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September 2020 | Issue 1
End of Life for CentOS 6
Upgrade your server now to CentOS 7. November 2020 is the end of life for CentOS 6. BillMax will no longer issue any further releases for CentOS 6. Here are the steps to do the conversion: Convert from CentOS 6.x® to CentOS 7.x®. Contact support@billmax.com if you have further questions.
Other BillMax News
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BillMax and GAAP Accounting
What is GAAP Accounting and what part does BillMax play? GAAP Accounting refers to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, a common set of accounting principles, standards and procedures that companies must follow when they compile their financial statements. The updated Revenue Recognition Standard primarily affects the timing of revenue recognition for those with revenue from contracts with customers. BillMax offers support for the needed changes which affect both public and private companies in 2020.