September 15th, 2018
By Jeff Adair, Editor

BingoBox , described as a cross between a vending machine and a convenience store, has a footprint of more than 300 installations in China and has its sights set on the rest of the world. The high-tech innovation, presented during the ShopTalk conference in Las Vegas earlier this year, has a head start over Amazon Go, the cashierless retail solution that many have called the convenience store of the future.

The BingoBoxes have been installed in 30 Chinese cities under contract with seven city governments, according to the presentation by Hans Tung, a managing partner at GGV Capital, a BingoBox investor.

After gaining access to the unattended, freestanding store using a mobile phone to scan a QR code, the customer can select from an assortment of products. To check out, the customer places the items on a counter, scans a QR code, then pays with Alipay or WeChat. As the customer approaches the exit, a sensor near the door can automatically detect any unpaid items. The door will only unlock once all items have been paid for.

Seaga Manufacturing has introduced the INF5S to its Infinity line, an automated machine with intelligent features capable of accommodating a wide range of product categories.

Integrated with the company’s new digital media display, operators are able to talk to consumers at the point of sale, maximizing upsell potential and increasing transactions. The display allows operators to introduce and promote products as well as information pertaining to their business.

"Designed to penetrate markets with a limited amount of space, the Infinity INF5S is a vending hypermarket,” said Steve Chesney, president. “Our strategic approach to the engineering of the Infinity line was geared towards giving operators a revenue edge, allowing operators to garner more accounts.”

Farmer’s Fridge , which operates 186 automated, smart “Fridges” stocked with restaurant quality meals and snacks, has closed on $30 million in a round of financing led by Innovation Endeavors.

“Farmer’s Fridge is committed to making restaurant-quality, fresh, healthy food as accessible as a candy bar,” said Luke Saunders, founder and CEO of Farmer’s Fridge.

“We are excited to partner with visionary companies, including Innovation Endeavors, to grow and scale our business to the point where we can positively impact public health." he said. "Leveraging data and technology is central to Farmer’s Fridge and the future of our company. The current round of funding validates our efforts over the past five years and enables us to pursue our global ambitions.”

SUZOHAPP has introduced its Scan Coin ICX Active-9, an all-in-one coin sorting solution. Its active sorting technology ensures multiple currencies processed, high throughput, multiple set-ups and configurations. The sorter gives the freedom of counting and sorting several different currencies at the same time.

The active sorting technology ensures that the machine continues working even when a bag is full.

The ICX Active-9 processes all coins with its innovative built-in rotating disc and driving rubber belt. Thanks to the nine coin outlets and a reject outlet, multiple coins/tokens can be sorted into the same bag, and coins of the same diameter can be separated into different bags to remove legacy coins. Speed is a necessity where many coins have to be quickly validated, sorted and bagged. Here the ICX Active-9 excels with its ability to process up to 2,700 coins/tokens per minute.

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