Bintelli Monthly Dealer Newsletter
2018 Dealer Summit

The 2018 Dealer Summit was a great success! Thank you to everyone who joined us in Charleston and the Bahamas for such an amazing event! With a focus on dealership growth, added profitability, and happier customers and employees, all dealerships in attendance reported leaving with actionable items to improve their dealership! The seminar sessions were a huge success! Thank you to our special guest speakers, Shaun from Jaguar Power Sports! Additionally, thank you to our guest panel: Tim from Ecofun, Scott from Ecco Motors, and Ken from Hallmark!

Be on the lookout over the coming weeks as we release footage, pictures, and a whole lot of information that was revealed at the summit regarding new programs, models, colors, and more!

New Bintelli Dealer Forum

Many of you have requested to have a message board where everyone in our Bintelli Dealer Family can gather to discuss Bintelli specific product lines, industry topics, and to help each other continue to grow. You asked, we listened! We have created a Forum on Slack. If you would like to be added to this Bintelli Forum*, please reply to this email and we will send you an invite. Slack can be downloaded onto your phone, you can install it on your computer by clicking here, or you can use an online version by clicking here

*Please note that this is the only forum that is sponsored and monitored by Bintelli. 
I've Bintelli'n Ya

On our most recent trip to China, it was interesting to see how the world's largest country of powersports manufacturing is viewing the gas to electric worldwide movement. On day three, we toured what just a few years ago was one of the larger producer of gas scooters in China. The entire factory has now been converted to produce gas generators and electric bicycles. Not a single gas scooter was spotted. 

While touring the parts department of this factory, all of the shelves had pictures of all of the scooter parts that used to be housed there, click here to see! The pictures were still up but the parts were long gone. On the shelves were tens of thousands of dollars of electric bicycle parts. One by one, factories are switching from gas vehicles to electric. It's important to realize that these are the factories that are producing the scooters for the world to sell. Over the next several years, the electric movement will continue to grow stronger, so it's important that your dealership understand and adapt. We aren't suggesting you get rid of gas products, but start representing electric bicycles, electric golf carts, and electric scooters. Start growing the electric market in your city - be on the forefront of the future of the powersports industry! 
Bintelli Electric Vehicles News

Over the last few months, many of you have noticed that we've started re-branding our electric vehicle marketing materials as Bintelli instead of citEcar. With as strong of a name as Bintelli has become in the powersport industry, we are bringing the electric vehicles into the Bintelli family as well! We have completed the transition and you can view our new website by clicking Let us know what you think!

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