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The creative restructuring of reality. The way of the typewriter.
5:00. Normally 4:00 Up and reading all the newspapers. On line of course. Free Press. News. New York Times. Wall Street Journal. Drudge Report. Huffington. Cover all the bases.

6:00 Normally 5:00. In the shower. Shave. Dress. Now ready for the day.

6:30. Feels strange to be leaving the house an hour later. Normally 5:30.

Heading down 7 Mile. Seems so different. From Haggerty to Downtown Livonia (Northville) 2 cars where there normally are 10-20 in each direction. But I am on a mission. Breakfast at the Tuscan Cafe. Can't wait for my Zingermann's bagel and the best green tea anywhere. 

Pulled into the parking lot. 5 cars. The tenants of the loft apartments. Ah, there is Terri's car, the owner of the Tuscan is in.

But instead of pulling into my normal parking spot I continue on. Circle around downtown. Back to 7 mile.

Cross over the freeway which has nearly zero traffic.

Back in the safety of the garage. Into the kitchen. Oh, after wiping down the interior of the car, this despite not having seen anyone, or gotten out of the car. It is a requirement of the bodyguard. Once in the kitchen I toast the bagel and pour the pomegranate tea.

My day is ready to start. But that is not all in my redefinition of life.

Was studying the calendar and realized that it was time to take a trip to Detroit to purchase opening day tickets. March 30. Kansas City Royals . Can't wait. So off the bodyguard and I went. 

By picking a Sunday there were practically no cars. Traveled miles on the Jeffries without seeing a car. Same for Grand Blvd. 

Pulled up to the will-call window. I took out my seating chart and decided that I wanted to sit where my season tickets were at one time--right behind the catcher. 10 rows. With no line I was in and out in no time. 

This was a great trip lasting two hours. Looked for all the new restaurants for after the game. The bars for pre-game time. With so little Sunday traffic I was able to slow drive and actually look at the details on some of the buildings. Cool but weird. Stopped by Hitsville, the Mo-town museum, to see how the new addition is coming. They have been talking about this forever. Now the billboard in front says coming in 2020.

But back home I am swamped by emails from the Phantom "Martin Luther King had it right, 'we shall overcome."  Then, "Winston Churchill said, 'If you are going through hell......keep going'. We have to get through this by thinking, doing, responding....and keep going."

This is the same Phantom that last week came up with the idea of visiting small restaurants and purchasing gift certificates. The typewriter stole the idea and started his own one-a-day purchase. The Phantom started with Archie's and Thomas'. Week two it is Jimmy John's, Luigi's, Marcos. 50 (fifty) gift cards at each. That would bring his total to $5,000. Takes them back and hands them out at his place of business. 

So the typewriter picked up on the idea and hit Corsi's, Thomas' and the Tuscan. $60. But hey, I am on social security. But want to do my part.

Then Mike Ladwig drops in with a note "that he wanted to take Friday musing's idea, (which was really the phantom's idea), and every local restaurant I visit, I will buy a couple gift certificates to be used at a later date. It helps the restaurant with cash flow in uncertain times."  I added the phantom's idea because give credit where credit is due.

Are you tired yet of reading this rambling restructuring of reality by the typewriter? I am getting tired of writing. But hold on there is more. More reality and less restructuring.

I'm tired just keeping up with the blend of reality and restructuring. One day it will merge and then watch out.

But first, or last, received a text from another businessman who wanted to convert some of his manufacturing over to face masks for first responders. Needed the specifications on what exactly was needed to meet standards. Within an hour he was in contact with the Mayor and the Fire Chief and was on his way to obtaining the specifications. 

More on this in another edition of Musings. But for now let's just realize that the phantom was right, or rather Churchill was right, "if you are going through hell, keep going."

Wait. Not done. Dave Sadows, pictured on left, has set up a web site for restaurants to register so people can purchase gift cards from their favorite restaurant. Restaurants just need to resgister. Rather than just put up a list of restaurants this site is designed so people can simply go to the site and purchase a gift card. Check it out here. Thank you Dave for the work on setting this up. Please readers of Musings contact your favorite restaurants and let them know how easy it is to get their gift certificates before the residents of Livonia. All on one site.
Life goes on and our Livonia Community Foundation helps make it possible
Jack Engebretson, John Pastor, Charlie Mahoney
Mahoney with former Livonia Mayor Jack Engebretson
Charlie Mahoney, member of the Board of Directors for the Livonia Community Foundation, offers an update on the positive happening with the Foundation:

Given the guidelines from CDC, our National and State Leadership and the City of Livonia, the LCF board has canceled the March 26th Grant Presentation Ceremony.  Checks and certificates will be mailed to the Awardees and the Foundation will highlight the awardees on their website and facebook page.  

The Foundation thanks the Livonia businesses and residents who so generously donate to the Foundation making these grants available. Stay tuned to our Facebook page over the next few weeks and observe the organizations that live the Foundation Mission:
-- to promote and develop community resources, properties and civic treasures, 
-- to promote, support and develop interest in the arts and other local cultural undertakings
-- to promote programs that contribute to the welfare of the community and the needs of its citizens.

In 2012 the foundation's endowment reached just over $1 million and it continues to grow from donations and good investment strategy - it is now just over $1.4 million. 
Hiltz and Futrell
John Hiltz

The Foundation is a permanent endowment, a trust fund, built by citizen and corporate donors to support Livonia's charitable, cultural, arts, historical, educational and recreational institutions. The Foundation was chartered in 1995. Following its first full year, the endowment balance was $32,000. In 1997, the first-year funds were available for grants, they awarded $1,500. "We are proud to provide this year's $43,250 in grants. Thanks to the generous support from the community over the last 25 years, we have provided grants totaling $532,635 to organizations serving the residents in Livonia." Hiltz said. 

A committee, chaired again this year by Board member Mark Bublitz, reviewed grant applications to decide which ones most meet the Foundation's mission -- to promote and develop community resources, properties and civic treasures; promote, support and develop public interest in the arts and other local cultural undertakings; and to promote programs that contribute to the welfare of the community and the needs of its citizens. 

The organizations approved for grants this year are:
▪ Angela Hospice - Music for terminally ill patients 
▪ Blessings in a Backpack - Weekend meals for students 
▪ Greenmead Restoration Trust - Restoration of Judge Blue Office /Court House 
▪ Livonia Arts Commission - Special Music program for Children during Music from the Heart 
▪ Livonia Civic Chorus - Senior Outreach and Musical Interlude Programming 
▪ Livonia Community Theatre - Summer Musical Theatre Workshop 
▪ Livonia Family YMCA - Summer Camp Program 
▪ Livonia Goodfellows - No Child Without A Christmas 
Livonia Kids and Families - Emerson Middle /Franklin High Schools Food Pantries Healthy Food initiative 
▪ Livonia Symphony Orchestra - Concert Programming Support 
▪ NEW HOPE Center for Grief Support - 8-week Workshop "Grief to New Hope" 
▪ Seedlings Braille Books - Visually Impaired Program Support - LPS & Livonia Library 
Trinity House - Building Signage 

Hey Livonia. Meet our new Wayne County Commissioner. 
Representing Middlebelt to Inkster from Joy Road North.

David M. Knezek Jr. is a newly appointed County Commissioner representing Livonia east of Middlebelt from Five Mile to Joy Road. He offered up the following thoughts on who the heroes are in keeping our country moving forward: 

My sniper team was eating in the chow hall in Iraq one day when from across the room voices began being raised. I looked over and saw a member of a different sniper team engaged in a verbal back-and-forth with Marine who prepared and served food. Quickly, it devolved into the sniper team member taking shots at the food service Marine over the job he did compared to the job the sniper did.

When I tell you my Platoon Sergeant FLEW out of his seat and over to the food station , snatched up the sniper right quick, and escorted him out of the chow hall, I mean just that. He flew. That night, we all got a lecture on the importance of every single Marine, top to bottom, in ensuring the mission is carried out quickly and safely. From the grunts who kick in doors, to the comms personnel who keep everyone connected, to the chefs who keep everyone's bodies nourished, to the admin folks who made sure we got paid, to the chaplins who kept our spirits high.

Everyone had a role to play. No one was more important that the other. Each was critical to the success of the next.

So to is it now as we look across America. Far too often it's the multimillionaire who is lavished with praise for their business acumen or the politician who is deified for their policy positions. But not now. Now, we are all reminded of the importance of the work of our humble heroes, the men and women who work with little fanfare and even less appreciation.

The men and women keeping our store shelves stocked, our lunch ladies ensuring all our students are fed, our doctors and nurses risking their own lives to save ours, our non-profit who are pulling out all the stops to make sure no one gets left behind, the small businesses who are donating their time and their resources to those in need, the list goes on and on and on and on. Please don't think I'm purposely omitting anyone! I know you're out there, too!

What we are seeing across America is a reminder of what truly makes us great: our resilience in the face of adversity, our fortitude in the face of the unknown, and our resolve in the face of atrocity.

I never liked how my time in the military seemingly bestowed upon me the "h" word when I came home - I just thought I was doing my job. And across America right now, people are getting up every day, putting on the best face that they can, and going off to do the jobs that keep our country moving forward.

They are my heroes.

Follow Musings on his ten days of gift cards from Livonia restaurants

For ten days the typewriter will be going on line or calling a restaurant to purchase a $20.00 gift card. When the virus is vanquished I will have 10 dinners to treat myself to. Pent up party time. Meanwhile patience is the virtue.

Day One
Corsi's on Seven Mile
Called it in. Agreed to mail or pick up.

Day Two
Thomas' on Plymouth Road
Obtained on company website. Mailed.
OHM thomas's 

Day Three 
Tuscan Cafe in Northville or what I call downtown Livonia
Called and they mailed.

Day four
Sam's Place, Five and Farmington

Musings follows Livonia Happenings
March in Livonia
Skip March and go directly to April
April in Livonia
April 7 @ 6:30
Livonia Garden Club
Civic Park Senior Center
Sustainable Food System
April 14
Today's Africa Through American Eyes
Dr. Peggi J. Tabor, PhD
Livonia Citizens for Peace
Livonia Senior Center
  April 25 @ 10:00 - 3:00
Previously Enjoyed Jewelry  Sale 
Greenmead Historic Village
April 27 @ 4:30
Livonia Rotary Charity Reverse Raffle
May in Livonia
May 1 @ 6:00
Paul Seewald's
The Luck of Livonia Dinner Dance
Livonia Junior Athletic League celebrates 60 years
St. Mary's Cultural Center
May 2 
2020 Livonia Home Show

May 2 @ 9:00 -- 2:00

May 5 @ 6:30
Livonia Garden Club
Civic Park Senior Center
Plant Legends and Stories
May 16 @ 9:00 - 10:00
Livonia Garden Club Plant Sharing Event
Greenmead Historical Park     Rain or Shine
Everyone is encouraged to come and take plants whether or not they have plants to share
May 17 @ 12 noon
St. Baldrick's Shaving for Kids with Cancer
1 Under Craft Beer and Eats

May 17 @ 3:00
Red Wing Alumni v Livonia All Stars
Eddie Edgar Arena
June in Livonia
June 7 @ 3:00
Livonia Civic Chorus Spring Concert
Churchill High School Performing Arts Center
July 25 @ 9:00 -- 2:00
Touch-a-Truck sponsored by Rotary AM Club

Proud sponsor of the Detroit Red Wings v Livonia All-stars coming to town Aug 16, 3:00.
May 9th Livonia Symphony Orchestra postponed

Robin Whitfield, President of the Livonia Symphony, passes along an update on the Livonia Symphony season and the raffle for the one-of-a-kind Guitar Raffle:

The Livonia Symphony Orchestra is postponing the May 9th concert in accordancewith the guidance from the CDC, National Government and the State of Michigan, in an effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19.

While it is very disappointing to not be performing for you, the LSO is doing its best to safeguard the health and well-being of our patrons and musicians.  Tickets can be donated as a tax-deductible contribution to the Symphony to help us through this crisis; or ticket holders may hold their tickets for a rescheduled date or for any concert in the 2020-2021 Season. 

We have requested permission to reschedule the Guitar Raffle Drawing originally scheduled for May 9th and tickets already purchased for the raffle will be valid for the new date.

Please watch your email, our website and Facebook for updates, or feel free to call us.  We hope to perform bold, brilliant and breathtaking live symphonic music for you again, very soon.
We're back. Continuing the tradition started by Bob Hardies we are pleased to announce that Dan MacIver will share some of the former Secrets and add new ones over the next couple of months.
Readers respond to FridayMusings
Crystal Frank, Trustee Livonia Board of Education: Thank you for your faithfulness in delivering some perspective to us in the midst of this crisis.  I am going to share those quotes about solitude with my has been a hard week for them to understand..

Thanks also for your coverage of LPS...I am so proud of Andrea and our district leadership team as well as all of our staff for their passion for our students and families during this crisis. I LOVE seeing so many teachers/administrators in our district sharing videos online of PE class options, reading to books, singing songs, baking and all sorts of ideas so the kids can see their teacher and have options during this time that feels so strange to all of us.  I continue to be be so impressed with our LPS family!

Michael Ladwig:   I want to take Friday musing's idea, and every local restaurant I visit, I will
 buy a couple gift certificates to be used at a later date. It helps the restaurant with cash flow in uncertain times. 

Bill, I hope you mention this is a current edition of Fri. musings, maybe is a segment on what we can do to help local businesses. during these trying times in which we are currently living in.

DanMacIver:  Our Livonia community definitely needs something to take 
our minds off of the worldwide tragedies happening right now. Why not some of the best kept secrets of Livonia! Enjoy!!!

Keep Seedlings in your thoughts. They will return.

To help slow the spread of the Coronavirus, we have decided it is best for Seedlings' staff members to work from home, at least through April 5. While we won't be able to ship packages for a while, please continue to send in your orders and your registrations for our free programs. We will process them as soon as we can!

As always, we remain deeply committed to serve you as best we can. Stay well and keep reading!

Let's be ready for the Home Show on May 2

Does this work for your neighborhood?

Time to apply for neighborhood mini-grants from the City of Livonia
Councilman Jim Jolly passes along some valuable information regarding Livonia's Neighborhood Grant program for your hometown neighborhood. "Now is the perfect time to talk to your neighbors (via phone, email, and social networking) to plan your block party or neighborhood enrichment effort to reconnect, celebrate, and engage your friends and neighbors after these challenging times - always hope for and expect better days ahead."

EXAMPLES of t he types of projects or events which can be applied for:
  • Community art programs
  • Community events - e.g., neighborhood parties (eligible only once), Rosedale Gardens Parade
  • Public space landscaping/beautification
  • Stewardship of neighborhood parks and common spaces
  • Youth programs - e.g., Beverly Soccer League, Clements Circle Boy Scouts, etc.
More information can be found at

The reaction has been positive from previous grant recipients such as Michael Camilleri "who as a prior recipient  on Parklane I can say this is an amazing thing. Thanks Jim and Livonia!"