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FridayMusings Friday, November 4, 2022    Helping define Livonia Quality of Life

We can't only define Livonia as taking small steps toward maintaining the way things were. That will only give us mediocre outcomes.

Our goal in Livonia needs to be innovative and transformative.

Bentley High alums invited to help apply for Michigan Historical Marker

The typewriter graduated from Franklin High School in 1967 but well remembers Bentley High School, specifically Principal Al Zak and his anti-smoking campaign. And then there was my first varsity swim meet against Coach Larry Joiner at Bentley in which I finished dead last. So embarrassed as most in the stands thought we were related. We're not. Or there was the Marksmanship Merit Badge achieved at the shooting range underneath Bentley. Yes, there was a rifle range. I know because I was there on my way to the rank of Eagle. And yes, I was at the Bentley Senior Prom, Class of 1967 with Pam Peal, whose mother was campaign manager for my mother in her victorious win in 1965 for Livonia school board.

With Bentley no longer and only the memories lingering it is time for a Michigan Historical Marker to be placed on the site to remind us of what once was. And to move us in that direction the Livonia Historical Society has stepped up to the plate to collect funding and start the application process.

Leading the effort at Bentley alums George Friess, Gene Kramer, and George Calder. So if you would like to help out donations can be made payable to Livonia Historical Society and mailed to LHS, Greenmead Historical Park, 20501 Newburgh, Livonia 48152. Please write "Bentley Fund" on the check.

In addition, there is a special meeting at the Quaker Meeting House in Greenmead, at 2 pm, Thursday, November 17th. If you have any questions please email

This is a great opportunity for some of our famous or infamous Bentley graduates like County Commissioner Terry Marecki, Hall of Fame Inductee Steve Spreitzer, The Dittilies founder Steve King, Livonia dean of the City Council Laura Toy to join in helping get the process underway.

Livonia enjoys the variety offered by our hometown Symphony Orchestra

The LSO Brass Quintet performance at the Bennett Library Auditorium on Saturday was a success - over 125 community members, adults and children, enjoyed listening to lively tunes from the '40s thru today.

The music was provided by the LSO Brass Quintet under the leadership of Carl Karoub retired LSO Principle French Horn. Carl was joined on stage by his Daughter who also plays the French Horn.

The concert was kicked off with a welcome from the LSO President, Sister Mary Ann Smith, and a few words on the importance of music in our lives by Livonia Mayor Maureen Brosnan. Comments suggested that everyone enjoyed the afternoon. 

The LSO orchestra invites you to join the orchestra as they celebrate the Holidays with a lively Holiday Jubilee concert at 4:00 pm on Saturday, December 10th ($25). If you miss that concert you can still join the LSO musicians for More Holiday Cheer on Saturday, December 17th at 1:00 pm ($10).  

Tickets for both December concerts are available online at the, or at the Bennett Civic Center Library.

Honoring our Veterans this Sunday at Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church and you are invited

Livonia holiday parade officially

kicks off Winter December 4

The Merry & Bright Holiday Parade and Tree Lighting is coming up in a little more than one month; at 4 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 4. They are now looking for local groups – civic, school, scouts, etc. – to join the parade on a route from Frost Middle School to Livonia City Hall.

Businesses can purchase a sponsorship to also participate.

Interested groups should contact Billy Keppen at to reserve a spot now!

I have waited since 2009 for Avatar 2 to be released. YES!

It is scheduled for Dec. 16th.

Livonia Mayor Maureen

Miller Brosnan promised residents a fully staffed police department. . .well. . 

I don't think the voters anticipated new uniforms complete with three Bates Burgers as a part of the compensation package. But I guess whatever it takes. Having Halloween fun is all a part of Living Livonia.

Livonia Rotary's

"End Polio Week"

Provided to Musings readers from

Mike Ladwig, past President, Rotary AM

Some people’s answer to a challenging situation or to something that has never been tried before is a resounding “You can’t do that”.

Last week we had our End Polio week at Livonia AM Rotary. Our club hosted two people who have intimate knowledge of this dreaded disease, Bill Joyner, the voice of Livonia through FridayMusings, and our own member, Nancy Darga. Bill’s story regarding Polio is centered around his mother, who was a Polio survivor. Nancy herself is a Polio survivor.

Bill’s mother raised a family and spent twelve years on the Livonia Board of Education. Bill recalls his mom explaining to her children the physical pain of living with Polio. But it was not an everyday topic of discussion in their home.

Nancy, an architect, was the chief designer for Wayne County Parks and Recreation Department before she retired. She also spent twelve years on the Northville City Council. Nancy was three years old when she was diagnosed with Polio. She shared the story of painful operations on her legs so she could regain her ability to walk. Many neighborhood parents wouldn’t let their children play with Nancy out of fear that Polio could be transmitted through Nancy to their children.

Both Nancy and Bill’s mothers did not let the disease of Polio define them. They defined what was possible for Polio victims to accomplish. To those who said to them, “you can’t do that, you had Polio” they probably replied, “step out of my way and watch me”.

Hearing both the sad story of the extreme pain that Polio can cause to those who get this disease, and the inspiring story of overcoming obstacles to reach a goal was an exceptional way to begin our “End Polio Week” for our Rotary club.

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19514 Livonia 48152
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Seedlings Braille Books

7th Annual

Online Auction

November 7-13

View in advance here of all of the items, over 200, up for bidding which starts Monday, November 7.

And just start thinking of which lunch/dinner you will be bidding on from these three, Councilman McCullough, Mayor Brosnan,

or the typewriter

Dinner with Councilman Brandon McCullough

Use this gift certificate to get to know your Livonia City councilman, Brandon McCullough!

 This certificate includes dinner for two at Coach's Corner. The time and date will be determined between the winning bidder and Brandon McCullough. 


Dinner and drinks to be paid for by the councilman. 

Lunch with Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan

You and up to five of your friends and family members can have a private lunch meeting at a local restaurant with Livonia Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan.

Talk local issues - or just get to know your Mayor better. Local restaurant to be chosen by winning bidder.

 Lunch will be paid for by Mayor Brosnan.

Lunch with the typewriter

Here is your chance at getting 15 minutes of fame: You and a friend can enjoy a spirited conversation over lunch with Bill Joyner, publisher of Friday Musings, the always-positive Livonia e-newsletter, that circulates three times a week.

Then read all about it (including an article and picture) in an issue of Friday Musings!

Lunch will be on Joyner's dime at a Livonia restaurant!

It is time to start filling up the

December Holiday Calendar