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Livonia is a small town. When an engagement party for Maureen and Greg is organized our hometown stands up to applaud. Congratulations.
Maureen Miller Brosnan on Facebook described the evening at Flemings this past weekend this way: "It started with an invitation. Fun people came. Amazing food and delicious bubbly drinks were served. And some of the best people I know met Greg at an extraordinary engagement party. Big thanks to all who joined us, and even bigger thanks to our hosts Marvin and Sharon Walkon."
Keeping up with the Council candidates

As candidates have campaign announcements to make FridayMusings will include them as we keep up to date on the campaign. We will include all candidate information from all candidates as Friday Musings has not made any endorsements but will endorse in September.
Carrie Budzinski
Congresswoman Haley Stevens
Representative Laurie Pohutsky
Former Senator Carl Levin
Livonia Democratic Club

Dan Centers
State Senator Dayna Polehanki 
Representative Laurie Pohutsky
County Commissioner David Knezek 
Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan 

Councilman Brandon McCullough 
Former Councilman Joe Laura 
Former Councilman Dale Jurcisin
School Board Trustee Colleen Burton
Former School Board Trustee Randy Roulier
Former School Board Trustee Dianne Laura

School Board Trustee Mark Johnson
School Board Trustee Karen Bradford 
School Board Trustee Liz Jarvis 
School Board Trustee Tommy Bonifield

Schoolcraft College Trustee Joan Gebhardt
Schoolcraft College Trustee Terry Gilligan Schoolcraft College Trustee Brett Gierak
Zoning Board of Appeals Tim Klisz
Zoning Board of Appeals Lisa Fraske
Board of Review Pat Crandall
Arts Commissioner Joe Gilligan
Human Relations Comm Wafa Dinaro
Human Relations Comm Rachel Zuckerman
Library Commissioner Madison Bjertness 
Library Commissioner Kacie McCullough
Library Commissioner Dave Parr

Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local2
Livonia Professional Firefighters Local1644
Pipefitters Local 636
AFSCME Council 25
Michigan Building Construction Trades
Sheet Metal Workers Local80
Iron Workers Local 25
Livonia Democratic Club

Rob Donovic
Councilwoman Kathleen McIntyre
Councilman Scott Bahr
Treasurer Lynda Scheel

Jim Jolly
Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan
Councilwoman Laura Toy
Councilman Brandon McCullough
Councilman Kathleen McIntyre
Former City Councilman Brandon Kritzman
Former City Councilman James McCann
Former Councilman Brian Meakin

County Commissioner Terry Marecki
County Commissioner David Knezek

Livonia Professional Firefighters
Livonia Police Officers Association
Livonia Command Officers Association
Michigan Building and Construction Trades
Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 2
Pipefitters Local 636
Laborers Union 1191

School Board Trustee Karen Bradford
Schoolcraft College Joan Gebhardt
Schoolcraft Trustee Brett Gierak
Schoolcraft Trustee Terry Gilligan

Board of Review, Pat Crandall
Human Relations Comm. Haitham Fakouri
Planning Commissioner Sam Caramagno
Zoning Commissioner Tim Klisz
Zoning Commissioner Michael Testa
Zoning Commissioner Jim Baringhaus
Library Commissioner Kacie McCullough
Livonia Democratic Club

Scott Morgan
Councilwoman Kathleen McIntyre
Councilman Scott Bahr
Livonia Police Officers Association
Police Officer Association of Michigan

Ken Overwater
Representative Laurie Pohutsky
Arts Commissioner Joe Gilligan
AFSCME Council 25
Livonia Democratic Club

Laura Toy
None listed on any social media/website
Livonia Civic Chorus
"Soon It's Gonna Rain"

With all the rain Michigan is having this week, the Livonia Civic Chorus wanted to share this song. "Hope it does stop soon though and there is minimal damage."
Some thoughts from our readers
Bill Bresler: I’ll vouch for the Drunken Rooster tacos (at the Food Truck Tuesday). They stopped at my daughter’s sub in Novi. It was kinda slow because each order is made as it comes in. But the food was great.

Kacie McCullough: As an educator myself, I absolutely support the bill being proposed by Senator Dayna Polehanki! This is an amazing way to get more educators who have first-hand classroom experience. I’ll be interested to see how it develops.

Carrie Budzinski: What a Friday issue! Paul Shepich's story is amazing and kind of him to share, I'm so glad to read he's in remission. We need to do all we can to address the teacher shortage. This is not like McDonald's having to change hours because it can't find staff, we NEED teachers. We're lucky to have Dayna (and Laurie) fighting the good fight in Lansing.

Kate Mackie: We will be live-streaming the Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church Memorial Service for Paula Joyner-Clinard on August 15th on our Facebook and YouTube pages for anyone not able to make it.

Robb Drzewicki: You can count on the Livonia PTSA Council to your list of attending organizations for the corn roast. Possibly St. Baldricks as well

Lindsay Bennett Spence: Loved seeing the poster for the Garden Walk! Did you know my mother, Janet Bennett, drew that picture?

Karla Truxall, Founder SPN Survivors: Thank you for adding SPN Survivors to the list of organizations participating in this year's Corn Roast. We're excited to be getting back out in the community.

Our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with the Livonia Chamber is Tuesday, August 10 at 4 pm with an open house to follow. We are also continuing the open house on Wednesday, August 11, and inviting the community to stop by and learn more about who we are, what we do, and how they can get involved. Our address is:
38099 Schoolcraft Rd, Suite 131
Livonia, MI 48150

More details to follow as we get closer to August.