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Rosedale Presbyterian Church on Thursday started off the Memorial Day Weekend honoring those who have served and passed on. Each night Friday through Monday, 6:00 - 7:00 honor guards from the Livonia Police, Fire, Military will be on hand. A bag pipe musician will play every 15 minutes. Monday night Mayor Brosnan will be on hand to read the names of those who served and have died. People stopping by can write down the name (s) of military veterans who are no longer with us and leave them to be read.
Livonia will be saluting our High School Class of 2020. Applause please for our hometown graduates.
Hundreds of students will miss out on high school graduation this year. That fact did not escape city councilman Rob Donovic. Wanting to come up with some way for Livonia to extend appreciation to those students.

Donovic picked up the phone and called Dan MacIver at Financial & Portfolio Advisors asking if he could help out with an idea he had.

The idea? Place 36 banners like the one on the right. 36 banners to be placed on the light poles along Farmington Road and Five Mile. Effectively creating a corridor at Five and Farmington that would show the graduates that their hometown appreciated this major milestone--graduation from High School.

The order has been placed with sponsorship from MacIver. Orignally he asked by Donovic to pitch in some funding and help find others to join in with support. MacIver took it a step further,  "I have a graduating senior and this is a great idea, a way to say we are proud of all our graduates and we want to recognize our four high schools in Livonia, Franklin, Churchill, Stevenson and Clarenceville."

The banners should be printed and ready by the end of next week and if all goes well the banners will be up right away.

Another partnership in Livonia showcasing our city, businesses and education.
Thank you Rob Donovic and Dan MacIver.
A Taco Bell in the parking lot of a medical building at Six and Farmington?
Brandon McCullough joins residents and Planning Commission in saying no
Brandon McCullough dropped a note to FridayMusings explaining that he will be voting against the zoning request seeking to put a Taco Bell in the parking lot of a medical building at Six and Farmington. The City Council held a public hearing this week and the vote is scheduled for the first city council meeting in June. For the record here is the statement from Councilman McCullough:

For the record, my family loves T-Bell but this plan is not conducive to the proposed location. My reasoning:

1: The site plan shows the pick-up window about 25 feet from the south residential. This would have certain affect on property values.

2:The petitioner stated the hours would be the same as the eight mile location which are 1:00 AM weeknights and 2:00 am weekends. Not sure how I would feel listening to someone ordering while i'm trying to sleep.

3: The planning commission denied the request 6-1, the five reasons are listed below:

*That the petitioner has failed to affirmatively show that the proposed change of zoning and the intended use of the property as a fast-food restaurant would be compatible to and in harmony with the surrounding uses in the area, particularly with respect to the adjacent residential neighborhood;

*That the proposed zoning and intended use of the property, and its relation to streets giving access to it, particularly with respect to vehicular turning movements and routes of traffic flow, would be hazardous and inconvenient to the intersection and the neighborhood and would unduly conflict with the normal traffic flow and circulation patterns in the area;

*That the proposed zoning and use is contrary to the purposes, goals and objectives of the Zoning Ordinance, which seek to insure compatibility and appropriateness of uses so as to enhance property values and to create and promote a more favorable environment for neighborhood use and enjoyment;

*That the petitioner has failed to sufficiently demonstrate that the site has the capacity to accommodate the proposed use; and

*That the proposal fails to conclusively deal with all the concerns deemed necessary for the safety and welfare of the City and its residents

4: The existing medical building are not being demolished and will be next to the proposed drive-thru. I support innovative planning, but this looks like a a plan condensing the site too much.

The zoning should be maintained and that's how I will be casting my vote.
Reps. Haley Stevens (MI-11) and Ayanna Pressley (MA-07) led a group of 17 freshman Members of Congress calling for the expansion of paid family and medical leave
Yesterday, Reps. Haley Stevens (MI-11) and Ayanna Pressley (MA-07) led a group of 17 freshman Members of Congress calling on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to expand paid family and medical leave as Senate negotiations begin on the next emergency relief package.

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act, passed in March, created an emergency paid leave program for private sector employers. Recent data has shown that due to loopholes in the legislation and exemptions created by the Department of Labor during implementation, only 17% of private sector workers would benefit. Over 100 million Americans are still without access to paid leave, including nearly nine million healthcare workers and emergency responders. 

The Heroes Act, which recently passed the House, would close these loopholes in the existing law that excludes millions of workers, including millions of essential workers on the frontlines of this crisis and would extend these protections through 2021. The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration.

In the letter, Stevens and Pressley urged Speaker Pelosi to "fix these gaps by clarifying Congressional intent and covering as many workers as possible for both paid sick days and family and medical leave," in final HEROES Act negotiations with the Senate. 

"The United States is the only industrialized nation without a federal paid leave policy, and this pandemic is showing us the consequences of that choice," said Congresswoman Stevens. "First responders, health care workers, food industry employees, and other essential workers should not have to choose between their financial security and their safety. Basic protections for sick days help retain skilled workers and reduce the threat of a COVID-19 outbreak in the workplace. It is clear that the Families First Act was not enforced adequately, and too many workers across the country are still lacking these basic protections. A robust federal paid leave policy is not just the right thing to do, it should be a key part of our plan to safely re-open the economy in the aftermath of this pandemic."

"Paid sick days and family leave is not a luxury, it's a public health imperative that keeps us all safer." said Congresswoman Pressley. "Congress made historic progress by expanding paid leave and sick days in previous relief packages, but an estimated 100 million workers were left out because of this Administration's calloused efforts to exclude many frontline workers, including health care workers and first responders. The recently passed Heroes Act reaffirms our commitment to universal access to these benefits for all workers, regardless of the size of their employer.  During this unprecedented public health crisis, no worker should have to choose between their livelihood and the health and safety of their family.  We must take bold action to ensure every worker in this country has access to the paid leave they need and deserve."

"The public health and economic crises brought on by the coronavirus are magnifying a long-time failure to enact paid leave protections for workers in the US," said Dawn Huckelbridge of the Paid Leave for All campaign. "The workers showing up to do their jobs on the frontline each day should not be forced to choose between their lives and their livelihood if they or a loved one gets sick. We are incredibly grateful to Representatives Stevens and Pressley for taking up the charge with their fellow freshman to make sure that people in America are taken care of in this next relief package and can rely on the security of paid leave in times of global health, personal medical and caregiving emergencies."

The letter is supported by the Paid Leave for All Campaign.

In addition to Congresswomen Stevens and Pressley, the letter was signed by Reps. Rashida Tlaib (MI-13), Cindy Axne (IA-3), David Trone (MD-06), Ilhan Omar (MN-05), Andy Levin (MI-09), Katie Porter (CA-45), Lauren Underwood (IL-14), Lori Trahan (MA-03), Debbie-Mucarsel-Powell (FL-26), Jahana Hayes (CT-05), Lucy McBath (GA-06), Steven Horsford (NV-04), Angie Craig (MN-02), Colin Allred (TX-32), and Dean Phillips (MN-03).

Former Michigan School Superintendent, Tom Watkins, calls for a constructive dialogue 
to create a re-imagined and rebuilt nation
With just six months until the November Presidential election, a heavy fog of partisanship has already descended. And it is likely to get foggier and thicker as Election Day approaches.

America is at the precipice today with a viral pandemic our new reality. Americans are hurting for leadership. We need a presidential campaign that provides a constructive foundation upon which our nation can emerge: re-imagined and rebuilt.

Negative ads and rhetoric have begun to fill media airways - both for or against Trump or Biden. Charges and countercharges are being levied as each campaign fights over a smaller and smaller portion of undecided voters.

As the dark wave of the pandemic rolls over the nation and economic insecurity mounts along with rising unemployment, stock market jitters, jobs and the economy will be front and center: paramount in the 2020 campaign.

Past as Prologue?
With Americans hurting, many people are open to FDR-style government intervention to help stabilize and improve our lives. During that dark Depression decade of the 1930s, President Roosevelt rose to the challenge, not only proffering hope, but enacting creative initiatives to get people working again. He acknowledged he did not have all the answers, but 'crossed the river by feeling for the stones' as the Chinese say, seeking and pushing policies to build an effective foundation of hope for jobs. As FDR famously said, "Do something and if that does not work, do something else. But for God's sake, do something."

As Thomas Paine said during the American Revolution, "These are the times that try men's souls", Indeed, now is the time to "do something" in America.
When Jim Blanchard ran for Governor of Michigan in the recession days of 1982 his mantra was: "Jobs. Jobs. Jobs!" In 1986, he updated that slogan for his ultimately successful re-election to: "Jobs. Jobs. Jobs and MORE jobs!"

And in 1992, Bill Clinton's Presidential bid against then-President George HW Bush was built on his campaign strategist James Carville's now famous slogan, "It's the economy, stupid."

With the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic whipping out jobs in the blink of a virus and our transition from one of the lowest unemployment rates in America to now having the highest since the Great Depression, the economy and our jobs should be front and center in this election.

It may be safe to assume that along with jobs and the economy, the handling - or the mishandling, of the pandemic - plus faulting China for its role in the crisis, will create a volatile campaign cocktail.

I believe we need a campaign that instead offers hope and an economic path forward. America is built on ideals - those that inspire and uplift, with plans and strategies built on a firm foundation of knowledge, science, and new economic realities.

Pivot from Blame to Action
American history is replete with examples of casting aspirations and blame in the mist of economic downturns. This strategy has proven to be an effective political tool, but is highly ineffective in solving problems of job creation and economic opportunity. 

What is needed instead is resistance - resistance against any campaign based on simplistic finger pointing and blame. Blaming Democrats or Republicans, former presidents, governors, the WHO (World Health Organization) or the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and China is neither a strategy nor a plan that gets America working again. 

Let Us Ask Questions
When candidates and their surrogates start the blame game, the media and voters' refrain needs to be: "And how does this help get Americans back to work? How will this restore retirees' 401k savings? How does this restart the economy? How will this provide affordable health care? How will this enhance educational opportunities, strengthen our workforce preparedness programs and help jump-start America's future and not our past?

Instead, we must stipulate that while mistakes were indeed made in China - YES, they "coulda, shoulda" been more transparent - but we ourselves must become more thoughtful as well. We must admit that our nation 'coulda and shoulda' been better prepared to combat the pandemic. Implying it was a partisan hoax, hoping it will just go away like some passing flu virus, relying on a miracle drug when intense research is needed from the scientific community, or looking for a quick Clorox fix is NOT A PLAN.

"Blame" does not address the challenges facing America today. These challenges were here before COVID and have been intensified with it. Blame only diverts attention from the tough conversations we need to address. It is part of a simple division and subtraction strategy meant to separate us as a united people - we need to demand real solutions to the challenges we are facing.

Our collective futures must be built on a foundation of hope inspired by thoughtful plans to invest in America. Now is a time for our vaunted American ingenuity and entrepreneurial zeal to go  24/7 - not unlike our nation's scientists now laboring in science and university labs to produce a vaccine. With entrepreneurial wind beneath our sails, Americans can get what we pay for with our tax dollars: a government that works FOR us, not against us.

Investment Not Blame
Now is not the time for disinvestment in America. Instead, we need to invest in:

* Education. With state and local tax bases eroded due to the pandemic and the associated economic carnage, we need a federal plan that doubles down on educational attainment from cradle to the grave. Knowledge and skill are the glue that binds us.

* Workforce preparedness. Even before COVID -19, we needed an upshift to automation and AI (artificial intelligence). The rest of the global workforce has been shifting this way, right under the feet of the average American worker. Creating training and retraining programs to up-skill workers is an investment that pays dividends.

* National Service. With the world economy on pause and work opportunities evaporating for both high schoolers and university graduates entering the workforce, we are seeing an exceptional opportunity to create a year of national service. During the decade of the Great Depression, FDR created the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) and WPA (Works Progress Administration) that added value to our nation by improving local community infrastructure in America.

* National Mentorship/Apprenticeship Academy. Let's create community centers where older workers who were disrupted by the 2020 pandemic can pass on their skills and knowledge to a new generation, thereby earning both a paycheck and pride in contributing to the re-building and re-skilling of America.

* Technology. America needs to maintain our primacy in technology, making investments in the future to include AI (artificial intelligence), 5G networks, and big data.

* Infrastructure. If there was ever a time to dig deep and invest in infrastructure projects across America it is NOW: Rebuilding roads, bridges, ports, water pipes and sewers, make broadband ubiquitous and Internet connectivity universal for rich and poor in our communities. 
This election needs to be about CHANGE that leads to real progress for Americans. Blame has never fixed anything. It will NOT fix America.
Here is what WILL: An investment strategy for Americans.

Tom Watkins is a former Michigan State Superintendent of Schools (2001-05) and former President and CEO of the Economic Council of Palm Beach County, Fl. 1996-01) and is a business and educational consultant. 

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Scottish Highland Games
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Hall of Fame 2013
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Proud sponsor of the 
1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame
Dan MacIver offers up a slice of Livonia History. 
Livonia is the cultural heartbeat of southeast Michigan.

Our neighbors react to some of the articles in Musings
Reactions to the Joyner history

Alan Helmkamp In the late Summer of 1969, the Livonia Board of Education conducted a meeting and public hearing at Stevenson High School. During a period of unprecedented student population growth in the 60's, the district had been building schools and many students had been moved around year by year. The district's budget was in crisis. 

The agenda item that night was whether student activities (sports, band, debate, arts- everything!) should be eliminated to cut costs. Hundreds of students and parents packed the auditorium. I spoke on behalf of my classmates with the opening remark that I was a Senior at Stevenson and proud of it! And then spoke to the importance of all these activities. I recall Jerrie Joyner being one of the board members who advocated for the students, and Superintendent Roland (Ron) Upton was in our corner as well. The board found a way to maintain student activities, which I've always appreciated. Enjoyed the Joyner family history!

Sue Rosiek Wonderful tribute to your mom. She was indeed a warm, intelligent  woman who cared about the greater good and spent her life working to make her community a better place to live, work, play and educate students. She was always so kind and helpful to me as a young journalist trying to learn about Livonia's history and issues.    I hope you are archiving your work with Musings .  Once again - a very special edition. Loved the photos too!

Conrad Schwartz   Thank you for sharing the most wonderful story about your mom. I could not help myself, but while reading your  words I had flashbacks to my own mom.  Same age, different stories.  I wonder, did God make them different in those days knowing what they would face in life? I don't know the answer to that, but I do know this:-- that is the reason they are part of The Greatest Generation. Rest in Peace to all the moms that made us laugh and cry, nourished us and taught us, sacrificed far too many times so we did not have too.  

Jason Joyner Gram would have appreciated it as much as we all did. 

Paul Joyner Great Job Dad!  Really nice. 

Jonathan Joyner Love hearing stories about Gram and Pop.  Thank you for taking the time to send to everyone.  Wish Gram and Pop were here to see how much they were loved.  Happy Birthday Gram.  We love you.  

Kimberly Joyner Great story and reading! It was fun to learn things I didn't know.

Jamie Hopp Gindele, Ohio:   Throughly enjoyed the tribute to your mom. I admire how she went about taking care of her family, raising 2 "nice" boys and serving the Livonia School Board & other organizations in an impactful way. What a woman!  I guess with her example & your training in Speech & Drama at Franklin your path was destined....

Thanks also for sharing your personal Bio. Your journey has also had wonderful  impact. I'm sure too that your dad is proud of your well treated & cared for lawn. Your family home always had nice curb appeal.  Thx for sharing your stories. 

Thomas Portney, Georgia:  A kind and effective mother and community leader. She always made your home welcome to your friends.

Kathy Ventittelli   Bill, I already knew what a great person your mother was. But I learn more about her and her contributions to community all the time. You are so right that her family was the highlight of her life. So glad I had a few years of knowing her. You continue to make her proud.

Reactions to Dan MacIver's Best Kept Secrets -- The Purple Gang

Cynthia Pribbanow Gresens   Always very interesting history. Is it true that there actually was public transportation from Detroit via 7 mile? Maybe for the ballroom? Was an interesting place to play golf - the old gal running the place would holler out the window when you were next "up" . Broomstick with rags for the pins on each green. This was about 40 years ago for the golf. More stories about this place please.

Reactions to Musings

Matt Collins   Special Thanks to you and Friday Musings for publicizing, promoting, supporting and sharing with your readers our efforts to provide food donations to SMML.  For helping us to acknowledge the small businesses, the financial contributors and the volunteers who helped make this a successful Program.  Friday Musings helps fill the void (in local news coverage).

Holli Kerkhof   Thank you again for your efforts in keeping the community informed! I appreciate you sharing our Give big efforts (at Community Choice Credit Union) as well! 
Another creative fundraiser. This time for Angela Hospice.

You are invited
T O  A  V I R T U A L   C O N C E R T   W I T H   A   W I N N E R   TA K E S   A L L  R A F F L E 

Buy one or more tickets for the Rock n'  Raffle and we'll send you the link to our  virtual concert. So light a bonfire, grab  your laptop, and get comfortable for a  fun night at home!

All proceeds from the Rock n' Raffle will fund Angela Hospice's charitable programs, including grief support resources available to the entire community. Order your raffle tickets now and you'll get the link to the virtual concert just for playing.

Raffle Prizes Include:

*Jason Aldean Autographed Guitar           *Shinola Watch           *Coach Purse           *Yeti Cooler
*Amazon Echo Show            *$700 in Gift Cards           *$300 Cash

For more details and to download the raffle ticket order form, visit or call the Angela Hospice Development Office to order by phone: 734.464.7810

Thank you for supporting Angela Hospice!  Drawing will be held on June 19, 2020, between 7 & 9 p.m., at the Angela Hospice Rock n' Raffle Virtual Concert. Need not be present to win. Raffle License #R58413.

Wayne County steps up to assist our Veterans
If you are a veteran or know a veteran in Wayne County that's struggling to make ends meet, resources are available. Call Wayne County Veterans Services at 313-224-5045 to see if we can help.
Communication and update from Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan 
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