September 9,2020 Your Source for Livonia Happenings
Change begins with each and every one of us. Together let's use our collective voices to change the narrative to one that clearly depicts all the amazing work that happens in our hometown community. Paraphrased from Eric Sheninger in Reflections on Leadership
Let's change the Livonia narrative with vision, transformation, leadership
It was 1965 and discussions were taking place between Dr. Don Friedrichs, Livonia Public Schools, and Dan Andrew, Livonia Planning Director on ways to attract young families to this growing suburban community of 19,000.

Within a year over 100 families had been enlisted to visit neighbors and businesses. Their goal? To build a recreation facility, a YMCA, that would be the cornerstone of bringing young families to town.
The culmination was a fundraising dinner featuring Dennis McClain of the Detroit Tigers, at the peak of his pitching skillset, and Phil Power, the young owner of the Livonia Observer newspaper.

It transformed Livonia as at the same time two other transformational ideas were being implemented. Superintendent Ben Yates spearheaded a bond issue to purchase school property to prepare for the influx of young families by obtaining property when it was still inexpensive.

The second project was one spearheaded by the Superintendent of Parks and Recreation John Dufour, former football player in the Canadian football league, to purchase vacant land for future park sites. Property that would only increase in value over the year and which became the cornerstone for the 65 parks of which Livonia currently is the home to.

Vision. Transformation. Leadership.
It was 2020 and the downtown Livonia leadership was still raising the question of where and when can a downtown Livonia be built.

Discussions on line continued to look at the benefit that it would bring to Livonia.

While not giving up on the concept of downtown Livonia Councilman Brandon McCullough, began talking about another project that might also serve as a transformative idea to attract young families, that would serve as a catalyst generating excitement and potentially, depending on the location, create a new found buzz for an area of Livonia that would serve as a destination location from throughout southeast Michigan.
Just as the community rallied around a recreation center in the 1960"s, bringing families together in forming a coalition for a better Livonia, the idea of an amphitheatre/band shell/pavillion could unite Livonia in creating a positive attribute once again showcasing Livonia as a transformational community and the ability to act on a vision with the leadership to make it happen.
Picture a committee divided into action groups: structure, finance, location. 100 families working for the transformation that creates a future.

McCullough says next year not 10 years.

Vision. Transformation. Leadership.