By taking this pledge of Healthy Livonia today we can change the world for tomorrow

Livonia has long been cultivating resources in support of creating a thriving and developing positive community quality of life that powers the acceptance and relevance of a hometown that for generations has been a cornerstone of southeast Michigan.

The footprint of Livonia excellence continues to sustain quality and identification as a community that others continue to look to for leadership.

In the 50's Livonia councilmembers met with the Felician sisters to discuss the need for a hospital to serve what was hoped to be a thriving community with young families in need of health care. Their hope and expectation was not to fulfill a simple daily need in the immediate but rather a long term foundation for the health and safety of what they fully expected to be a vibrant hometown for thousands of young families.

Livonia has always had the reputation of thinking big and going big. All with the expectation that quality of life required change and residents expected change within the fiber of a stable community.

The 60's saw the purchase of property that would eventually become over 60 parks. The 80's saw the opening of the Civic Center Library. The 90's brought us a new recreation center. Each decade enhancing quality of life in a hometown that would have a population approaching 100,000.

Realizing that the threat of Covid-19 was continuing to be real and would have dramatic affects on our national health, sat down--if a telephone interview can be considered a sit down--with two hometown proponents of a healthy lifestyle. Dan Wolocko,  Director of Sports Therapy & Sports Performance at Mercy Elite Sports Performance, and Dr. Prasad L. Mikkilineni, an internal medicine Doctor specializing in geriatrics.

As St. Mary Hospital grew it began to take on added services and its footprint expanded to care for increased needs throughout the community. Expanded to the point with Doctors opening medical practices to care for the elderly, trainers provide care for the athletes, cooperation with the Kirksey Recreation Center providing services for those needing rehabilitation, and healthy Livonia taking the concept of health and fitness into the world of Livonia parks and neighborhoods.