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A personal request seeking your continued support for the arts in Livonia
FridayMusings is asking your help. Last week it was announced that Peggy Gaskill, while still planning to sing, will be stepping down as President of the Livonia Civic Chorus.  To honor her 10 years as President, leading the chorus from it's two major winter and spring concerts to 20 performances a year. An amazing record for this all volunteer 70 member chorus. 

Smiles on the faces of seniors at nursing homes and extended care facilities, Angela Hospice, Livonia City Christmas tree lighting. Much sought after and much appreciated. 

In June at the annual spring concert, Churchill High School Performing Arts Center, the chorus will be celebrating 55 years in addition to the 10 years Gaskil has steered the Board of Directors.

It is my hope to raise funding for the creation of a legacy fund to help insure that this chorus which has served our hometown so well will have a start on the future with a fund that can and will help defray costs into and past this decade.

I need your help. I am looking for 250 $20.00 donations or 500 $10.00 donations or heck 5 $1,000 donations. You get the picture. I am asking for your support for the Livonia Civic Chorus by sending a check to Livonia Civic Chorus, 37637 Five Mile Road, Suite 156, Livonia 48154. If you want you can drop me an email to let me know that we are moving on up. . .moving on up closer to our goal.

Thanks for your continued support of the Chorus in the past.  Thanks for considering this request. We are well on our way to $1,000, well actually $500. Friday I will fill in the chart with your support.


Bahr, McIntyre, Donovic vote No on climate change referral to Mayor
Thoughts on Monday night's City Council Meeting:

Bahr, McIntyre, Donovic vote No on climate change referral to Mayor.

When Cathy White initiated a proposal to have the city of Livonia, specifically the Mayor's office, look into what a local community can do to offset climate warming the eyes of this typewriter opened wide. Impressive, who could object to taking a look at a current, topical issue that many feel should have a spotlight highlighting how a local government might play a role on one of the most talked about issues this year.

Who could vote no on simply asking the Mayor and perhaps the Greenleaf Commission to look into steps the local community can take. After all we voted for garbage recycling for the benefit of the environment. Heck, Councilman Bob Bennett brought a roll of "Turn off the Lights" to city hall and this much younger typewriter went around to every city building putting the stickers next to the light switches throughout the building. Did it to save some money and to use less electricity.

Heck, the city once had an environmental center chaired by then college intern Laura Toy. For the benefit of the environment.

Well the council voted Monday, February 10th, to refer the issue of climate change to the Mayor who is quoted in a regional publication as saying that  she plans to rely on the Greenleaf Commission "and the knowledge of that committee in taking a broader look at a lot of the things that we're doing in our community from the vehicles we're using to recycling as much as we possibly can." 

She has already been talking with DTE and been in touch with  DTE's MiGreenPower program.

The city council was not all that convinced the city has a role to play in climate issues/ Councilman Scott Bahr led the opposition by reading from a prepared text objecting to the resolution which narrowly passed 4-3, with Bahr, Councilman Rob Donovic and Council President Kathleen McIntyre voting No. 

Here is the prepared statement Councilman Bahr offered for his objection:

I believe God has mandated that we be caretakers of His creation, so I certainly support data-supported efforts to increase our energy efficiency and minimize waste as a city. I am confident that our current administration remains committed to these worthy goals and that this Council will continue to have opportunities to consider these types of proposals.

However, the stated purpose for this resolution is specifically to prepare a local response to climate change issues. That presumes two things:

1. That the changing of the climate, something which has been a cyclical reality for all of recorded history, is unique to our time.

2. That we have the power to reverse it.

I reject each of these premises.

Purpose matters. My observation is that initiatives in pursuit of real efficiency improvement and those in the name of so-called climate change tend to lead in two very directions. While I wholeheartedly embrace the former, I am highly skeptical as to the value and the intent of the latter.

Therefore, I will be voting no on this resolution.

The typewriter's response to this statement by Councilman Bahr: Could not agree less with your statement on climate change. If this referral to the mayor results in reduced energy usage and cost savings while at the same time increasing awareness on the climate issue then it will be a statement that we all should be proud of. Glad that 4 members of the council, White-Jolly-McCullough-Toy saw the positive benefits to the city of this recommendation by Councilwoman White, which in essence is a continuation of Councilman Bob Bennett's energy use curtailment and Councilwoman's Laura Toy running the Livonia Environmental Center. Heck, for those who remember let's not forget Councilman Pete Ventura wanting to recycle paper products with our weekly trash pickup. 

Livonia has always been a leader. Let's continue to look forward. To be progressive in looking at issues, discussing issues and when called upon adopting issue solutions. 

May 7th is the date for another healthy Livonia event.
Livonia will be transformed into Hockeytown Michigan
   May 7 @ 3:00 @ Eddie Edgar Ice Arena

Plans are underway for the first in what hopefully is an annual community-wide hockey game.

Some of the early announcements on the skaters that will be taking on the Detroit Red Wing Alumni include Brett Gierak a graduate of and hockey player at Clarenceville High School, Jeff Adams from the Rotary AM Club, Andrew Palushaj, who played on the Stevenson High School Hockey team, Livonia public safety, police and fire, will have 4 skaters, AloanGaskill, a hockey player from Churchill High School, will be one of the skaters in net, Eric Ladwig, Tony Kales who skated with the Farmington District Unified Team. As names come available FridayMusings will be reporting them. 

On game day the puck will be dropped in a ceremonial start to the game by Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan. The play-by-play action will be announced by the typewriter, R. William Joyner. 

Livonia hometown businesses are stepping up to provide this exciting afternoon for our hometown. The hockey game is brought to you by AlphaUSA in partnership with City Councilman Brandon McCullough, sponsored by Dan MacIver @ Financial & Portfolio Advisors and Art Cole @ Cole, Newton, Duran CPA's with proceeds to benefit Livonia Kids & Families and Greenmead Historic Village.

Printing is being provided by Eric Ladwig & UPS Store @ Five and Newburgh.

Tickets at $10 each will be made available soon. Stay tuned to FridayMusings for the locations where tickets will be available.
Musings follows our City Council
Livonia City Council Study Meeting - February 10, 2020
Livonia City Council Study Meeting - February 10, 2020
Musings follows the 2020 elections

Joe Biden D
Michael Bloomberg D
Cory Booker D
Pete Buttigieg D
Julian Castro D
John Delaney D
Tulsi Gabbard D
Amy Klobuchar D   endorsed by FridayMusings
Bernie Sanders D
Joe Sestak D
Tom Steyer D
Elizabeth Warren D
Marianne Williamson D
Andrew Yang D

United States Senate
Gary Peters (D-I)

John James (R)

United States House of Representatives
Haley Stevens (D-I)
Endorsed by:
Michigan Education Association

Whitney Williams (R)
Endorsed by:

Eric Esshaki (R)

Michigan House of Representatives
Laurie Pohutsky (D-I)

Martha Ptashnik (R)
Wayne County Commissioner
Terry Marecki (R-I)

Schoolcraft College Trustee
Brian Broderick (I)
Joan Gebhardt (I)
Terry Gilligan (I)

Livonia Board of Education
Dan Centers
Karen Bradford
Tammy Bonifield
Crystal Frank

Clarenceville Board of Education
Matt Boettcher
Brenda Uren
Shari Krazel
Jeffrey Bunker
Musings follows Livonia Happenings
February in Livonia
All February

Allen Brooks photography on display at  Livonia City Hall 9 to 5. The show will be up until Feb 28.
February 12
Livonia GOP Lincoln Day Dinner
February 16 @ 3:00
Livonia Community Theatre
St. Paul's Persbyterian Church
February 16 @ 1:00
Cardboard Boat Races
Jack Kirksey Recreation Center
Registration begins on Monday, Jan. 6
February 18 @ 3:00 - 7:00
Livonia Youth Career Fair
Michigan Works! Livonia Service Center
30246 Plymouth Road

February 22 @ 4:00
Livonia Symphony Orchestra
Clarenceville's Historic Louis Schmidt Auditorium
February 23 @ 2:00
Friends of the Livonia Library 
"A Meeting Between Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth" performed by Madelyn Porter, Story Teller. Livonia Bennett Civic Center Library auditorium
February 23 @ 4:30 - 8:30
The Ian Clemens 4th Annual Trivia Night
Hosted by The Ian Clemens Foundation
St. Mary's Cultural Center
February 28

February 29
The Arc of Northwest Wayne County
Laurel Manor
Ball for All Leap Year Fundraiser

March in Livonia

March 3 @ 6:30
Livonia Garden Club
Civic Park Senior Center
Four seasons of garden interest
March 8 @ 1:30 - 4:00
March 26 @ 7:00 - 9:30
Happily Ever After--The Joy of Weddings
Reservations required

  March 10 @ 7:00 am -- 8:00 pm
Presidential Primary

March 14
33rd Annual Bowling for Braille Books
Novi Bowl Family Fun Center
March 15 @ 2:00
 Friends of the Livonia Library 
  "Through Her Eyes Women Artists in the Detroit Institute of Arts." 
Livonia Bennett Civic Center Library auditorium.
March 16 @ 2:00 
Livonia Historical Society presents Joe Oldenberg discussing "The First Native Tribes of Michigan." Alexander Blue House, Greenmead Historical Park
March 22
Mom to Mom Sale
Kirksey Recreation Center
March 21  @ 9:00 - 3:00
April in Livonia
April 7 @ 6:30
Livonia Garden Club
Civic Park Senior Center
Sustainable Food System
April 14
Today's Africa Through American Eyes
Dr. Peggi J. Tabor, PhD
Livonia Citizens for Peace
Livonia Senior Center
April 25 @ 10:00 - 3:00
Previously Enjoyed Jewelry  Sale 
Greenmead Historic Village

May in Livonia
May 5 @ 6:30
Livonia Garden Club
Civic Park Senior Center
Plant Legends and Stories
May 16 @ 9:00 - 10:00
Livonia Garden Club Plant Sharing Event
Greenmead Historical Park     Rain or Shine
Everyone is encouraged to come and take plants whether or not they have plants to share
May 17 @ 3:00
Red Wing Alumni v Livonia All Stars
Eddie Edgar Arena
June in Livonia
June 7 @ 3:00
Livonia Civic Chorus Spring Concert
Churchill High School Performing Arts Center

Leaders and Awards Celebration
February 20th at Laurel Manor
5:00 -- 7:30
Join community leaders, Chamber business members and honorees for one of the Chamber's signature annual events, the Leadership & Awards Celebration at Laurel Manor. This event is a celebration to honor those who make a difference in Livonia, making the community a great place to live, work, learn and play! 

The event will have a buffet dinner and networking, highlighted by the presentation of these awards:

Presented by Livonia Chamber of Commerce:
  • 2020 Livonia Legacy Award:  Bill Fried and Dr. Conway Jeffress
Presented by City of Livonia's Greenleaf Commission on Sustainability: 
Tickets are $30.00 per person and available at the Livonia Chamber of Commerce.
Madison Bjertness joins the Library Commission

Monday morning Madison Bjertness took the oath of office and officially became a member of the Library Commission. 

"Introducing Madison Bjertness, Livonia's newest Library Commissioner. I'm determined to make sure the voices of our young people are part of our most important conversations. The role of libraries is changing in communities that want to attract more young families. Madison will bring the perspective we're looking for as we move to advance our library system. Thanks Madison for raising your hand to serve."

In receiving the appointment to the Library Commission Bjertness offered up a t hank you to " Mayor Brosnan  for the appointment to the commission. I am so honored & looking forward to continued engagement with the community."
Friend Fitness February at our hometown YMCA

It's Friend Fitness February at our Livonia Family Y.

 Invite a friend to become a part of the Livonia Y Family. If your friend joins with an adult, or family paid monthly membership you receive your choice of a YMCA backpack, or a YMCA Yeti cup. 

Contact someone in membership at 734-261-2161, or chayes@ymcadetroit.org to get a guest pass and invite a friend.
Slightly used instruments needed, being collected by Livonia Symphony Orchestra
The Livonia Symphony is looking for slightly used music instruments - strings, woodwinds and brass. 

Through a grant from MASCO, the LSO has these instruments refurbished and then donates them to six local schools in Livonia.  As part of the Symphony's "Youth Outreach Program", these instruments go to students unable to participant in orchestra or band classes because they cannot afford an instrument.  

At present, the LSO provides the instruments to four upper elementary and two middle schools in the Clarenceville and Livonia School Districts.   Over the last four years, the LSO has refurbished and donated over 25 instruments. 

The Symphony is asking folks to check their basements and closets for instruments they no longer need. if they have an instrument to donate they can contact Carol at 734 522-1687 and she'll make arrangements to have the instrument(s) picked-up and refurbished.  You also will be provided with a "tax-deductible" donation letter for next year's tax season.  Thank you on behalf of the LSO and the students who receive these instruments.  
Can you say you have been bowling with a Supreme Court Justice?
Well, now is your chance to bowl and help Seedlings.
Bowl with Michigan Supreme Court  Justice Richard Bernstein on March 14 at Novi Bowl in Novi, MI, and help raise $60,000 for 6,000 braille books for children with vision loss!

Justice Bernstein, the first blind justice elected to the state's highest court, will be the celebrity bowler at Seedlings' 33rd Annual Bowling for Braille Books, a fund-raiser for Seedlings Braille Books for Children.

To make a donation or register to bowl, go to:

~Photo is of Justice Richard Bernstein sitting at his desk with his Supreme Court black robe attire, smiling for the camera.~

Looking for someone to cater your graduation party? Or perhaps that business meeting.

No matter what your catering needs you can count on that familiar face, with that quality service.

Bob Modes  @  Blue Plate Catering
         The census is right around the corner.
Livonia, let's be prepared.

Be Counted Livonia. The Livonia Census Planning Committee held the first meeting this afternoon. From March 12 to March 20 households will start receiving an invitation to respond online or by phone. Online registration opens March 12.

In 2010 Livonia was #1 in the United States with the best mailed in response rate.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders coming to Livonia February 28

Click on this image to find out more or to get tickets
Proud sponsor of the Detroit Red Wings v Livonia All-stars coming to town May 17, 3:00.
Let's enjoy St. Patricks with our Livonia Symphony Orchestra

Click on the above image for more details and to purchase tickets
Disabilities Awareness Month in March

Ambassadors to new folks, caring neighbors to those in need, corn in celebration to wrap it up.
What do you think? Take the survey.
In a discussion last week with Brian Wolverton at the YMCA the concept of a service weekend culminating in the September Good Old Fashioned
The "no-rain" Corn Roast
 Neighborhood Corn Roast started to percolate.

Picture this. Between now and the third week of September we collect names of seniors, home bound, people in need. On the Saturday before the corn roast teams of people spread out around our hometown raking leaves, putting summer furniture away, doing chores, any number of quality of life issues that might brighten the day for dozens of people around Livonia.

What do you think? Would you like to see a Service Weekend in September starting on a Saturday with the Annual Good Old Fashioned Neighborhood Corn Roast on Sunday;

Give us your opinion, yes, no, maybe and next week the polling results will be shared with the readers of Musings. Click here to vote.

A service weekend. The people we help are invited to the Corn Roast. Oh, and part of the service Saturday is knocking on the doors of people who have moved into town in the previous 6 months.
St. Mary Mercy set to host weight loss seminars
once a month from February to July
The  Michigan Bariatric Institute, a program of Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, will host free monthly  weight-loss seminars for the public in 2020, led by one of its bariatric surgeons.
All classes will be hosted from 6 to 7 p.m. in suite 202 inside  St. Mary Mercy Livonia, located at  36622 Five Mile Rd. in Livonia.

Dates: March 5, April 2, May 7, June 4, July 9
Please call to confirm the schedule prior to attending all seminars.  Registration is required.  Please call  734-655-2692  to register.
Greenmead has it all.
In this case check out the previously used jewelry sale.
Greenmead's annual jewelry sale has a wide variety of rings, bracelets, necklaces and more for you to add to your collection! 

Come shop our large selection on Saturday, April 25 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Alexander Blue House, 20501 Newburgh Road. 

Please be prepared to pay with cash or check. All proceeds benefit the restoration and preservation of Greenmead. 

Do you have previously enjoyed jewelry you wish to donate? Donations can be made at Greenmead, 20501 Newburgh, and the Civic Park Senior Center, 15218 Farmington Road. 

For additional information, please call Mary at (248) 427-0226 or Barb at (734) 464-0450.