However, there were many more items on my bucket list. Shortly after the gavel came down on the James Bond car, another opportunity popped up at a recent auction in California.
I received hundreds of emails from friends who knew that something well within our “swim lane” was coming up for auction. It was a very special DeLorean Time Machine used in all three films of the Back to the Future trilogy.
As we already own the “Hero Desert Car” from part III of the trilogy, you might ask, which car is he talking about? 
Well, if you’ve seen Part III then you might remember the climactic ending where a huge locomotive smashed into a time machine just one second after Marty jumps out….KABOOM!
End of car, right?….NO… wrong! Universal Studios had other plans for it. They had it cobbled back together and used it for a promotion for the trilogy and later at the Universal Theme Park as an attraction. Later, it was sold to Planet Hollywood. It graced the ceiling at the Honolulu Planet Hollywood from 1995 until 2010 when that restaurant closed and then it disappeared!
Fast forward to September 2019 and lo and behold, it came up for auction and we made up our minds, we were going to acquire this “beauty”.
Patrick, like every other member of my family, loves to spend my hard-earned money so I always put him in charge of the bidding. I also set limits so he doesn’t get too trigger happy.
After a few tense moments, we nailed down this iconic piece of Hollywood memorabilia! The next task was getting her to her new home which you can see from the photos it was not easy!
Now it is resting safely in our barn here in North Central Massachusetts.

So, why am I telling you all of this? Well, you see, something else very big and very historic is also being offered for sale soon at an upcoming auction that was even higher on my bucket list than the James Bond car.
I grew up watching Steve McQueen movies. He was definitely the “King of Cool” and many of you will remember “The Magnificent Seven” and certainly all of you remember “The Great Escape”. Probably few of you remember McQueen’s leading role in the 1958 movie “The Blob”.
Well, in October of 1968, the epic movie “Bullitt” was released and it featured one of the most incredible car chase scenes of all time. It was a race between good and evil. The good guy was Detective Bullitt played by Steve McQueen driving a wicked cool 1968 Mustang GT Fastback. The bad guys were driving a black 1968 Dodge Charger.
I was always a car guy and had recently bought a “family” car which was a 1968 Dodge Charger (blue with black vinyl top) with a 383 cid V8 and a 4-speed manual transmission. Naturally, I felt like a big shot when we rolled into the Edgemere Drive-In on the first night the movie appeared with my bride in the front seat and 17-month-old Patrick and just under 3-month-old Kellianne in the back seat. 
To this day, I still feel that this is the greatest movie chase sequence of all time. In the end, the bad guys got fried and the Mustang ended up hanging over a ditch.

I already have several items that belonged to Steve McQueen including three motorcycles plus some other bits and pieces.
Well, in January 2020, that exact car, one of two used in the movie, is going up for sale in Kissimmee, Florida, at the Mecum auction.
Once again, this is probably a pipe dream but I’ve decided to hold the largest sale of our original military artifacts in our history! 
I shall be reducing the prices on over 1,000 pieces to a
We are looking to accomplish this on a category by category basis so if you do not want to miss out on some real bargains, you need to stay tuned in during the first weeks of December.

We shall announce these huge savings one category at a time and most likely one day at a time so please be patient .
The reductions will begin at 10 AM EST today , and will continue daily at the same time until we have exhausted all of our categories.
Note, only the items under this collection are being reduced. If an item is not reduced in price, then it’s not covered by this offer. You may view our terms and conditions

Nothing else has changed. You will still receive:

  • Our written lifetime money back guarantee regarding originality

  • Our same day shipping service. You order and pay for it; we ship it the same day!

  • Interest free flexible layaway options for items over $300.00

  • Our unrivaled customer service…What other militaria dealers can you call where somebody actually answers the phone?
So, have some fun, do some holiday shopping and help fund either my insanity or my therapy!

From The Ruptured Duck Family