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FridayMusings Friday, April 21, 2023    Helping define Livonia's Quality of Life

Without bias but not without opinion

This week was the 40th anniversary of the passing of Livonia firefighter Gary Kreski.

Dec 18, 1948 -- April 17, 1983 (aged 34)

August Touch a Truck planning is underway with another great Livonia event set to help define hometown quality of life

The Churchill High School Interact Club and Rotary AM Club have plans shaping up for the 2023 Touch-a-Truck. Now is the time for you to mark your calendar to come on out Saturday, August 26th from 8:30 until 2:00, with the family and spend a unique morning looking at and touching trucks of all makes and models.

In consideration of visitors who are sensitive to loud noises, Touch a Truck offers “quiet time” from 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM. During those two hours, we will ask participants to refrain from sounding horns, sirens, and the like.

Our hometown historic village at Greenmead will be home to dozens of vehicles of all sizes and shapes. The event is free however a $3.00 donation is requested and will be greatly appreciated as all proceeds and sponsorships will support local organizations such as our Livonia Police and Fire, the LPS Education Foundation, and many others.

One of the presenting sponsors helping make this event possible is the Hardies Family Trust which donated $5,000.

Volunteer helpers are needed to distribute Hotwheels to children as they arrive:

Yes, our hometown Community Anonymous Benefactor is working on obtaining Mattel Hotwheels for distribution to children attending the Touch-a-Truck. As FridayMusings, the typewriter, and bodyguard will be working with our CAB to distribute the Hotwheels we are looking for volunteers starting at 8:00, working one-hour shifts until 2:00.

Last year we had 35 volunteers and expect to need that many this year.

If you would like to join us in the fun and watch the smiles on so many children as they are handed a Hotwheel as they enter Greenmead and then watch them wide-eyed with fingers pointing at the vehicles on display drop a note to [email protected] to sign up for an hour of your choosing.

Councilman Jim Jolly considers a run for District Judge in 2024

Council President Jim Jolly has released this statement dealing with speculation that he will be a Judge candidate in 2024:

I am considering running for judge of Livonia’s 16th District Court in 2024. The seat will be open due to the retirement of my former boss Judge Kathleen McCann, a great mentor and example who I served under as court officer and magistrate for 8 years.

My attention and focus is now squarely on my family and work as president of the Livonia City Council and the many great initiatives before our community. I will say more later this year, but please know I always appreciate your support and the great Livonia community we call home.

Sign up for Run 2 Save Our Youth


Come out, celebrate Spring with our Livonia Youth Choir. May 13

Volunteer May 6. Pick a park.

Meet new friends. Let's show our unified pride in Livonia.

Livonia Fire & Rescue Memorial Ceremony for Firefighter Gary Kreski.

This week was the 40th anniversary of the passing of Livonia firefighter Gary Kreski.

On April 17, 1983 Gary was trapped along with three other firefighters from a roof collapse. The other firefighters were able to make it out but Gary was trapped and injured. His fellow firefighters were unable to free Gary and he succumbed to his injuries.

This typewriter remembers Gary as a Franklin classmate. He died not long after we graduated from Franklin High School, Class of 1967. I can still picture him walking the hall, chatting up his friends. The memorial ceremony gave me pause to think back to that graduating class and the classmates we have lost but on this day give special thoughts to Gary.

I appreciate our City taking the time to remember him at the Memorial Ceremony held at Nehasil Memorial Park

Robert Rynicki posting on Facebook recalls that day as "A day I will never forget, we were called out on many runs all over the city. The sky was green, with lightning, rain, snow, and sleet we were pulled from one run to the next. A living nightmare and then the worst happened, the roof collapsed."

Gary, you are gone but never forgotten by your friends, family, classmates and residents of Livonia grateful for the protection provided by our hometown firefighters.

Livonia Rotary AM Club donates $1,000 for

 Bentley Historical Marker

Mail Address

19514 Bainbridge 48152

E-mail address
Cell address

What motivates FridayMusings:

We can't only define Livonia as taking small steps toward maintaining the way things were. That will give us mediocre outcomes. Our goal needs to be innovative and transformative.

If it is Friday count on Musings keeping you informed on our

elected folks and those who want to be elected folks

Rashida Tlaib Welcomes President Biden’s Executive Order Investing in the Care Economy

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (MI-12), Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the Congressional Mama’s Caucus, released the following statement commending the executive order from the Biden Administration to expand access to child and home care and invest in the care economy:


“As Co-Chair of the Congressional Mama’s Caucus, I’m thrilled to see that President Biden has taken necessary executive actions to make childcare more accessible and affordable for families, support caregivers and the critical work they do every day, and protect the rights of domestic workers.


“These actions, as well as others that support care workers and family caregivers, come at a time when too many families are struggling to afford the care they need. Our working families are too often underpaid and have few or no benefits. The Biden Administration’s actions will improve the lives of families at all stages of life as well as those working in the care economy.


“I look forward to working with the members of the Mama’s Caucus to continue fighting to advance policies that uplift working families across the nation.”

Vote for the Best

A regular listing every Friday

only in Musings. After the filing deadline, Musings will include contact information and

social media addresses.

Deadline for filing is April 25

Deadline to withdraw is April 28

City of Livonia Municipal Elections

Mayor-1 to be elected

4-year term

August primary if 2 plus file

Maureen Miller Brosnan (I)

Clerk- 1 to be elected

4-year term

August primary if 2 plus file

Lori Miller

Lynda Scheel

Treasurer- 1 to be elected

4-year term

August primary if 2 plus file

Susan Malone Nash

Andrew Lendrum 

City Council - 4 to be elected

Top 3 receive 4-year term

4th place receives 2-year term

August primary if 8 plus file

Steve Alexander

Jim Baringhaus

Carrie Budzinski

Robb Drzewicki

Brandon McCullough (I)

Scott Morgan (I)

Martha Ptashnik

Michigan's Clean Slate Act is now in effect!

Livonia State Representative Stephanie Young informs her constituents that "Michigan's Clean Slate Act law expunges old criminal records for certain low-level, non-violent offenses so more Michiganders have the opportunity to pursue gainful employment and housing."

Upcoming coffee chats

with Representatives

Matt Koleszar and Laurie Pohutsky

APRIL 27 AT 6:30 - 7:30

Coffee and Cream Joy Road

MAY 7 AT 2 PM – 3 PM

Biggby Coffee Livonia 7 Mile

Senator Mary Cavanagh enjoys reading to students

State Senator Mary Cavanagh offers up "A big thank you to Cleveland Elementary School in Livonia and Longacre Elementary School in Farmington for promoting the importance of reading. Let's celebrate by picking up a book and expanding our knowledge and imagination!"

McCullough enjoyed having families at his kick off fundraiser last week