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December 2016

The Transition Network 
Billings Chapter 
Looks forward to 2017!

December is a time to reflect on the many blessing throughout the year.  Looking back there is so much to be thankful for.  Looking forward the possibilities are endless!  

Just 8 short months ago we became the 13th Chapter of TTN and membership remains steady with approximately 86 ladies. 

In October we started our 11th Special Interest Group.  Over 100 women are connecting, discovering and impacting each other through these groups.  

We have added two more leaders to our steering committee for a total of 9 and have a new schedule set for 2017!  Not to mention PEER Groups are coming.  The Peer Group manual is done and details to launch will be shared in January.

Make sure you mark your calendar with the dates for upcoming Meet & Greets and programs.  You will find the information in the column on the left. 

It is an honor to be a part of TTN and I look forward to having more opportunities to meet you and get to know everyone as we continue to grow our organization in 2017!

Blessings to you this holiday season!

Evelyn Noennig
TTN Billings Chapter Chair
TTN October Program
"Traveling Through Transition"

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do....  Explore. Dream. Discover" -  Mark Twain
Billie has been in the travel business for over 30 years, starting after college escorting groups internationally because of her language degrees.  She has owned Travel CafĂ© in Billings for over 17 years - and the travel industry has changed significantly over time. 

She talked about the importance of knowing how you like to travel.  Do you want an active adventure or relaxation on the beach or in the mountains?   Do you want to maximize your budget doing as much as possible or pamper yourself with luxuries and treats you don't experience every day?  What's on your bucket list?
Billie shared a number of fun travel planning stories with the group and explained the variety of ways to experience a destination:
  • Ancestry Tourism - a developing trend for people seeking a deeper sense of where their families came from
  • Milestone Travel - enjoy multi-generational family travel, celebrating milestones (birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations)
  • Culinary and Wine - immerse yourself in the food and wine of your destination with market food and wine shopping, cooking classes, wine tasting, etc.
  • Well-Being/Wellness Travel - wellness has become a lifestyle and people want to incorporate it into their travel planning
  • Medical Travel - (Medical Tourism) is the practice of traveling outside of one's hometown area for medical care not available in your hometown
  • Adventure Travel - active travel around the world.  Could be weeks or months long!
  • Volunteerism - have the trip of a lifetime and help others at the same time
Women travel differently than men.  Women often want to spend more time immersing themselves in the cultures they visit - and that takes time.  For example, women will spend more time at museums, while men are not always interested in lingering as long.  Women are traditionally caregivers, regularly placing the needs of others ahead of their own.  Yet it is undeniably important that women take the time to nurture themselves - and travel is one of the best ways to do just that.  

"No matter how inconvenient, expensive or difficult it seemed in the planning stage, the only trips I've ever regretted are the trips I didn't take.  I come home from each trip recharged, rejuvenated and recommitted and with a stronger sense of self." - Marybeth Bond, author of Traveler's Tales: Gutsy Women

Billie and her team are a great resource for expert guidance, personalized service, and one-stop shopping at a great value.  All this with guaranteed satisfaction!  

Marti Miller

Thank you Billie Ruff for your presentation and members Kristin Neva & Karyn Ottolino for their help with the program!
TTN January Program
Social Security Pre- Retirement
Whats New in 2017?

Join us Tuesday January 24th
Billings Public Library
Royal Johnson 
Community Room
5:30 pm

David Baier from the Billings Social Security Field office will be presenting our program on Social Security Pre-Retirement and What is new in 2017?

David Baier is a Montana Native; he graduated from Montana State University Billings, in 2008, with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Accounting. He started his career with Social Security right after he graduated. He has worked as a Claims Specialist and an Office Supervisor. He is currently the Public Affairs Specialist, stationed in the Billings Social Security Field Office.

Program will include these topics plus more
  • What are the Social Security programs?
  •  Social Security website calculators to help your planning 
  • Creating your own my Social Security account
  • Learn your Full Retirement Age & why you should care
  • How much work do you need to be insured?
  • How is your SSA retirement amount determined?
  • Should you take reduced benefits or wait?
  • Can you work while receiving SSA retirement?
  • Family benefits
  • Survivor benefits  
  • Enrolling in Medicare
In advance of the program obtain your Social Security Statement. Create an account at and use it to get a up to date statement.  
Community Outreach
Outreach Makes A  

TTN women want to stay involved. They are using their skills to positively impact their own communities on a variety of levels. And they are changing the way organizations think of volunteers.  No longer satisfied to just stuff envelopes, our members are directing resources, raising money and finding gratification in "giving back." 

One way we can "give back" is by making donations to local non-profits.  In conjunction with our quarterly program we will highlight one organization which donations will be taken to. We will provide a list of items that the organization is in need of and ask that you consider a gift when joining us at the program.
January Outreach Organization
Bring donation to our January Program
Adult Resource Alliance of Yellowstone County
Their Mission is to provide effective services and lead collaborative efforts to ensure seniors remain independent with the highest possible quality of life.
Their Vision is to respectfully assist seniors and their families to navigate the aging process with dignity.

What they could use:

1. Cash donations would be used for meal cards at one     of their 9 sites or go toward $10 gas cards.

2. Gift cards from KFC, Wendys, Golden Corral, Famous     Daves, Albertsons, WalMart, etc.

3. Large candy bars - Hershey's, Kit Kat, Mr. Goodbar,       etc.

 Thank you for supporting our 
outreach program!
Billings TTN Special Interest Groups 
TTN Members are the heart  and soul of our Special Interest Groups. 

Evey LaMont is our coordinator of the Billings TTN Special Interest Groups (SIGs):  groups of women who share a special interest. 

If you'd like to start a TTN Special Interest Group or become a member of one already started, begin the process by contacting  Evey LaMont at:  
or call: 245-3539.  

Descriptions of the current groups are on our website!  Special Interest Group

Do you love going to live performances, but can't find anyone to go with?   This is the group for you.

Members of this group will have an opportunity to attend performance events such as the Billings Symphony and Chorale, Studio Theater, NOVA, Alberta Bair Theater, Yellowstone Chamber Players, High Plains singers,  Artwalk, and Yellowstone Art Center openings with good TTN friends.

Please let me know if you would be interested in this new Special Interest Group.

If you would like to join this group contact 
or call:  245-3539

SIG Up Dates

Lunch Bunch

We continue to enjoy all the eateries that Billings has to offer! Since our last report, we have met at BIN 119, El Corral Mexican Restaurant, and The Montana Club.

We will gather at Julinao's for our Holiday Celebration!

Valorie Griffith

AGBC (Anything Goes Book Club)
The AGBC welcomed Mary Ann Morehead to our group in October!   Because of the upcoming holidays and the TTN Christmas social, the AGBC will combine their November/December meetings and enjoy a potluck dinner in early December and discuss their latest book, "A Sunless Sea" by Anne Perry.  

This past year has brought us mystery, espionage, romance, history, satire, sadness, laughter, beauty, inspiration through the books we have read this past year!  So many great books to read, so little time!  

Happy reading to all of you for the New Year, 2017!  

Cara Schaer, Group Leader.
Welcome New 
Steering Committee Members

  Alice Jagiello & Pat Pitsch
Thank you for becoming part of our leadership team!

TTN Website 2.0 Launched

On November 12, National launched a new version of The Transition Network website.  While it looks a lot like our current site, it has an updated back end and some new and exciting features for members and chapter administrators.

Some of these new features include the use of your email address to sign in; a shopping cart so you can renew your membership, register for multiple events and check out once; better navigation of TTN programs versus events offered by our partner organizations.

Chapter leaders will have more options to accurately present programs and events and will benefit from a streamlined payment management system.

Most importantly, the new site has the most up-to-date security to protect our members' information and deliver an enhanced member experience.

Signing In To TTN Website 2.0

You can sign in with your email address
No more user name

Put in your email address and request a new password.  Follow instructions on getting your new password (8 characters using combination of capital and small case letters, numbers and special characters)
and you are good to go.

Forgot your password use...
"forgot password" feature.
2016 Appeal

Where else can you find so many terrific women
who are interested in the same things you are?

There is no other organization quite like The Transition Network. We've created a unique community of women, 50 and forward, who are helping each other enjoy the transitions in their lives.
Yes, you read that right. WE created TTN. We invented the idea. Every woman who joins TTN brings her own special perspective, special energy, and special impact.
So  THANK YOU  for all you bring to our Network.
THANK YOU  for considering giving a gift membership to a friend.  (She'll thank you too!)
THANK YOU  for making sure that TTN will continue to be the prime gathering place for women in the prime of their lives.
Our 2016 Appeal is a way for us to show our support and appreciation for all the ways TTN has impacted our lives.
Thanks for showing your pride with a gift to the 2016 Appeal.

Follow the link to make your donation!