April 2020
A Message to Our Customers Regarding COVID-19

Group CBS wants you to know that we and all of our affiliates are doing everything necessary to ensure the safety and well-being our customers and employees during this time. Even though our field-service personnel are off the road, we are still here for you. Support is just a phone call, email, or text away. Other opportunities to connect include virtual product demonstrations and even one-on-one web conferences regarding replacement parts and other solutions. We’ve all had to adjust to the new normal, but we can still work together, stay safe , and keep your operations in working order.
Advances in Leadership
Bill Schofield Named Group CBS Senior Vice President
Group CBS, Inc. is pleased to announce that Bill Schofield has been named senior vice president of Group CBS. Bill became part of Group CBS in 1998. Over the years, he has served as president of Circuit Breaker Sales Co., Inc. based in Gainesville, TX, and most recently was president of Advanced Electrical & Motor Controls Inc. located in Irving, TX. Read more.
Group CBS Expansion
Powertech Services Eyes Southeast Expansion
Powertech Services, Inc. is setting our sights on the Southeast for a second location. Since becoming part of Group CBS, Inc. at the end of 2019, Powertech has continued to focus on testing and maintenance services for electrical switchgear, substations, and other power distribution equipment. Read more.
Safety First
Take Your Arc-Flash Safety Wherever You Go
The CBS ArcSafe ® PD Alert vest is a newly designed personal safety tool that detects dangerous levels of partial discharge (PD) in power switchgear, warning the wearer of potential arc-flash danger. The wearable technology allows those who don the vest to carry PD detection capability with them at all times. Read more.
CBS Arcsafe Offers Live Virtual Product Refresher Events
CBS ArcSafe wants customers to know that we are still here for you, even though our field-service personnel have been called off the road. To facilitate staying in touch, CBS ArcSafe is hosting live online sessions concerning various remote racking and remote switching equipment. Read more.
Product Recognition
CBS ArcSafe's RSK-CS01W Named 2020 Product of the Year Winner
CBS ArcSafe is proud to announce that the RSK-CS01W has been named the specialty product winner in EC&M’s 2020 Product of the Year event. The wireless remote switch kit operates control switches with pistol-grip handles from up to 100 feet away. Read more.
Smooth Operators
Chris Parrish Becomes WES Regional Manager
Western Electrical Services, Inc. (WES) announces that Chris Parrish has been promoted to the position of Southwest regional manager in WES’ Field Services Division. Chris’ extensive experience in the electrical field and diligent work ethic make him an ideal candidate for this position. Read more.
Giving Back
CBS Manager Makes a Difference for Our Frontline Heroes
When Denise Green heard of a shortage of personal protective equipment from a friend in the health-care industry, she did not waste any time and went to work making masks. Her goodwill gesture has not only helped frontline workers and first responders, but now she is giving back to her own Circuit Breaker Sales Co., Inc. family. Read more.
Moving Forward
CBS ArcSafe Says Farewell to Two Cherished Employees

In the midst of crisis and dealing with the day-to-day business of surviving in a world that is quite different than it was just a month ago, we sometimes miss small details that really aren’t small at all. March was a tough month for our world to say the least, and ArcSafe was no exception. We saw sales decline, our outside sales personnel called in from the field, employees having to be dispersed to different locations, and unprecedented safety precautions instituted in our building. Still, amid all that, we need to make sure we don’t gloss over the fact that we had two very important employees move on from our business in March as well. 

Chris Wykowski and Morris Wallace, who have been extremely valuable to our organization, have chosen to pursue other opportunities. Chris returned to the software world, where she worked before coming to ArcSafe more than five years ago. Morris is preparing for retirement down around the Texas coast after being at ArcSafe for more than nine years. We wish them both well in the next chapters of their lives, and we support their decisions. They will always be a part of the CBS ArcSafe family.

– Tommy Phillips
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