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April billing includes news of automatic salary-based insurance coverage updates

Please note that billing statements for April will contain language explaining billing summary and detail, as well as the NEW system enhancement that automatically updates salary-based insurance coverage amounts. 

Below is information that will be included with the April bill summary, which will be mailed on April 8:
Greetings from Brethren Insurance Services on behalf of Milliman, our new administrative partner as of January 2022.
A new system enhancement has allowed for any insurance coverage you offer that is salary-based to be automatically updated on your invoices. This feature will begin with your April invoice, and for this billing period only, it will include the adjusted amount retroactive to February 2022 or the salary effective date, whichever is later.

In addition, the billing email contains an attachment that helps explain your billing summary and detail for APRIL 2022. Please note that the attachment is an Excel file, and has one page showing billing summary and a second page showing details for the billing. To toggle between the pages, look for the tabs at the bottom left, and simply click one or the other.
The total amount of the premium appears on the Bill Summary page, and the participant detail appears on the Bill Detail page.
Since your account is set up with ACH auto pay, your premium payment will be automatically deducted from your authorized banking institution within a day or two of receiving this email.

For questions about this process, please reach out to Brethren Insurance Service Center at 800-217-0067 or [email protected].

Lynnae Rodeffer
Vice President of Products
and Services
We hope you find this update helpful, and we welcome your feedback.