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January 2022 | Issue 4
New BillMax Customer Portal

BillMax is excited to announce the use of our customer portal for your use in managing your BillMax account. The portal will allow you to add or edit payment methods, make payments, download statements and software, and much more. It is available via the 'Login' button on our web site (upper right corner) or you may access it via

The new portal uses new authentication processes provided by AWS Cognito. AWS Cognito offers easy logins and the possibility of single sign-in through "Social Login". You can learn more about AWS Cognito at As part of this implementation, we have pre-configured BillMax so the login id for each contact we have on file is set to that contact's email address. So any employee of your company may login into the portal using their own email address.

You have two choices for logging in. You can either create an account managed by Cognito or you may use a Social Login by one of these providers: Google, Apple or Facebook. To use a Social Login where your email on file is not provided by Google, Apple or Facebook, you will first need to contact us by emailing and provide your email address from that provider. 

The initial login screen is shown below:
A screen similar to the one above is shown when you click the Login button in the portal. The information to the left may or may not be present as those items are dependent on the logins your made elsewhere. When using your non Social Login email address, you'll need to click on the Sign Up link (at the bottom of the page). Once that is done a screen almost identical to the above is shown. Fill out the form. Enter your Email address, Name, and a new Password. Then click the Sign Up button. A email will be sent to you with a code. Cut and paste the code from the email into the form shown to complete the sign up process. Once done you are logged into the portal. It is very important to complete the verification process as there is no way to use the code at a later time.

If you decide to use a Social Login, the process is similar except you'll choose to login with a Social Login provider. The first time you login into the portal using a Social Login, you'll be presented with a prompt that asks what information to share with BillMax. At a minimum you must share your email address.

To login with non Social Logins email accounts, use the password you've entered during the Sign Up process. When using Social Logins, login using your Social Login's account password.