The purpose of the Government Domain is to mobilize Christians to create a culture of community involvement in the political process in our city, state, and nation.
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March 28, 2022


This past week 3 important bills that previously passed the Arizona Senate were passed by the House of Representatives and now await Governor Ducey’s signature. These bills were necessary because of a radical societal shift from God’s truth to new age “wokeness”.

Back in 1972, women won a big victory with federal Title 9 legislation that gives women athletes’ equal opportunity in sports programs in any school that receive federal funds. That victory was erased by schools that give biological males with gender dysphoria, unfair advantage in competing in women’s sports. SB 1165 bans biological males from competing in woman’s sports in Arizona. Contrary to popular beliefs, you don’t have to be a biologist to tell the difference.

According to the World Health Organization, over 200 million women alive today have been subjected to the barbaric Islamic practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), primarily performed when they were young girls. With immigration from some of these Islamic countries to America, the practice came here. This prompted the Arizona Legislature in 2014 to unanimously pass SB 1342, making it a felony for anyone to perform FGM including doctors.

Even with this legislation, doctors are still mutilating the genitals of girls and boys under the age of 18. Doctors are using the excuse that they are transitioning the sex on children with gender dysphoria to the sex they think they are. SB 1138 makes it illegal to perform gender reassignment surgery on anyone under the age of 18. What makes this surgery unnecessary is that over 80% of these children resolve their sexual dysphoria on their own without the need of irreversible surgery.

Women facing unwanted pregnancy need loving support so they will not resort to abortion. In Arizona, we have some of the best pregnancy centers in the country. In 1992, pro abortion President Bill Clinton said about abortion, “it should be safe, legal and rare”. With over 63 million abortions performed since 1973, it is far from rare. After 15 weeks of pregnancy, the safety factor drops considerably as well. What makes the procedure less safe is that after 15 weeks, the baby must be dismembered and removed from the mother piece by piece. Current science says this is also when the baby feels pain.

These were some compelling reasons for our Arizona Legislature to pass SB 1164, limiting abortions to 15 weeks of gestation. Those of us who believe in the sanctity of life want all abortion to end but no abortion after 15 weeks gestation is a step in the right direction.

Now it’s up to Governor Ducey to sign these 3 bills into law. I ask you to call the Governor’s office today 602 542-4331 and give him support in making these bills SB 1165 to save women’s sports, SB 1138 in stopping gender reassignment surgery under 18 years of age and SB 1164 to prohibit abortion after 15 weeks gestation, the law of the land.

Paul Parisi
Director-Government Domain 
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