October 21
Wayne 11th Congressional District Republican Club
Dinner Dance @ Italian Club Livonia
October 24 7:00 - 9:00

October 24 @ 5:30 - 6:30
Civic Park Senior Center

October 24 @ 5:00 - 7:00
Rotary Community Spaghetti Dinner
Help Eradicate Polio
Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church
October 25 @ 5:30 - 8:00
Free Scary fun at the Livonia YMCA
Games, spooky stories, crafts, and a costume contest 

October 28 @ 5:00 - 7:00
Flemings support for the ARC
People with Disabilities
tickets @  TheARCNW.org
November in Livonia
November 2
14th Annual Healthy Livonia Turkey Trot
Register at the Kirksey Recreation Center
November 23
Historic Greenmead Treasures from Grandma's Attic

December in Livonia

December 8 @ 4:00
City of Livonia Christmas Parade

November 5
Absentee Ballots out September 25

City of Livonia  Mayoral Race
Vote for one candidate in November

Maureen Miller Brosnan
Councilman Jim Jolly,
Livonia Police Officers Association
Police Officers Association of Michigan
Livonia Police Lieutenants and Sergeants Association
Livonia Firefighters Local 1164
Westland Mayor Bill Wild
Congresswoman Haley Stevens
State Senator Dayna Polehanki
County Executive Warren Evans
County Sheriff Benny Napoleon
Sierra Club Michigan Chapter
AFSCME, UAW, Teamsters Local 299 
Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters, 
Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 2
Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors
Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council
Dan Centers, Livonia School Board Trustee, 
Karen Bradford, Livonia School Board Trustee
Tim Klisz, Zoning Board of Appeals Member 
Gretchen Alaniz, Schoolcraft College Trustee
Brian Broderick, Schoolcraft College Board Chair
Schoolcraft College Treasurer Terry Gilligan
Janice Centers, Zoning Board of Appeals Member
Citizens Roads Advisory Committee Member Brett Gierak
 Former Livonia City Council Members Mike McGee,
 Joe Taylor, and Dale Jurcisin

Laura Toy
Mayor Dennis Wright , 
Former Mayors Jack Kirksey, Jack Engebretson
Councilwomen Kathleen McIntyre and Cathy White 
Councilman Brian Meakin
Bruce Tenniswood
Right to Life of Michigan  

City of Livonia Council Race
Vote for up to four candidates in November 

Scott Bahr  
Mayors Dennis Wright, Jack Engebretson, Jack Kirksey
Council members Laura Toy, Jim Jolly
Brandon Kritzman, Kathleen McIntyre, Cathy White
Brian Meakin
Former Council members Jim McCann, Joe Taylor
John Pastor, Treasurer Lynda Scheel
Commissioner Terry Marecki
Livonia Public School Trustees Mark Johnson
Colleen Burton, Karen Bradford, Crystal Frank
Former LPS Superintendent Randy Liepa
Former Representatives John Walsh, Laura Cox
Former Senator Patrick Colbeck
Former Fire Chief Shadd Whitehead
Livonia Firefighters Union 1164
Schoolcraft Trustee Dillon Breen
ZBA Members Chris Boloven, Joel Turbiak,
Jim Baringhaus
Planning Commissioners Sam Caramagno  Carol Smiley
Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors
Right to Life of Michigan

Gregory Coppola
Councilmembers Laura Toy,  Brian Meakin,
Brandon M. Kritzman, Kathleen McIntyre
County Commissioner Terry Marecki
Former Councilmen  John Walsh and  John Pastor
Jim McCann and Joe Laura
Zoning Board of Appeals Jim Baringhaus and Tim Kliz
Schoolcraft Trustee Dillon Breen
Right to Life of Michigan

Robert Donovic
Bruce Tenniswood
Livonia Police Officers Association 
Livonia Fire Fighters Local 1164
 Police  Officers Association of Michigan
 Park Commissioner Paul Condon
Schoolcraft Trustees Gretchen Alaniz, Dillon Breen, 
Mayor Dennis Wright, 
Councilwoman Laura Toy, Councilman Brian Meakin, 
Former Livonia School Trustee Steve King
Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors, 
County Commissioner Diane Webb,
State Representative Jewell Jones, 
Right to Life of Michigan

Brian Duggan
Laura Toy, Joe Laura, Jim McCann
Livonia Police Officers Association
B randon McCullough
Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors
Livonia Police Officers Association
Police Officers Association of Michigan
Livonia Police Lieutenants and Sergeants Association
Livonia Firefighters Local 1164
Mayor Dennis Wright, 
Wayne County Commissioner Glenn Anderson
Former City Councilwoman Maureen Miller Brosnan    Councilmen Jim Jolly, Brandon Kritzman, 
Great Detroit Building & Construction Trades Council,  Sheet Metal Workers' Local 80,
 Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers, 
County Commissioner Diane Webb
Eileen McDonnell
Sierra Club Michigan Chapter
County Commissioners  Glenn S. Anderson Diane Webb former LPS School Board  Dianne Laura
former Livonia City Council member Joe Laura, 
Schoolcraft Trusteew  Gretchen Alaniz and Joan Gebhardt

Kathleen McIntyre 
Mayor Dennis Wright,  Former Mayors Jack Kirksey, Jack Engebretson,  John Grzebik, Greenleaf Commission,      
Zoning Board of Appeals Tim Klisz and  Jim Baringhaus
Arts Commissioner Lindsay Spence
Recreation Commissioner Katie Jolly
Livonia Police Officers Association
Police Officers Association of Michigan
Livonia Firefighters Local 1164
Treasurer Lynda Scheel,  Council members Laura Toy, Jim Jolly,Brian Meakin,  Cathy White, Brandon Kritzman
 Wayne County Commissioner Terry Marecki, 
Schoolcraft Trustee Gretchen Alaniz
All the details you need to know about this one of a kind guitar
offered up by the Livonia Symphony Society

If you had unlimited resources what would do to
improve Livonia quality of life?

Calling all high school students who would like to have some fun with their imagination and have the chance to win a $200 gift card!

The Livonia Human Relations Commission is having an essay contest based on the question: "If you had unlimited resources and total control of your schedule for the next 6 months, how would you spend your time and resources to improve the quality of life in Livonia? Who would you have on your team to collaborate with and why? (famous or not)"

See the letter for all of the details! 

All entries may be turned in at the Guidance Office at each high school. Good luck!

43 years of Holiday Arts and Crafts shopping. Frost PTSA

This is the 43rd year and the Frost Holiday Craft Show has become quite a familiar holiday shopping tradition for many in the community.

The Frost PTSA, staff, and students are very grateful for the support of the wonderful Livonia community throughout the years and they hope that the readers of Musings will join them once again and begin their holiday shopping at Frost Middle School on November 2 from 10am-4pm. 

The Federal IRS Filing Deadline for Extension Filers is Almost Here

It is almost here...the filing deadline for taxpayers who requested an extension to file their 2018 tax return. This year's deadline is Tuesday, October 15.

Even though time before the extension deadline is dwindling, there is still time for taxpayers to file a complete and accurate return. Taxpayers should remember they don't have to wait until October 15 to file. They can file whenever they are ready.

Taxpayers who did not request an extension and have yet to file a 2018 tax return can generally avoid additional penalties and interest by filing the return as soon as possible and paying the amount owed.

  • Final extended deadline for filing 2018 Individual Federal Income tax return
  • Final extended deadline for filing 2018 FBAR form
  • Final extended deadline for filing 2018 Corporation Income tax return
  • Final date to request a further two months of extension for expats until December 16, 2019 by writing to the IRS

If you have any questions regarding your tax situation, please don't hesitate to call Cole, Newton & Duran CPAs at (734) 427-2030 to speak with one of their tax professionals.
Churchill Music Boosters looking for some help
Do you have items in your home that you no longer need? Are you looking to donate those items? If so, mark your calendar for the Donation Drop-Off Day to support the Churchill High School Music Boosters' Giant Rummage Sale!

The group is collecting items on Oct. 18 from 2:30 - 6:30 p.m. in the CHS cafeteria...

THEN, be sure to visit the sale to find some treasures that you never knew you needed!

The sale will be 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 19 at Churchill.
Polehanki Bill to Require Training for School Board Members
Sen. Dayna Polehanki (D-Livonia) has introduced legislation that would require school board members to complete training on the basic responsibilities and legal parameters of serving on a board of education.
"School board members have enormous impact on children's lives. They set policy, hire and evaluate superintendents, and manage the finances of our school districts," Sen. Polehanki said. "It is in the best interest of our students, and the future of our districts, that they are properly prepared to carry out their duties and correctly follow Michigan laws."
Senate Bill 540 would require all board members to complete five basic training courses within two years of being elected or appointed to a board, covering the topics of conflicts of interest, labor relations, education law, finance, and board governance. The courses must be approved by the Michigan Department of Education and they may be taken in-person or online. The courses will likely take under 20 hours to complete in total.
School districts whose board members take these courses would be reimbursed for the cost of the courses. After two years of school board service, each school district would be required to post whether board members had completed the mandatory training.
A 2013 study by Dr. Michael Ford found that school boards play a significant role when it comes to the success of their students such that  improving school board governance is a legitimate approach to improving academic achievement for children.
"Providing education for school board members serves to encourage them to set sound educational policies while having a comprehensive understanding of their personal roles and responsibilities," Sen. Polehanki said. "This legislation is a good, first step toward the continuing work of making our schools some of the best in the nation."
Pancakes. Robotics. Students. See you on the 19th.

Why leave home for a pumpkin !!! 
Wilson Barn Pumpkin Fest every October day
Join us for Pumpkin fest at the Wilson Barn! Every day in October. EVERY DAY.
 No admission charged, however fees for some activities apply.

-Pumpkins, Gourds and cornstalk sales
-Pony Rides (3-7pm)
-Hayrides (By appointment only and weather permitting)
** Call 313-909-1870 for an appointment

WEEKEND ACTIVITIES (Saturday and Sunday) 11am-7pm
-Cider, Donuts, Refreshments
-Pumpkins, gourds and Cornstalk sales
-Pony Rides and Hayrides (12-7), weather permitting
- Art and Craft Show

Halloween and history. Together. October 25.

Update on the November general election
Maureen Miller Brosnan Breakfast of Champions   10/10
Rob Donovic Pizza and Pasta   10/11
Brandon McCullough Ball Hockey   10/13
Brandon McCullough Cider and Doughnuts   10/15
Jim Davis coffee and conversation 10/1, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22, 10/29
Wayne 11th Republican dinner/dance   10/21
FridayMusings will continue to post information about the 8 candidates running for City Council and the 2 candidates running for Mayor. When we receive notification of an event and as was done in the primary we will post announcements  without editing.

Click on the image for more details.