March 27, 2020
Family Enterprise Entertainment
Dear Columbia Family Enterprise Community,
As you head into another weekend of self-isolation with family members, we thought you might want to catch up on some great family enterprise entertainment. 
Here’s the first of our occasional recommendations for you and your loved ones.
Go ahead, binge on these classics:

  • Succession. The tale of a media empire as it faces challenges in family and business across generations. We dare you to watch only one episode.
  • The Godfather Trilogy. Epic portrayal of a family tied together by blood and money.
  • The Inheritance (2003; Danish, “Arven”). Dramatic portrayal of what happens when a family member gets called back to lead the business.
  • The Bachelor. And you thought your family tried to tell you how to live your life?
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding. When the star, from a business-owning family, brings someone new into her life, family culture is on full display.

If you have any recommendations of your favorite movies, series, or books, please send them to:
Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay tuned …
The Family Business Program