Michael Smith, Former President of the Livonia based Sweet Dreamzzz Board of Governors, Member, Pajama Program Board of Directors sent this note to FridayMusings to share the good news about Livonia based Sweet Dreamzzz:

Providing our innovative sleep health education programs to children and families throughout the nation has been a long-standing goal. Research shows that our early childhood programing for preschoolers, parents, and teachers brought 30 additional minutes of weeknight sleep to participating children. A good night’s sleep is critical to children’s physical, cognitive, and emotional development, and a sleep increase of this size is believed sufficient by sleep experts to improve alertness, memory, and behavior.

Wouldn’t it be amazing – in fact, life-changing – to deliver this critical programming to millions of children and families, all across the United States?

Well, once in a blue moon, the perfect opportunity to grow presents itself...

We are thrilled to share that Sweet Dreamzzz has joined national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Pajama Program! for children and caregivers everywhere, bedtime just got better.

Founded nearly 20 years ago in New York City, Pajama Program’s vision is to deliver Good Nights for Good Days to all children. Through a national network of dedicated volunteers, donors, and over 4,000 community-based organizations across the United States, Pajama Program has provided over 7 million new pajamas and storybooks to children facing adversity and has fostered caring connections for children through local programming in New York City and Atlanta. Pajama Program’s mission is to promote and support a comforting bedtime routine and healthy sleep for all children to help them thrive.

Today, Pajama Program and Sweet Dreamzzz officially announced that Pajama Program assumed the Sweet Dreamzzz staff and integrated Sweet Dreamzzz's evidence-based sleep health education programs into its offerings.

As one united organization, Pajama Program is positioned to scale for growth and enhance national impact, empowering more children with the information, tools, and support they need for comforting bedtime routines and a good night’s sleep.

What does this change mean for Sweet Dreamzzz supporters and the children and families in our reach?

Pajama Program will continue to offer the proven sleep health education programs that students, parents, educators, donors, and volunteers have come to know and trust from Sweet Dreamzzz. Programming will flourish in Michigan and well beyond!

While Sweet Dreamzzz, Inc. will no longer exist as a separate entity, Pajama Program is maintaining the office in Livonia, Michigan, and the Sweet Dreamzzz staff members – Ann Raftery, Louise Derry, and Diane Seitz – are now part of Pajama Program’s staff. Four members of the Sweet Dreamzzz Board of Governors are also joining the Pajama Program team: Eileen McCarthy, Lisa Tan, and I are members of Pajama Program’s Board of Directors; and Dr. Ronald Chervin is a member of Pajama Program’s Good Night Advisory Council of sleep experts.

We are so very grateful for your generosity, friendship, and your continuing support as we embark on this new phase of providing Good Nights for Good Days to all children, everywhere.

Together, we will help children get the sleep they need to thrive.

(A note from the typewriter: From Livonia. From Southeast Michigan. To the United States. You gotta think big and act big. Congratulations Sweet Dreamzzz and Pajama Program.)