September 11,2020 Your Source for Livonia Happenings
Change begins with each and every one of us. Together let's use our collective voices to change the narrative to one that clearly depicts all the amazing work that happens in our hometown community. Paraphrased from Eric Sheninger in Reflections on Leadership
Let's change the Livonia narrative with vision, transformation, leadership
Community Theatre continues
to make an impact
Livonia Community Theatre (formerly Paul’s Players) was founded in 2011 by Patricia Hutchison, a retired music and drama teacher.

In 2017, the group changed its name to Livonia Community Theater to reflect its deep commitment to the City of Livonia.

LCT Founder Pat Hutchison is retiring from her position as Board President, and the folks at LCT are pleased to announce that Livonia resident Paul Manoian will be taking over as Board President. Paul has an active history in local theater communities in Metro Detroit. He is a professional photographer, and brings a world of technical experience and creative ideas to LCT. 

Stepping in as Business Manager is LCT's very own Katherine O'Donnell. Kat is a native of Livonia and a recent graduate of Western Michigan University with a major in Arts Management.

She grew up in LCT, and has been a major part of our theater community since the very beginning when she attended her first Broadway Bound camp back in 2011. She has worked shows and summer camps ever since: as a high school intern, camp manager, assistant director, and performer. She is a wonderful addition to the LCT team. 

There are some exciting new ideas in the works: First up, another all virtual production, with auditions September 15, 16.

This year with the future of live productions so uncertain, there are plans to offer more virtual events, online classes, and workshops as a way to help folks keep honing their theater skills. 
The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on the global arts sector in unprecedented ways.

Museums had to close their doors. Concerts were cancelled. Gig artists who perform on urban streets and in our bars were forced to stay-at-home.

“The Phantom of the Opera” composer Andrew Lloyd Webber has told British lawmakers that the performing arts are “at the point of no return.”

Lloyd Webber spoke about the struggles of staging socially distanced shows and making them profitable, noting that very few shows “hit the jackpot” like “Hamilton,” “Lion King” or “Phantom.”
Here in Livonia we are missing out on the seasonal concerts of our Symphony Orchestra and Civic Chorus. Not to mention the Livonia Community Theatre and Motor City Youth Theatre.

Add to those our Music from the Heart, the Fine Arts Gallery at the Bennett Library. Our dance studios are hurting. The list goes on and on.

Livonia needs to start up conversations about what the art industry in Livonia will be like after the pandemic. Out of this crisis and disruption can come opportunity.

When we come out of this, it won’t be the same. We have to reimagine the entire art sector after the outbreak, including how we fill seats and conduct ticket sales. We need to have informed conversations now.

That is where the conversation about a band shell, amphitheatre, gazebo fits. As Councilman Brandon McCullough says "it can be the start of a community conversation." A conversation Councilwoman Laura Toy and the typewriter started 10 years ago. Let's talk again.
“If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.” 
John F. Kennedy
1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame postphoned due to Covid 19
Every year the date of the annual 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame is circled bright red on the calendar of many Livonia residents. This year was to be no exception--the first Thursday in October. It was until Covid-19 hit and forced the postponement of the induction ceremony until 2021.

For 15 years the Induction Ceremony has been the gathering place for an incredible community of creative thinkers and innovators, the source of so much of what has been given to Livonia since our incorporation as a Township in 1835 and as a City in 1950.

The efforts of those inducted have helped create a sustainable hometown of which we are all proud.

Please join us next year at the 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame Induction. We will again gather to advance the work and continue the recognition of leaders who have dedicated a portion of their existence to bettering a town they live in or work in.

Check out the listing below of the Hall of Fame Inductees. They helped build a hometown of which we can all be proud.