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Livonia still ranks #1 in the nation for population over 50,000 with 82.6 counted. #2 is Maple Grove Minnesota at 82.4.
Livonia still ranks #1 in Michigan with 82.6 turned in. Sterling Heights is at 80.8.
Livonia continuing the campaign for equitable assistance from the federal government
It was just over 10 days ago that Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan released to Livonia residents and reported on in FridayMusings the tabulation shown here on the left showing that Livonia ranks 2nd in COVID-19 cases and deaths but last in Federal relief funding.

The Mayor then immediately sent a letter to Livonia's Congressional delegation calling on them to ensure the City receives its fair share of COVID-19 relief funding. Her goal was to call attention to and seek action on the need  to base distribution of relief dollars on how hard the pandemic has hit each community. 

At the time she said that "Livonia has been the second hardest hit city by coronavirus in Wayne County. This has put a burden on our city's finances as looming economic impacts start to come into focus. We need to ensure that the next round of Federal relief reflects our needs locally."

Just days later Congresswoman Haley Stevens (MI-11) followed up and convened an emergency video teleconference with Livonia Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan, City Commissioner Brandon McCullough, State Senator Dayna Polehanki, State Representative Laurie Pohutsky, Wayne County Commissioner Terry Marecki, and officials from the State, the County, and the City, to discuss a path forward to secure desperately-needed funding for Livonia.

"As we work to address the coronavirus pandemic, funding for localities must be distributed to the communities with the most urgent needs," said Congresswoman Stevens. "Livonia residents have been let down by a decades-old funding formula that does not take the severity of the outbreak we are fighting today into consideration. That is unacceptable, and I am fighting my heart out to make sure Livonia has the funding they need to address this crisis, and to save lives and livelihoods."

"We are going to continue to fight for Livonia's fair share," said Livonia Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan.

The next step being taken by the Mayor is sending the following letter to our Michigan Congressional Delegation to continue the fight for equitable assistance from the federal government:

Thank you for all you have done to address the COVID-19 pandemic and the related economic and fiscal crisis. Congress has been swift in passing three coronavirus relief bills and we urge you to soon pass a fourth measure that includes direct and flexible fiscal assistance to all cities across the nation. The budget calamity looming over local governments, who are leading the pandemic response on the ground, is real and it requires extraordinary measures.

We appreciate the inclusion of the Coronavirus Relief Fund in the CARES Act. We are pleased that the CARES Act's authors recognized the importance of direct fiscal assistance to states and cities. However, only cities with a population of 500,000 or more will receive direct fiscal assistance from this Fund. This language excludes every Michigan city but one. We simply do not understand the population cutoff in the CARES Act. Simply put, there is no magic force that will protect local governments under 500,000 population from revenue losses. This approach leaves hundreds of Michigan cities and millions their residents behind.

On May 12th, the House advanced the 4th COVID-19 supplemental, the "Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES) Act,'' which allocates $187.5 billion for all local governments. We are encouraged by this effort and look forward to House and Senate leadership reaching a bi-partisan agreement on this critical legislation in the days ahead. We respectfully request that the final bill incorporate direct and flexible fiscal assistance to all cities across the nation using the CDBG formula as the bill in its current form provides.

In addition, for cities like Detroit who will be receiving an allocation from the Coronavirus Relief Fund, Congress limited how those funds can be used. As the fourth bill is considered, we respectfully ask that you support a correction to the Coronavirus Relief Fund that gives those cities flexibility and allows them to fill the huge holes in their budgets. We also ask that you contact the Department of Treasury and encourage them to provide maximum flexibility in the use of these funds.

Michigan cities are major employers that provide core local government services to tens of millions of Michiganders that are critical to public health, safety, and welfare and that serve as the foundation of our economy. However, we are all mandated to balance our budgets; absent direct and flexible assistance, we will be forced to cut our workforce and reduce services, exacerbating the economic and public health crises created by this pandemic and slowing our recovery. Cuts have already taken place in many cities.

We also fear the impact that this crisis could have on the municipal bond market and our bond ratings. State and local governments account for 75% of our nation's infrastructure investment, with most of those investments financed with municipal bonds. Absent direct and flexible assistance to local governments, the havoc this crisis wreaks on municipal budgets could dampen critical infrastructure investments for many years.

Thank you, again, for your efforts during this unprecedented time. We are confident that, working together, our nation can overcome this crisis.

FridayMusings will keep our readers informed as this campaign to have direct and flexible fiscal assistance for Livonia moves through Congress.

Such variety of stay-at-home meals all recorded on Facebook. Cindy and John Immonen
One of the first face book pages the typewriter turns to is that of Cindy Immonen a member of the Clarenceville Board of Education since 2009. She has posted pictures of 61 dinners, one a night, of the meals her family has enjoyed each night of the stay-at-home policy. An ambitious undertaking. Not just the preparation but the posting including what beverage they have enjoyed with many of the meals.

Let me add one interpretation which I am sure you would have understood without this -- the "I bar" which figures prominently refers to the Immonen Bar. Aside from the variety of dinner beverages the family enjoys red wine a lot.

Let's count them down with the most recent. Just another slice of Livonia life if only we take the time to enjoy, smile and call this a great hometown replete with personality that you gotta love.

Dinner 61
Dinner 59
Dinner 58
Dinner 61!!!! We did carry out from a food truck- El Cazo. Soooo nice to get out, eat outside and it was sooo very tasty!!!The I bar served Rum Punches too.

Dinner 59 was a Yummy doctored up cheese Pizza, garlic bread, fresh mozzarella basil balsamic vinegar...mmm mmm great! The I bar served Red Wine too.

Dinner 58 was a Chicken Alfredo Noodle Soup...mmm mmm great! With crusty bread. The I bar served Red Wine too.

Dinner 57 was Smoked Pulled Pork, baked Eggplant sticks w/ cheese, bake beans. mmm mmm great! The I bar served Red Wine too. 
Dinner 56
Dinner 48
Dinner 38
Dinner 56 was a Chicken Mole Enchilada Casserole with sides. Mole is a chocolate savory sauce. We had a Tres Leches Cake for dessert too! The I bar served margaritas too.

Dinner 50!!! We grilled a Prime Rib, with creamy Au Gratin potatoes, seasoned green beans, garlic bread. It was soooo yummy!!!The I bar served red wine tonight 

Dinner 48 We Enjoyed being at the I Bar (yes again) for Grilled Jerk seasoned Pork Chops, salad, rice pilaf, mashed potatoes. Quick easy meal. We did more yard work & laid 3 yards of mulch...What a day!!!! The I bar served rum punches & piña coladas. 

Happy Easter
Dinner 27
Dinner 17
Dinner 38 ~ Grilled Shrimp & Scallops, Prawns Hacao, Green Beans. Alex joined us for dinner too. Tonight's cocktail from the I Bar was Coco Locos (we had them on vacation). A very yummy tropical drink 

Happy Easter Sunday FB Friends!!! ~ Dinner 29 ~ Easter dinner was fun!!! Grilled Ham, Cheesy Scallop Potatoes, Green Been casserole, Ginger Glazed Carrots, deviled eggs, egg bread, And Jacob makes a Chickpea Salad, Michelle made a Carrot Cake for dessert!!! WOW! The I Bar was serving Rum Punch cocktails tonight!!

Dinner 27 ~ on the menu tonight was Seafood Paella dinner with Caesar salad & crusty bread. Very Yummy!!! The I Bar served Painkiller cocktails.

Dinner 17 - was Sausage & Spinach Spaghetti Pie & salad. Plus Red Wine! It was very tasty. Different then having Spaghetti

What started it all. Dinner 1
Cindy and John Immonen
Dinner Night 3: 
In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we made the Irish American dinner. Corned-beef, Carrots, Mashed Potato's. 

We all shopped & stocked up... We need to post all the yummy food we are cooking!!!  Night 1 - grilled stakes & cauliflower, mozzarella & basil salad

Earths Great Treasure lies in human personality. And here in Livonia we have some great personalities and we should take some time and enjoy them. This stay-at-home certainly opened my eyes to more of why we just gotta love Livonia.

The Community Choice Credit Union "Give Big Program" is at work in Livonia!

Lion Matt Collins, Holli Kerkhor, Kathleen Collins and Debi Bridgen
Through partnership with the Give Big Program at Community Choice Credit Union, Debi Bridgen created 100 masks for donation to St Mary Mercy Hospital. Debi has remained working full time at CCCU - Livonia helping members with their financial goals and spent her evenings/weekends working on this donation. 

When asked why she invested more than 30 hours on this project she said "In a world that is uncertain, the one thing I know is that I can still help people. This is the best way I could do it!" 

Matt Collins, Livonia Lions Club President and Holli Kerkhof, Member Center Manager-Community Choice Credit Union were proud to help facilitate the donation of these masks along with screen wipes for the St Mary Mercy Team. 

Kathleen Collins said "The support of our community has been incredible for our staff. We are grateful for the donations and will put them to good use."  

Another hometown partnership reaching out in a time of need.
Community Choice Credit Union - Livonia Lions - St. Mary Mercy 
Living to 100? With a little bit of love and romance. Just ask Mayor Brosnan's parents.

"Can Romance Help You Live To Be 100?" That's the topic of the Dr. Nandi show that aired Sunday, May 17th on WXYZ Channel 7. 

And who better to answer that question than featured guests Karen and Dick Miller, the parents of Livonia Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan. 

They will be celebrating 58 years of marriage this coming week, so the answer to the question of will romance help you live to 100 is YES!

Brosnan comments that she "loves them and the beautiful example of true love they have been to their kids and grandkids. Happy Anniversary a little early Mom and Dad. My wish is that you know your larger than life dedication to love has made my life so much richer."

Both photo's were taken from the Facebook page of Brosnan. 
It started with a letter exchange between the schools and the city in the mid 1960's.
It ended with a letter to Y Members without acknowledging the impact of the past 50 years.
FridayMusings wants to say it ain't so but unfortunately the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit has decided to Close Two YMCA Branches effective May 15, 2020: the Lak eshore Family YMCA and the Livonia Family YMCA.

"As we navigate the COVID-19 international health crisis, we must reimagine how to best serve metropolitan Detroiters," said Helene Weir, President & CEO of the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit. "This means our YMCA has made the very difficult decision to permanently close two of our branches."

Weir said that aft er extensive research and evaluation, it was clear that the two branches were not financially sustainable and have been operating as deficit operations for nearly a decade. She explained that Livonia has lost $1.2 million and Lakeshore $630,000 over the past 10 years. Weir said that compounded by our current health crisis, the YMCA no longer can sustain these operations. On April 28, 2020, the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit Executive Committee passed a motion to permanently close both branches including the Lakeshore Child Care effective May 15th.

Helen Weir
"Livonia has served the community for 60 years and now needs $5 million in deferred capital improvements," stated Weir. "Lakeshore is a rental property and both branches do not have a large enough membership base to make them viable."

Weir said that as soon as the Y reopens, Lakeshore and Livonia members will receive a free membership for the remainder of 2020 to use at any of its eight other locations in Auburn Hills, Birmingham, Detroit, Downriver, Farmington, Macomb, Milford, and Royal Oak. Here are the specific YMCA Locations.

She said it is the YMCA's intention to continue to provide a safe and nurturing day camp at the Livonia location for the summer of 2020 when the state permits day camp operation. "We will continue food distribution at the Livonia and Lakeshore YMCA locations to ensure any child in those communities can receive up to 16 healthy meals each week," continued Weir. Here is the food distribution schedule. To learn more about how the YMCA is supporting Metro Detroiters during this pandemic, please see YMCA COVID-19 Community Impact.

Weir said decisions are being made daily as the Y develops a sustainable revitalization plan. Prior to the pandemic, the YMCA 
served over 70,000 men, women, and children annually. "We are hopeful that our YMCA can stabilize and recuperate from losses compounded by 
Jenn Kennedy
COVID-19 and its residual fallouts," Weir stated. "Our sole aim is to have a financially strong YMCA able to meet growing community needs. All our decision making reflects our core values: caring, honesty, inclusion, respect, and responsibility."

Local Livonia reaction is embodied in this statement by Jenn Kennedy posted on her Facebook page: "I have been an employee, member, and board member of the Livonia Family YMCA for many years. I've met co-workers and members who have become family to me. I've seen kids grow up there who have become caring, responsible adults. The YMCA has been a healthy place for me, and many others to work, play, and serve. I thank  Robin Grace  for first hiring me and recognizing it was a suitable match, while also showing me how to lead by example. Health, fitness, education and service define my character and I was able to express that there. There is no other fitness facility like it with the selfless people it attracts. No doubt I am going to miss this place and my people. It was my Cheers."

On Wednesday Musings will trace the history and impact the YMCA had on Livonia.
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Livonia City Council Regular Meeting - 
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Livonia City Council Study Meeting - May 11, 2020
Livonia City Council Study Meeting -
May 11, 2020

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Our neighbors react to some of the articles in Musings

Karen Chopp Paison  My Great Uncle was part of the "gang"

Suzanne Marie Williams I wish I could share my true purple Gang story! But I don't want anyone to know me? Well that makes a lot of sense��I ll think about revealing this story!

Jay E Bird  my husband's great uncle ran w the flat head gang. same neighborhood. paul jawarski gang. he knows a lot about them....history buff. would probably love to hear your (Suzanne Marie Williams) story.

Charlie Mahoney A most interesting story - years ago in Detroit on Michigan Ave in the vicinity of Briggs field old tiger stadium there was a restaurant a deli called Maxi's Deli and one noon hour when I was working at DTE I went to lunch at Maxi's and actually met Max the owner who had been a part of the Purple gang. what an interesting story -he had been in prison he talked about the Livonia location - I don't even remember all of the details but seeing the history piece that Dan put out made me remember that I had actually met a former member of the Purple Gang - thanks for the memories - all things Livonia

Thomas Klisz Our club Michigan Treasure Hunters had one of the foremost authority's on the gang,Paul Kavieff speak to our group. Very interesting.

Dawn Gardner O'Donnell My grandfather was a detective at that time, was assigned to the purple gang

Greg Kroll It's too bad they tore the building down. I was in it a couple times and it was really unbelievably beautiful on the inside

Comments in general on FridayMusings:

Mike Rudell  I love our Mayor and her words are very touching. Great issue!

Katharine Shishkovsky This is an excellent edition of Friday Musings! So informative and heartfelt!

Virginia Bosak Loved reading Musings in this format.

Clarenceville--preparing for the new school year. 
Please join the Clarenceville School District for a virtual Kindergarten Round-Up!
Option #1 - Tuesday, May 19 at 6:00 P.M.
Option #2 - Wednesday, May 20 at 11:30 A.M.

When you complete this form, links for the virtual meetings will be emailed to you.

Note: If you previously signed up for K Round Up, you do not need to complete this form again.

Dan MacIver offers up a slice of Livonia History. 

Proud sponsor of the 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame
Communication and update from Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan 
For daily updates check out the City of Livonia  Covid-19 page

The city has updated their COVID-19 resources guide. See the link below for details on COVID-19 medical information, guidance on testing, resources for employees and small businesses and other resources.

Penny Crider adds endorsement for August 4 Republican Primary while Laurie Pohutsky adds designation for the November general election

In announcing the endorsement of Pat Williams, Penny Crider added that "It has been my honor to get to know Canton Township Supervisor Pat Williams as Senator Patrick Colbeck's district manager. Thank you for the kind words and your endorsement."

Crider is running in the Republican primary scheduled for August 4th. There are three candidates seeking the nomination and right to oppose incumbent State Representative Laurie Pohutski. In addition to Crider they are Martha Ptashnik and Regina Gargus

Pohutsky has recently been Designated a Gun Sense Candidate by Moms Demand Action. The Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction is intended to identify candidates that demonstrate that they will govern with Gun Safety in mind. Multiple candidates in a race can receive the distinction and, just like common-sense gun safety, the distinction is non-partisan.

FridayMusings will continue to provide information about candidates as that information comes available.