Cup of Empowerment
March 5, 2018
It feels so good to sit back,  catch our breath and  savor a cup of empowerment   fro God's Word

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School of the Spirit with Jeremy Caris
March 10th from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

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Bingo in the Doctor's Office
 Dr. CarolMarie

The waiting room in the doctor's office was filled with people. Though we had all signed in when we arrived, you would have thought we were playing bingo, as we all waited for the next name to be called and wishing our name would be called out next!  Soon I heard my last name called, "Smith".  I excitedly leaped up as if I had won a prize and hurried to the doctor's assistant at the door.  Glancing around the room and seeing I was the only "Smith" answering the call, he looked puzzled.  "Charles Smith?" he continued.  "No", I laughed and returned to my seat, as if I didn't receive the toaster after all.
Soon "Charles" entered the room from his quick trip to the restroom.  Several of us let him know his "bingo" had been called while he was gone.  Talking to him later I told him of my adventure with his name.  He said on another occasion three men stood up when they called "Charles Smith", and two remained standing when they said, "Charles L. Smith".  They had to get to his full name before they selected the correct patient.  No wonder there are mix-ups in hospital records and credit reports!
One time, years ago when my husband Sonny was still with us, we applied for credit and were denied.  We were baffled because we had good credit. We investigated the report.  Sonny's name was legally Robert and the report was from another Robert Smith.  Having a common name such as "Robert Smith" the mix-up could be understandable, but they also had the same middle name!  Not only that, the social security number was the same except the two middle numbers were reversed!  We had to get to the birthdays to sort it out. They had put all our good credit in his name and his bad report on ours. Knowing the name was more than letters in a word, it was discerning the person and their identity!
In Psalms 91:14, God promises to "set us on high" if we "know His name".  The Hebrew word for "know" in this passage is "yada" and can also be translated, "discern, discover, perceive, and understand".  His "name" is the Hebrew word "shem" which includes His authority and character!  To be "set on high" is to "exalt, set up", but also "defend, be safe, and be strong".  When we discern and discover His character and authority, He will set us above the problem!  We position ourselves in Him so that we are defended and are safe.  He is the one that promotes us and exalts us for His purposes!  It's all about Him not us, and that's the best credit report ever!
It's in knowing Him and who we are in Him that helps us not be confused, baffled, or fearful!  As I got acquainted with Sonny's name, I knew the report was not about him, even if it had the same letters and numbers associated with it!  I had to spend time with Sonny to know him, his name and character.  I would talk things over with him, read his notes of love and watch his life to see how he handled things.  It's the same with God.  What report are we agreeing with?  Does the report agree with His character and promises?  Once that is settled in our hearts, we can discern correctly if it's for us!  And knowing His name, oh my, that's better than bingo and the rewards are eternal!
I love when Jeremy Caris of Caris Ministries teaches at Anna's Gate the first Friday evening and the second Saturday morning of the month! He helps us know the character of God and to move in the spirit causing us to grow!  If you are in the Knoxville area, this coming Saturday, join us at 10 am EST.  Other opportunities to grow in discernment include being with us on Tuesdays, 4 pm EST as we film at Anna's Gate for "Redeeming the Time" TV shows aired on four local networks and for the Internet.  It usually is live also on my personal Facebook page (CarolMarie Smith) and is open to the public (whether you are my "friend" or not).  The strategies we teach are powerful to live by and affirmed with reports of lives changed!  The "Empower Hour" radio show is also live on 620am locally and www. globally from 5 to 6 pm EST every Wednesday.  (We usually film part of it live on Facebook as well.) Guests are chosen that will not only empower but encourage you on your journey of maturity! Past podcasts are archived on our website too.  Resource videos and teachings can be found on our website under "resources" and in our store.   Links below for our Torah reading help us align with what our Savior was reading at this time in history so that we are equipped.  (If it was important to Him, then it should be for us too!) ....Put all these opportunities together, and you will have an amazing "BINGO" life!


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