Bintelli Monthly Dealer Newsletter
Congratulations To You!

February marked a very impressive month for the Bintelli family! We would like to congratulate our dealers for achieving:

1) The BEST month of Bintelli Bicycle sales ever
2) The 2nd best February of Bintelli Scooter sales ever
3) The 2nd best month of EV sales in the last TWO years

This is even more impressive considering these feats came in a February... when many of you had snow on the ground. It's phenomenal to see such amazing dealerships maximizing their profits when most of their competition view February as an "off month". Kudos to you! A great start to what will be a very lucrative year for you all!
Bintelli Bicycle MAP

Over the last few months we have been receiving complaints from much of our dealer family due to a few dealers listing our e-bikes online for extremely low pricing. We always want to protect our dealer family to ensure you are able to remain profitable selling Bintelli products. As such, we are now instituting MAP pricing for our e-bike models at $50 below MSRP, as follows:

E1 $949.00 $999.00
B1 $1,249.00 $1,299.00
F1 $1,249.00 $1,299.00
M1 $1,549.00 $1,599.00
M2 $1,349.00 $1,399.00
T1 $1,749.00 $1,799.00

*MAP = Minimum Advertised Price. While you are allowed to sell below this price, this is the lowest price you are allowed to publicly advertise this model for. If a dealer is found to be in violation of the MAP requirements they will be asked to correct the pricing or risk being in breach of the dealership agreement.
New Bintelli Dealer Forum

Many of you have requested to have a message board where everyone in our Bintelli Dealer Family can gather to discuss Bintelli specific product lines, industry topics, and to help each other continue to grow. You asked, we listened! We have created a Forum on Slack. If you would like to be added to this Bintelli Forum*, please reply to this email and we will send you an invite. Slack can be downloaded onto your phone, you can install it on your computer by clicking here, or you can use an online version by clicking here

*Please note that this is the only forum that is sponsored and monitored by Bintelli. 
I've Bintelli'n Ya

Over the last few weeks we've seen a lot of warranty claims coming in for batteries that haven't been maintained all winter. As many of you know, we're one of the only distributors to warranty batteries for two years. We can only continue this if our dealers are ensuring they are not submitting warranty claims for parts that were improperly maintained. The amount of battery claims on 1-2 year old batteries has been increasing due to lack of maintenance and use, especially in the winter. Please ensure your staff knows that misuse and failure to properly maintain a part precludes it from being a warranty claim. We thank you for your assistance. We wish to keep the two year warranty in effect and can do that with the assistance of our dealer family.

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