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Keeping up with the Council candidates

As candidates have campaign announcements to make FridayMusings will include them as we keep up to date on the campaign. We will include information from all candidates. FridayMusings has not made any endorsements but will in September.
Carrie Budzinski for Livonia City Council.

Carrie is all set to formally kick off her campaign with a June 19th doughnuts and conversation gathering at her home.

Although yard signs can not be put up until September she is making them available to those attending. She clearly is ready for the campaign battle of ideas and name recognition to start up.

On hand is expected to be State Representative Laura Pohutski and Congresswoman Haley Stevens.
Ken Overwater for Livonia City Council.

Ken and Sara Overwater hosted a backyard campaign kick-off this week with special guest State Representative Laurie Pohutsky. His two sisters introduced him to the supportive friends who showed up to give his campaign a rousing kick-off.
He also announced the following endorsement, "The hard-working State, County, and Municipal employees at AFSCME have kept Livonia operating throughout an unprecedented pandemic. They do amazing work for us, and I’m so proud to have earned their endorsement in my bid for City Council."
Jim Jolly for Livonia City Council.

Jim "started in Livonia as an intern entering traffic tickets into the computer system, then was hired as court officer where I worked everyday 8-4:30, then rushed downtown to attend my law school classes from 6-10, I started all my law school reading and assignments when I got home at 11 pm.

"It paid off when I passed the bar exam and was appointed magistrate, 7 years later I resigned as magistrate to run for city council. Livonia has been great to me and I love Livonia."