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FridayMusings Wednesday, September 26, 2022    Helping define Livonia Quality of Life

Saturday, October 1st,

10:00-12:00, Mies Park

Trying to keep up with our town happenings

Thursday, September 29th

6:00, Livonia City Hall

Thank you Livonia for joining the fight to defeat pediatric cancer.

Thank you Matt Kulacki for chairing this battle in your hometown

The volunteer spirit that built a hometown of which we are proud was on full display Sunday as Matt Kulacki assembled dozens of folks committed to defeating pediatric cancer. Handing the reigns of volunteer extraordinaire to Kulacki was Robb Drzewicki who helped guide the St. Baldrick's Shave-a-thon to $1,000,000. As the clock struck noon over 50 volunteers marched in led by a Scottish bagpiper. Nearly 100 were already at the One Under and the crowd was expected to reach several hundred before the day was over.

So much to share, which will have to wait until Wednesday but one announcement that brought this typewriter to his feet was when 6-year-old Gannon (pictured left) was introduced. 6 years old and three years shaving his head to raise money to fight pediatric cancer. This year he raised over $1,000.

Kulacki describes his involvement this way, "as a father and husband I know that there are people out there who need help. These events make me feel proud. I am humbled to be a part of it."

More pictures and storylines on Wednesday. But thank you all for putting a smile on my face as the day kicked off.

Dave Spivey embarks on a new mission and Livonia says thank you for 22 years of helping define a Healthy Livonia

Dave Parr, long a friend of Dave Spivey, having worked together at St. Mary Mercy, assembled some community leaders for an impromptu statement of appreciation.

Friday morning at a breakfast hosted by the Livonia Chamber of Commerce a sincere and heartfelt thank you was expressed to "prominent, respected, community-minded leader Trinity Health Livonia's Dave Spivey."

As they presented Dave with their warm appreciation on behalf of a grateful community it did not seem real as after 22 years as President and CEO of St. Mary Mercy Hospital, now Trinity Health Livonia, Dave will embark on a new adventure and role with Trinity Health.

When Mayor Brosnan proclaimed three years ago that Livonia was setting a goal as the healthiest community in America she was not exaggerating because she knew that St. Mary Mercy under the leadership of Dave Spivey was the perfect partner to bring that vision and mission to reality.

This typewriter, like hundreds of employees of the hospital and thousands of Livonia residents, has seen our hometown hospital become the focal point of defining a healthy Livonia. For that Livonia can and should appreciate Dave Spivey's leadership.

Julie Spivey summed up the feelings of many when she wrote on Facebook that she is "So proud of Dave and his accomplishments in Livonia. We’ll miss our St. Mary family (22 years!) but know there are more adventures to come! Glad we will continue to live in Michigan while Dave takes an interim CEO role in Athens Georgia for Trinity Health! Thanks to everyone for the good wishes, we are so blessed!"

Livonia is a better hometown after Dave Spivey's 22 years of hometown leadership.

LDC and "You Are Loved" partner as

Livonia reaches out to those in need

The Livonia Democratic Club (LDC) is rolling out their Winter Community Outreach Project and they are asking for your help!!

The LDC is partnering with the group You Are Loved and will be collecting the following items on their behalf now through November 5, 2022:

  • Large and X-Large Sweatpants and Sweatshirts
  • Warm Winter Gloves
  • White Crew Socks

Please bring your donations to, and drop them off at, the Livonia Senior Center, 15218 Farmington Road, and make sure you put your donations in the box marked LDC (there is more than one donation box). The LDC box will be found in the lobby area. 

Ever ridden in an electric vehicle before?

Here’s your chance at “Drive Electric Livonia”

At “Drive Electric Livonia” our hometown is celebrating National Drive Electric Week by offering EV rides on the campus of Schoolcraft College! Hear about real-life EV experiences from actual EV owners. See the features, advantages, and benefits of a variety of electric vehicle models.

Experience the future of transportation with a test ride in an electric vehicle!

To register for “Drive Electric Livonia” on Saturday, October 1, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, please click on the link below:


Drive Electric Livonia

Thank you for the warm wishes on my 73rd birthday. It was a great day with three calls from son Paul of Colorado fame--taking Leo to school, picking Leo up from school, Leo getting a pumpkin from Costco, Leo singing Happy Birthday.

Smiling all day long.

Raquel calling after work. The family just back from Brazil and already hard at work.

Smiling all day long.

Lunch with Dan MacIver, Deborah, Gina, and the bodyguard. Picking out pumpkins and gourds at the pumpkin patch in Salem.

Smiling all day long.

Kathy, aka the bodyguard, first met me when she brought a German Chocolate Cake to a bake sale I hosted in 2004. And now the tradition includes a German Cholcolate Cake on the day of my birth. So good. The best. That could describe both Kathy and the cake, separate and collective.

A great day. No projects, computer turned off. That last one is not quite true. I was smiling all day with the nice thoughts posted on facebook.

Thank you one and all. 

Skating for the good of the community

Livonia City Councilman Brandon McCullough skated against the Red Wing Alumni with Mayor William Wild in Westland and then against the Red Wing Alumni in Livonia. to raise money for Livonia Kids and Families.

He then traveled with the United States Street Hockey team for the world championship in the Czech Republic.

Now he is lacing up to skate in Plymouth to raise funds for the Living and Learning Enrichment Center.

The game will take place this Thursday, September 29th at USA Hockey Arena!

You can message Brandon to purchase a ticket and be a part of this evening.

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Dear Parents, educators, grandparents, aunts, uncles, Livonia neighbors:

In the STEM program, there is a belief that "we all have dreams growing up-whether it is to play the guitar, create meaningful art, or become an astronaut. No matter what you imagine, belief in oneself is nothing short of life-changing."

When some families moved into Livonia in the 1960s during a boom era of growth, vision, and determination to be a state leader in education our hometown built a system that was the envy of communities around the state, supporting student belief in what they can accomplish.

Today the threat to public school education in Livonia, the system that brought tens of thousands of students and families to Livonia, is real with the threat hiding in plain sight.

We look at the national movement to transfer educational dollars to the for-profit charter schools, the mantra that whatever the government does is bad. This strategy has attached itself to our public school system.

In western Wayne County, there was an effort underway to recruit school candidates, provide training, and raise funding to defeat incumbent school board Trustees, to undercut the true meaning of the original public school.

Reina Vendramini, Pamela Morgan, and Jeffrey Ferguson were recruited participating in a Livonia rally with Tudor Dixon, the governor candidate supported by Betsy Devos with an agenda to shift millions of dollars to for-profit charter schools. 

The threat to public schools begins right here in Livonia and all of us who value democracy have a role to play in defeating the attempt to destroy and in essence weaken our community.

We all must vote, in every race and realize that the election for our Livonia board of education is critical to defining our Livonia quality of life.

This election for the school board is the single most critical election on the ballot this year. Let us return to the partnership between our schools and city and build on quality, the same quality that saw Livonia be the pride of education statewide. 

Three candidates are being supported by those who want to expand their choice in our schools. Read that as wanting more for-profit schools, with money going into the pockets of wealthy families with money being used to build charter schools in other states. With our money.

Livonia has seven candidates seeking election to the Board of Education. We have four outstanding individuals from whom to choose three.

Liz Jarvis, Colleen Burton, Emily Keith, or Mark Johnson.

Each of these four will stand up for our original public school systems without siphoning off money to the for-profit schools.

Liz Jarvis has a track record of community visibility, accessibility, and support for our schools as an integral part of the community.

Liz Jarvis deserves our top vote.

Emily Keith believes that "A school is a place where childhood happens. A safe place where children of different origins and backgrounds learn from the past, make sense of the present, and prepare for the future. Our children deserve the freedom to develop the knowledge and skills to reckon with our past, shape a better future, and pursue their dreams."

Keith is a graduate of Livonia Public Schools. She is the mother of two children, and aunt of two children, who are all currently attending LPS in lower elementary, upper elementary, middle school, and high school. She was the PTA Vice President for 2 years and coached a Livonia Soccer Club team.

Emily Keith deserves our second vote.

A difficult decision has to be made between Mark Johnson and Colleen Burton. Both have served admirably even with my objections to the closing of schools and the sale of school property. The genesis of this however rests not with them but with the State of Michigan.

Colleen Burton deserves our third vote. Over the years she has reached out, answered questions directly, and has been consistent in her support for the original public school system.

Mark Johnson could very well be re-elected and that would not be all bad as he is a conscientious board member who has been a leader for many years. But with 4 solid candidates, a choice had to be made for the three votes that we each have.

FridayMusings endorses Liz Jarvis, Emily Keith, and Colleen Burton for the Livonia Board of Education.

Your vote is the only one that counts. So make it count.