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July 10th
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 September 25th
Carter's @ 5:30

November 21st
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May 2019
Celebrating 3 Years as a  TTN Chapter! 

On April 27, we celebrated 3 years as a TTN chapter with a special lunch at the Northern and a style show provided by Neecee's Clothing.  
In addition, we took this photo welcoming Minneapolis as the 14th chapter in TTN. 
Our Outreach program that day was Angela's Piazza to whom we proudly delivered $169 in donations. Thank you ladies!

To each and every one...Thank you for your continued support 
and for making our Billings Chapter so vibrant.

Make sure to mark your calendar with upcoming program dates and Meet and Greet dates located on the side of the newsletter. 

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Evelyn Noennig
TTN Billings Chapter Chair                                   
February Workshop 
On Resilience:  Exploring a Transformation Path to Greater Wellbeing

A Signature Program of The Transition Network
The TTN Signature Workshop On Resilience was held Saturday, Feb 9, 2019.  It was a great day for 30 members.  We had an awesome room at the Billings Food Bank which provided plenty of room for our group and small group discussions with lots of light to enhance our learning.  A great lunch was also provided by the Foodbank.  Thank you to Billings Food Bank for hosting us!
This is the second of TTN Signature Programs and is one of the benefits from our National organization.  Evey Lamont and June Luptak facilitated.  Member Janet Dietrich, a certified MBSR (Mindfulness Bases Stress Reduction) instructor, skillfully led the centering/mindfulness exercises.  Calming the mind through focusing on the breath is a basic skill that leads to clearing the mind which provides the ability to increase resilience.  Good decisions are more frequently made when one's mind is calm. Mindfulness isn't just about paying attention; it's how we pay attention. If we pay attention with judgement, we are growing judgement.  If we pay attention with frustration, we are growing frustration.  What we practice grows stronger.

A definition of r esilience is the capacity to prepare for, recover from, adapt to, learn from and transform effectively from the stress of adversity.  A key part of this is that resilience is more than  just coping or bouncing back; we can actually grow with the stress of adversity.  We assessed our current skills and strategies - some likely used "too" often i.e. when they aren't the most effective.  Even our strongest resilience strategies are not necessarily effective in every situation.  We identified skills we'd like to strengthen and developed methods to accomplish growth in those areas.  Our capacity to learn from experience has the power to transform us as individuals.   This is called post-traumatic Growth.
An interesting component was discussion of learning to stand in the suspense of not knowing what's ahead - even though it may be uncomfortable.  Transforming your life asks that you stand some time in the gap between the life you had and the life you will eventually live, in order to blend the two.  By approaching our present state - whether delight, satisfaction, dismay, or woundedness - with compassion and curiosity, we can take on the challenge of expanding our sense of self to incorporate new insights, new strengths, new supports, and a revised sense of purpose.

This quote summarizes a great deal of the theme of the program:  "Look to ourselves, find our strengths, be curious and be a learner, avoid being a judger."
  Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.  
Trunk Sale for Fun and Fund Raising for Billings TTN

T TN Trunk Sale, Saturday, June 22
8:00 am - Noon
First Presbyterian Church Parking Lot
2420 13th Street West 
(Corner of Poly Drive and 13th Street West)
Items will be sold from the trunks/tailgates of our members' vehicles - similar to a garage sale, but more fun!
Members will have their items priced  
Cash would be appreciated 
No credit cards or cash cards accepted 
It is up to our seller whether or not they'll take check

All proceeds will be donated to our  TTN                            Look for the Colorful signs                                                             Billings Chapter
                                                                              PLEASE join us!     Mark your calendar now!  
June 26th Quarterly Program: Travel 2.0 - Mark your Calendar

Travel 2.0  
More travel options provide new experiences.  Come and hear from our own members how they travel

Learn about: Airbnb, VRBO, Evergreeners, Friendship Force, TTN Travel Groups Adventures and RV Travel

Place: MSU-B College of Business - Room 355

Members: $5   Guests: $10
  Snacks and Refreshments will be served

Outreach will be:  Montana Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers Council, Inc.
                              Ag Worker Health & Services

Ag Worker Health & Services provides primary and preventive health care to agriculture workers and their families. They do not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. They have four year-around clinics in Montana and one in Wyoming. They are a "Patient Centered Medical Home" , a team of healthcare professionals working together with patients to improve their health. When possible, patients may select, at our clinics, a personal clinician or primary care provider they will most often see for their health care needs. 

Next Meet & Greet Wednesday, July 10
                         Come meet other TTN members 
and guests  for a great evening of connecting!

    Wednesday, July 10 at 5:30 
     Doc Harper's - 116 North Broadway

Meet & Greet events are a terrific opportunity to learn more about TTN and meet other fabulous women working through transition!

Please register to help us know how many will attend.

Bring a friend.

Billings TTN Special Interest Groups 
TTN Members are the heart 
and soul of our Special Interest Groups.   

Open Groups and New Groups Forming!

Evey LaMont   is our coordinator of the Billings TTN Special Interest Groups (SIGs):  groups of women who share a special interest. 
If you'd like to start a TTN Special Interest Group, begin the process by contacting  Evey LaMont at: 

If you are interested in joining one of the established groups, simply contact the respective lead.  Descriptions of the current groups and the lead contacts are on our website! 

Open Groups

Trekkers (walkers)
Between the Covers
 (Book Club)
Ladies Who Lunch
Coffee or Tea Ladies
One and Done
(Volunteer Group)
Craft Beer
Fly Fishing
Movie Roulette (everyone notified each meeting)
Photo Gallery

3rd Anniversary Celebration at the Northern Hotel



Meet & Greets are great ways to connect!


Members and Guests at the March Meet and Greet At TEN


May Meet and Greet following the Women's Run 
May 11

Wandering Women SIG at Nova Center for the Performing Arts 

Have pictures or want to share an update on your Special Interest Group or Peer group for the next newsletter????

Contact June Luptak:

Community Outreach
Outreach Makes A  

TTN women want to stay involved. They are using their skills to positively impact their own communities on a variety of levels. And they are changing the way organizations think of volunteers.  No longer satisfied to just stuff envelopes, our members are directing resources, raising money and finding gratification in "giving back." 

One way we can "give back" is by making donations to local non-profits.  In conjunction with each quarterly programs we highlight a worthy organization in need of donations. We ask that you consider a gift when joining us at the program.