August 18, 2021
Another groundbreaking
Saturday, August 14 marked another Habitat McLean County groundbreaking on a beautiful sunny morning.

Ariell Ashley and her children each turned over a shovelful of dirt on the site of their home-to-be at 515 W Oakland in Bloomington.

At least 50 people joined in the celebration, as we broke ground on the Bill Nichelson Memorial house. There were members of the Retired Crew, representatives from sponsors First Presbyterian, Calvary United Methodist and Wesley United Methodist churches, the Nichelson family, and many other friends and supporters.
The Retired Crew put together a memorial sign honoring Bill Nichelson that featured his much-loved, much-used toolbelt. He shared his building skills and his kind and gentle guidance on so many Habitat McLean County houses and impacted so many homeowners, staff, and volunteers.

His family gave a moving tribute to Bill and gathered around the sign for this group shot.

We were all blessed we had Bill in our lives.
Marinda Riggins has a new porch
Marinda Riggins loves her older home in Bloomington even more now that A Brush With Kindness has replaced her front porch. It is now safe to enjoy daily chats with her daughter in the porch swing.

Go ReStore!
Congratulations to the hardworking, amazing team at the ReStore for surpassing all goals and expectations with their best month ever in the history of the ReStore.

Through your donations and shopping, you helped the ReStore ring up over $80,000 in sales in July.

That is incredible. THANK YOU! The treasure changes daily and the deals keep on coming. So, keep on donating. Keep on shopping. Every donation and every purchase help us partner with McLean County families to build decent and affordable homes.
It's mum season and Women Build is selling these beauties again this year. Jones Country Gardens is tending your plants and they'll be ready for pickup on September 20th. All proceeds go towards building a safe, decent, affordable house for a Habitat McLean County Women Build partner family.

ON SALE NOW! Choose from 5 colors. $15 for 10" pot with approximate 18" flower head.

Details on pickup are on the online order form.
Thank you in advance for your support!