Bite-Size Blog #64 -- December 16, 2016

Finding more future homes  for Humans

     J. Morris Hicks
Yesterday, I read an article in the New York Times  about a woman at M.I.T. who is trying to find us another Earth-like planet to relieve some of the pressures we are facing here. An astrophysicist, she is focused on the study of exoplanets in order to find a new place for humans to live someday.

Personally, I am not a big fan of what she is trying to do, but I am always fascinated with this fact that was stated in the article, " that there are hundreds of billions of galaxies, and that each might contain hundreds of billions of stars." It always makes me realize just what a tiny part of the universe we really are.  As the article states, Dr. Sara Seager...

"wants to find an Earthlike exoplanet - a rocky planet of reasonable mass that orbits its star within a temperate "Goldilocks zone" that is not too hot or too cold, which would allow water to remain liquid - and determine that there is life on it.

But there are problems--beginning with the fact that it would take 73,000 years to get to the nearest planet--even if you traveled at the current maximum speed possible.

The Bottom Line. On the small planet we call home, we'd be much better served if a few more geniuses out there would choose to do something radical about our grossly unsustainable  lifestyle. If something doesn't change pretty soon, I doubt that our civilization will make it to the next century. Here are two of my 2015 full-size blogs on this topic--followed by another link to that NY Times article.

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