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What motivates FridayMusings:

We can't only define Livonia as taking small steps toward maintaining the way things were. That will give us mediocre outcomes. Our goal needs to be innovative and transformative.

FridayMusings Monday, November 21, 2022    Helping define Livonia Quality of Life

On the Road Again. Off to Canton Georgia for Thanksgiving.

Off to Aurora Colorado for Christmas.

Enjoying December in Livonia in between.

Stir crazy. A little. No lifting. No stretching. No bending. Golly, for a guy that is 19 this is not what I wanted as I leave my teen years behind. So now that the Dr. says I can drive to Atlanta as long as I stop every hour and walk for 10 minutes I should be okay. Should be. Oh, and no swimming for another 3-4 weeks, and only after I see him on December 15 for my second follow-up. Sounds good. Let's go.

So I am off with the bodyguard with plans to drive 1/2 way with a stop in Richmond Kentucky at a motel without a swimming pool but with one winery and one brewhouse nearby. As long as I am not taking the pain meds, which I can't take while driving, I should be okay to sample the wine and local beer. Sounds good, let's see the sites.

Looking forward to southern dining, seeing the bodyguard with a smile on her face as she spends time with her sister Terri, brother-in-law Joe, and all the nephews and nieces. Bring on the downloaded books as this is reading time, maybe a trip to the world-famous Varsity across the street from Georgia Tech. Maybe, Decatur, to see the town I was raised in, attended elementary school, the same school attended by Jack Kirksey, and was Baptized at the Methodist Church. Or maybe sit and read. Sounds good. Real good.

Home on November 29 for three weeks and then Southwest for a direct flight to Denver. Looking forward to seeing Paul and Raquel, 1-year-old Maya, and 4-year-old Leo. Plus or minus a few months on the age but close enough and easier to remember. Watching Leo practice soccer, get excited for Christmas. Watching Maya trying to figure out what is going on. Sounds good. Miss the Colorado family.

I wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving. Look in your inbox on November 30 for a return of FridayMusings as we all get ready for a great holiday month in the only city that counts. The city we all are engaged in. Where we enjoy what we have and celebrate with our friends and neighbors. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Look forward to seeing you at so many hometown gatherings.

A creative Roast and Toast for the birthday of the

Dean of the Livonia City Council--Laura Toy.

Last Thursday Burton Manor was the host for a Roast and Toast Birthday Celebration for Laura Toy, a combination of friends gathering, political fundraising, and lighthearted roasting by a number of her friends and council colleagues.

It was a casual evening with plenty of stories and one original limerick provided by Mayor Maureen Brosnan. Bentley classmate Terry Marecki introduced the elected officials, and there were plenty on hand. Councilman Scott Bahr, a Stevenson graduate, wore a Bentley Bulldog varsity jacket as he offered up a prayer. Council President Jim Jolly shared that the fate of philosopher Jeremy Bentham whose body was preserved so that he could be wheeled out at parties if his friends missed him, could perhaps be an option one day for Toy.

You get the gist of the evening. The typewriter shared that when he appointed Toy as an intern in her senior year at the University of Michigan-Dearborn she headed up the Livonia Environmental Center with a goal of eliminating fossil fuels.

Brandon McCullough and Garrett Wheat kept the roast moving along, McCullough even at one point putting on the Toy for State Representative t-shirt.

This was a fun, creative fundraiser and a great way to celebrate the birthday of Laura Toy. People gathered together in a celebration of community--certainly a community that is indebted to a woman who has spent much of her adult life providing leadership and mentorship to so many.

From Livonia Stevenson to Atlanta and across the nation

Another great idea from our Livonia Civic Center Library

Creativity taken to new heights as the ANIME Convention

comes to Livonia

Rotary Noon Club presents Vocational Service Award to Emilee Waldman

Janet Haas, Past President of the Livonia Rotary Noon Club presented the club's annual student vocational service award to recipient Emilee Waldman.

Congratulations Emilee and thanks to the Rotary Noon Club for this continued recognition of vocational education!

Livonia Democratic Club partners with You Are Loved

Livonia Democratic Club President Kate Shishkovsky along with Mitsy Morris drop off supplies recently collected by the Club during a recent clothing drive to Susan Landmesser-Cohl of Livonia's own You Are Loved.

Sleeping bags with care packages will be given out to people in need in Detroit.

Shjishkovsky says "Thanks to everyone who donated!"

The Livonia Democratic Club making the transition from campaigning to reaching out and helping to make a difference! 

Rotary AM Club partners with Livonia Civic Chorus

On Tuesday, November 15, Livonia Civic Chorus Vice President Jennifer Perry received a $2,000 check from the Livonia A.M. Rotary Club. 

The Rotary Club is supportive of both the LCC and Livonia Symphony Orchestra, both with separate upcoming concerts in December. 

The Livonia AM Rotary and Livonia Civic Chorus member, Rev. Dr. David Stechholz is shown here making the check presentation. 

Thank you, Livonia A.M. Rotary for your support of the arts in our hometown.

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December Holiday Schedule in Livonia is filling up. Great.


Livonia Equity & Anti-Racism Network started a holiday gifting program in 2020 to not only support families who need help with holiday gifts for their children, but also to provide quality gifts that celebrate diversity!

Studies show that the more diverse experiences we have as children, the more likely we are to grow up to be adults who are kind and empathetic, with healthy self-esteem and an appreciation for differences in ourselves and others. These experiences can include books and toys!

Thanks to the generosity of amazing people and businesses, they have provided over 1000 gifts to families in our community!

Click here to apply by Friday, Dec. 2nd.