Livonia came out strong yesterday:

78% of registered voters

42,708 absentee

21,986 at the precincts

"I have never been prouder of the team in the clerks office. The last two weeks everyday has been Election Day. We averaged over 500 absentee request at the counter a day. We couldn’t have done it with the help of so many city employees who stepped up to help us.

"Thank you.
"I heard many stories yesterday, a few complaints, but mostly positive. The best stories I heard:
"At one precinct lunch was delivered by the residents of the neighborhood.
"A few others had surprise pizza delivered by a couple business. Livonia is an absolutely amazing community.

"Hearing the chairs talk about this brought tears to my eyes to know that the precinct workers are appreciative by the residents as much as they are by me.

"Thank you to all who worked yesterday Livonia appreciates you."