September 23,2020 Your Source for Livonia Happenings

31,000+ ballots went to the post office today in Livonia. Largest mailing ever. Clerk Susan Malone Nash says "Thank you to all who helped."
FridayMusings endorsements
Wayne County Circuit Court
Chandra Baker and Nicholas Hathaway
Nicholas Hathaway is a Referee in Wayne County Circuit Court’s Family Division where he handles a docket dealing with cases of child abuse and neglect and also criminal matters involving juveniles.

He has also served as an assistant prosecuting attorney in Wayne County where he handled a wide range of misdemeanor and felony matters throughout Wayne County. It is experience like this that has earned him the endorsement from many judges, the Wayne County Sheriff, and the Attorney General of the State of Michigan.
Chandra Baker is a Lead Attorney with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office heading the Wayne Arson Reduction Unit responsible for prosecuting arson crimes involving real property, arson of multi-unit buildings, and arson where someone was killed or injured. Baker has been a prosecutor for nearly 12 years and she has litigated felonies of all kinds including homicide, armed robbery, various other assaultive crimes and gun, and narcotics cases. She was awarded Prosecutor of the Year 2017-2018 by the International Association of Arson Investigators.

United States Senate
Gary Peters
There are two issues that are at the top of the list for Livonia voters concerned about our future. Education and Environment. Both should impact our vote for the United States Senate.

The present administration has implemented cuts in environmental protections that are critical to the health of all Americans: they have reduced national monuments with the largest reduction of public land protections in US history along with animal protections; Rollbacked the Clean Power Plan that restricts emissions from coal-fired power plants; Placed Cuts to clean water protections; Set the stage for More methane expected to result in an additional 1.8 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The stakes could not be higher and with your vote for Gary Peters you can make a difference. The election will be a referendum on whether the US will play its role in helping take collective responsibility for the future of the planet while protecting future generations.

If carbon emissions continue substantial climate change is unavoidable. Instead of helping lead this discussion the White House prefers to roll back environmental protections.

In education this President has vowed to provide school choice to every family in America. Following in the template set by his education secretary Betsy DeVos this means reducing or eliminating funding for our historic public schools, whose foundation built a hometown of which we are proud and attracted new families.

Gary Peters reputation as one willing to cross the aisle and work with both parties has garnered the endorsement of The Detroit Regional Chamber's political action committee. Brad Williams, vice president of government relations for the Detroit chamber, praised Peters' "bipartisan and pragmatic approach" to lawmaking and said the state's junior senator is the "leading U.S. Senator focused on advancing next-generation mobility, which is critical in accelerating Michigan's role as the global leader in automotive and advanced manufacturing industries."

FridayMusings solidly endorses Gary Peters for re-election to the United States Senate. He is right on the environment, and on education. His reputation as taking a bi-partisan approach to governance is right on point.
Terry Marecki
As readers of Friday Musings know, I am an advocate of contested races where candidates actually campaign and address issues of concern to the voters. That's why it's refreshing that for the first time in some years, we have an actual, spirited contest in the race for the 9th District County Commission seat (covering most of Livonia, Northville Township and City of Northville).

Incumbent Terry Marecki of Livonia is being challenged by Nancy Darga, a resident of the City of Northville.

Darga, formerly employed as the Chief of Design for Wayne County Parks, was actively involved in the "Save Hines Park" group that opposed the sale by the county of three historic mills in Hines Park including the Newburgh Mill, to private interests. Darga appeared at commission meetings to speak in opposition to this project advanced by the Evans administration in a manner characterized as "passionate" by supporters.

Marecki voted in favor of the public-private partnership so that these dilapidated buildings could be re-
purposed for productive use and increased recreational opportunities. This is a clear issue of difference for the voters to consider.

Darga also served as Mayor Pro-Tem of the Northville City Council from 2007-2019, and has been active in various historic and arts organizations. Although she apparently does not have any previous connection to Livonia, she has made an effort to participate during the campaign with the Livonia Democratic Club, which has endorsed her.

Marecki has represented the district since 2015, and as a life-long resident of Livonia, is well known to Livonians. A graduate of Bentley High School and Madonna University, she has given back to the community over the years through service as the Livonia Community Foundation Secretary, and through membership on the Livonia Prayer Breakfast Committee and the Livonia Public Schools Education Foundation.

In some respects this is a difficult call to make, as Terry Marecki and I support different candidates, particularly in the top-of-the ticket federal races, and we have some policy differences.

However, there is no question of her record of constituent service and working to achieve balanced
county budgets on the Ways & Means Committee, and strongly advocating for the return of a fair share of
county dollars to Livonia and the two Northville communities for parks and roads.

She also personally joined a recent lawsuit, covered extensively in Friday Musings, that successfully prevented a new county millage for after school programs without a guarantee that taxes raised in the district would be spent on programs in the district.

In these hyper-charged partisan times, it must be acknowledged that there is conventional wisdom that it will not be a surprise if most Democrats vote for Darga, and most Republicans vote for Marecki.

However, some Livonia Independents are at least quietly supporting Marecki as a product of long-
standing friendships and collaborating on projects of mutual interest.

For those independents and others trying to make up their mind on this down-ballot race, I recommend a vote to retain Terry Marecki as County Commissioner.