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"Choosing to support an independent business is an act of respect; it's acknowledging the tremendous risk and challenges inherent to starting your own thing." - 
Matt Kliegman  (co-founder - The Smile, The Smile To Go, Black Seed Bagels)
"Independent business bring originality and variety in a world that's becoming increasingly homogenized." Craig Costello (Artist and founder, KRINK).
"Independent businesses give cities their shape, texture, color, and taste...often literally."
 - Hasan Minhaj (comedian, correspondent - The Daily Show).
Making the most of confinement. Always puts a smile on this typewriters face.
Can't meet with folks so substitute living vicariously through folks posting their experiences on Facebook

Picture one from Brandon McCullough  One of the items listed under the "you can" summary in the Governor's Stay Home, Stay Sage Act is "Engage in outdoor activities like walking, hiking, running, biking". I must say it's been a great visual to see how many people are doing this!

The amount of people walking and biking around Livonia is one of the wonderful effects of this horrible virus and something I hope is a new normal.

Picture two from Alexandria Lee Simich Just wanted to let everyone know that the emotions chalk mural survived the rain. We put a tarp over it last night. 

Picture three from Mike Rudell I found a new place to explore in Livonia! I've lived here for 8 years. Never knew about the beautiful Harry Tatigian Nature Preserve.

Picture four from Tim Klisz Today's mission complete. A batch of (hometown) Olga bread.

 Deanna Tait Klisz  providing homemade chicken tenders to go with.

Picture five Alexandria Kemp the owner of Toarminas Pizza - South Livonia provided lunch for the entire Radiology department of St. Mary's today including a heartfelt letter! We would like to express our gratitude to you for being such a wonderful human during such a rough time for everyone in this chaos.
You gotta love Livonia
Our Livonia Police Chief Curtis Caid sends a note to the residents of Livonia
A note from Livonia Police Chief Curtis Caid

Where do I begin...Our Country is going through a challenge that I haven't experienced in my life. 9/11 was devastating with an immediate loss of life, but with an identified enemy attacking our Country along with our way of life. Biological/Radiological threats are one of the most threatening issues that we could face, mainly because they are invisible. Thus, the most scary. We can't see it or hear it. And, that's where we find ourselves.

I want to acknowledge how fortunate we are to have St. Mary Mercy Hospital in our backyard. I have personally been in regular contact with Dr. Calice, the Chair of the Emergency Center and other members of the St. Mary's management team. They have been incredible in supporting us and our community. Kudos to their staff as they strive to serve!

The Livonia Police Department has in place a variety of protocols to insure continued services to our residents. For those of you enjoying the outdoors, or are still reporting to work as allowed by the Governor's Order, LPD is out protecting and serving! We will ALWAYS be there for you !!
To the members of our police department and their families; I know these times are challenging and stressful. I am committed to providing the best equipment and education to you, or to your loved ones as they serve our community. I take that responsibility seriously. We are family. As first responders, this is what we are about and I'm very proud of you! Stay Strong. Remain Committed. As a caring community, WE will see this through!
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Livonia Civic Chorus Sings for you
Just like many of you, the 72 volunteer members of the Livonia Civic Chorus are Staying Home to Stay Safe, but they  are continuing to SING! They  are currently preparing for their next Concert and singing every day!!

Research shows the positive impact of music on health. For many people, music has been shown to not only  reduce tension and anxiety, but can also reduce the feeling of isolation and solitude. This is why the Chorus has  gone to over 50 senior care facilities in Livonia since 2014 to sing for residents.

The organization's vision is to enrich the musical experiences for their members and the cultural life of our  community. 

To achieve this vision during the COVID-19 crisis, they want to provide you music for your enjoyment  and get our community singing-along!

How about YOU? Let's all Sing a Song!

Musings follows Livonia Happenings
April in Livonia
Every night M-F @ 7:00 

May in Livonia
May 1 @ 6:00
Paul Seewald's
The Luck of Livonia Dinner Dance
Livonia Junior Athletic League celebrates 60 years
St. Mary's Cultural Center
May 2 @ 9:00 -- 2:00
One can only hope--but let's look forward

May 5 @ 6:30
Livonia Garden Club
Civic Park Senior Center
Plant Legends and Stories
May 16 @ 9:00 - 10:00
Livonia Garden Club Plant Sharing Event
Greenmead Historical Park     Rain or Shine
Everyone is encouraged to come and take plants whether or not they have plants to share
One can only hope but let's look forward
May 17 @ 12 noon
St. Baldrick's Shaving for Kids with Cancer
1 Under Craft Beer and Eats
One can only hope but let's look forward

June in Livonia
June 6 @ 9:00 -- 4:00
St. Colette's 4th Annual Custom 
& Classic Car Show
Free to Spectators with plenty of
Food ,beverages , D. J. ,  50 / 50
drawings and Prize Raffles.. 

June 7 @ 3:00
Livonia Civic Chorus Spring Concert
Churchill High School Performing Arts Center
July in Livonia
July 25 @ 9:00 -- 2:00
Touch-a-Truck sponsored by Rotary AM Club
August in Livonia
August 16 @ 3:00

September in Livonia
September 13 @ 12:00

October in Livonia
October 1 @ 7:00
Hall of Fame 2013
Presenting Sponsor:
Dan MacIver
Financial & Portfolio Advisors
Musings follows the 2020 elections
None have been certified by Board of Canvassers

Donald J. Trump (I) (R)

Democratic Candidate has yet to be determined

United States Senate
Gary Peters (D-I)

Bob Carr (R)
John James (R)

United States House of Representatives
Haley Stevens (D-I)
Endorsed by:
Michigan Education Association

Kerry Bentivolio (R)
Whitney Williams (R)
Endorsed by:
Eric Esshaki (R)

Michigan House of Representatives
Laurie Pohutsky (D-I)

Martha Ptashnik (R)
Wayne County Commissioner
Terry Marecki (R-I)
Schoolcraft College Trustee
Brian Broderick (I)
Joan Gebhardt (I)
Terry Gilligan (I)
Livonia Board of Education
Dan Centers
Karen Bradford
Tammy Bonifield
Crystal Frank
Clarenceville Board of Education
Matt Boettcher
Brenda Uren
Shari Krazel
Jeffrey Bunker
Follow Musings on his ten days of gift cards from Livonia restaurants
For ten days the typewriter will be going on line or calling a restaurant to purchase a $20.00 gift card. When the virus is vanquished I will have 20 dinners to treat myself to. Pent up party time. Meanwhile patience is the virtue.

Day One
Corsi's on Seven Mile
Called it in. Agreed to mail or pick up.

Day Two
Thomas' on Plymouth Road
Obtained on company website. Mailed.
OHM thomas's 

Day Three 
Koney Island Inn
The original Livonia Mall Coney Island
Seven Mile at Middlebelt

Day Four
Tuscan Cafe
Downtown Livonia--Northville Annex

Day Five
Sam's Place
The geographic downtown Livonia

Dan MacIver wants you to know that since 1990 Nancy Florkowski has provided children from 5 to 18 the experience of theatre

Never thought I would see a drive thru church.
On Sunday I added that to my experiences.

Friday Musings did the drive thru prayer and blessings offered up by Kellie Whitlock and Kate Mackie at Rosedale Presbyterian Church on Sunday. 

You drive up. Kellie and Kate stay a minimum of 6 feet and offer up a blessing and a prayer.

It worked it got me to church. On time.

As we drove to the open air church it was really good to get out and see the smiles. Not only at Rosedale but also so many out running, biking, walking in the historic Rosedale neighborhood.

Elaine Davis said she saw the invite online in her Sunday morning makeshift worship. "Dropped everything and drove over. What a tremendous breath of fresh air and joy! Even saw a few church friends on our 'drive thru.' Thank you pastors Kellie and Kate. Thank you Laura, Kim, Leslie, Lisa! The chance to see your faces for a few moments was wonderful!"

A slice of Livonia. Just a slice but positive stories abound. Here is one that made me smile. Congratulations ladies.
Congratulations to:  Corrin Martinez,  Gina Marzolo,  Rachel DeSantis.

They were voted All State Honorable Mention for Michigan Girls High School Hockey League.

Blessings in a backpack - Livonia. There when you need them.

Livonia art organizations. There is every reason why you could qualify for these grants.
Application process now live for Michigan Small Business Relief Program funding
  • Up to $20 million in grants and loans now available to Michigan's small businesses impacted by COVID-19 outbreak
  • Grants and loans to support businesses facing drastic reductions in cash flow
  • Program now accepting applications, with key information available at
Michigan's small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 virus can now apply for grants and loans through the Michigan Small Business Relief Program, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation announced today. The program will provide up to $20 million in grants and loans to provide economic assistance to Michigan's small businesses that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 virus, and in turn help support workers and their families facing economic uncertainty during the outbreak. Information on how to apply, as well as eligibility criteria, is available at

"Small businesses across our state are facing unprecedented challenges as we take every step possible to mitigate the spread of coronavirus," said Governor Gretchen Whitmer. "With this funding, we can provide real assistance to support our businesses, communities, entrepreneurs and workers around the state impacted by the tough, but necessary actions we are taking to mitigate the spread of this virus."

The grants and loans under the Michigan Small Business Relief Program will support businesses facing drastic reductions in cash flow and the continued support of their workforce and may be used for working capital to support payroll expenses, rent, mortgage payments, utility expenses, or other similar expenses that occur in the ordinary course of business.

Key information to know about the application process includes: 

There is one application, regardless of whether a business is applying for a grant or a loan. A business may receive a grant or a loan, but not both.

Businesses who do not receive grants may still be considered for loans.

The grants will be administrated by 15 regional economic development organizations throughout the state, which combined cover all 83 counties in Michigan.
All applications or recommendations for Michigan Small Business Relief Program loans will be referred from the partner EDOs to the MEDC for evaluation and disbursement.

Businesses should go to to apply.
Proud sponsor of the Detroit Red Wings v Livonia All-stars coming to town May 17, 3:00.
St. Mary Mercy Livonia is accepting much needed hospital supplies

St. Mary volunteer Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, which includes member hospital St. Mary Mercy Livonia, announced plans to accept much-needed hospital supplies from area businesses and the community to support St. Joe's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
The following unused and unopened items are being accepted:

PAPRs, Regular masks, Face shields, N95 masks, Gowns, Hot glue sticks, Surgical caps/protective caps, Eyeglass shields/goggles, Nasal testing swabs, M4 viral media, Lysol or Clorox wipes, Hand sanitizer, Transparency sheets, Elastic banding for masks. 

In addition, commercially prepared and packaged food items will be accepted.

At this time, health guidelines do not allow the use of hand-crafted Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as gowns, surgical masks and shields as they do not offer the same protection for nurses and other health care workers.

Those interested in making a donation should contact Kim Niethammer at   to ask questions and to coordinate supply drop offs at any one of the following Donation Center locations:

 St. Mary Mercy Livonia - 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday thru Friday: Drop off behind Emergency Department, located at 36475 Five Mile Rd., Livonia.  Please use the West Entrance off of 5 Mile Rd. and follow the signs to the donation center, or 
To make a monetary donation to support the COVID-19 hospital response effort and the staff who are facing financial hardships with their families due to this crisis, please visit  St. Joe's Giving ( ) and click on our "Make Your Gift" button to select your hospital.
Looking for someone to cater your graduation party? Or perhaps that business meeting.

No matter what your catering needs you can count on that familiar face, with that quality service.
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