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Bimini Gin Extends Line with Coconut Expression
Round Turn Distilling, the Biddeford, Maine-based makers of award-winning Bimini Gin, have released a new coconut-flavored expression, Bimini Coconut. Using the same base distillate known for its unique flavor profile of soft juniper, hops, and grapefruit, natural coconut flavor is added through the process known as “fat washing." (
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10 Tips for Packaging During the Pandemic
Necessity is forcing craft distillers to quickly adapt to the new environment created by the pandemic, drawing on their resourcefulness to appeal to consumers looking for convenient drinking options. While the packaging of many of these new products is continuing to evolve, there are some tips that can be drawn from their experiences, and from that of packaging design experts who have been observing the situation as the pandemic continues to impact the craft spirits industry.
Webinar: New Frontiers in Gin
What: Want to know where the gin market is headed? Tune in to our panel of boundary-pushing craft distillers who are exploring an almost unlimited array of flavor profiles within this classic category. We’ll explore everything from unconventional botanicals and bases to innovative barrel-aging techniques.

Who: Abby Titcomb (3 Floyds Distilling Co.), Jason Parker (Copperworks Distilling Company), and Lance Winters (St. George Spirits), moderated by Jeff Cioletti (CRAFT SPIRITS magazine)

When: Thursday, Oct. 8, 3 p.m. ET

Cost: Free to ACSA members; $59 for non-members
ACSA Statement on Jim Murray
Whiskey critic Jim Murray is facing accusations of sexism after complaints surfaced about the treatment of women in his "Whisky Bible" books and at events. In social media posts on Sept. 20, British journalist Becky Paskin criticized Murray for sexist language used in his book. With help from Paskin, Felipe Schrieberg followed with a similar critique on

After those reports, several global spirits companies released statements in support of Paskin while distancing themselves from Murray, who has denied the allegations. And as Clay Risen reports today in The New York Times, some distilleries and retailers have quietly refused to carry Murray’s books or use his reviews for promotion, saying that he shows a sexist and demeaning attitude toward women in his reviews and at public events. 

At the American Craft Spirits Association, we are guided by a code of conduct, which focuses on the importance of providing a harassment-free work environment. We acknowledge diversity in distillery leadership, and various positions throughout the industry continue to be a problem. Thus, we are committed to creating and fostering an environment that is welcoming and accepting of all individuals, and ensuring that all members of our community are treated with dignity and respect. We believe that a person’s background, identity, or beliefs should not be a hindrance to their being in a position to contribute.
Leopold Bros. Releases Bottled in Bond Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Leopold Bros. of Denver recently announced the latest addition to the Leopold Bros. family: Leopold Bros. Bottled in Bond Straight Bourbon Whiskey. (
Glencairn Introduces Colorful Glasses to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Glencairn Glass, Glencairn Crystal Studio has introduced a new core range of colored glasses. Following the huge popularity of the limited edition black Glencairn Glass last year, whisky fans worldwide will now be able to purchase the Glencairn Glass not only in black but also in blue, red, green, and shimmering gold alongside the original clear glass. (
Moonshine University to Welcome 30th Class of Distillers
Moonshine University, the nation’s premier educational distillery, is gearing up to welcome its 30th class of 6-Day Distillers. Taking place this October 18-23, the course will mark a significant milestone for the Louisville, Kentucky-based facility whose graduates have gone on to launch 178 distilleries worldwide. (
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October 7: Taka Amano, American Shochu Company
October 14: Kim & Tom Bard, The Bard Distillery
October 21: John Little, Smooth Ambler Spirits
November 4: Blake Jones, West Fork Whiskey

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SURVEY: COVID-19 Economic Impact
In March, our industry quickly adapted to providing help to our communities in the form of producing hand sanitizer to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Please take 10 minutes to complete this survey, which is being conducted by Indu Khurana, an assistant professor of economics and business at Hampden-Sydney College. Results are collected in the aggregate and will not be released individually. Key points from the survey will be shared upon completion of the study.
Honey Board Names Influential Alcoholic Beverages Made with Honey
The National Honey Board’s team of beverage industry experts, with the help of alcohol industry insiders, named the 20 most influential alcoholic beverages with honey, including two products from Caledonia Spirits. (
Du Nord Craft Spirits Owner Pays it Forward
A TV station in Minnesota presents a retrospective look at how Du Nord Craft Spirits—founded by ACSA's immediate past president, Chris Montana—weathered the pandemic and a fire set after unrest following George Floyd's killing. (KSTP-TV)
Boardroom Spirits Introduces Three New Vodka Products
Boardroom Spirits of Lansdale, Pennsylvania, is expanding its portfolio with three new offerings to coincide with National Vodka Day on October 4. (
Reminder: Importance of Registering Sanitizer
Recently, ACSA leadership met with the FDA and the biggest takeaways were the importance of following current FDA guidelines and the necessity to register if you are producing hand sanitizer, packaging or labeling for distribution (either for sale or donation). You must also register with the FDA if you are manufacturing ethanol for use by others in making sanitizer.

If you believe a distillery is producing or distributing hand sanitizer or ethanol in a manner that is inconsistent with recent federal regulations and guidelines published for use during the COVID-19 public health emergency, please click here.

And if you haven't already added your distillery to our list of DSPs producing hand sanitizers, click here.

Additionally, FDA recently announced that it is providing a laboratory testing method to assess the quality of finished hand sanitizer products.

This testing method can be used to help assure hand sanitizers contain the correct ingredients and do not contain harmful levels of impurities. To read the full bulletin on the FDA's laboratory testing method, click here.
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