November 24, 2015

Conference Recap: Restoring Water Cycles to Reverse Global Warming 
Highlights from BLC's conference on water cycles at Tufts University 

We have the solutions we need to heal and restore our planet. 


Our Fall 2015 conference, Restoring Water Cycles to Reverse Global Warming, was a weekend filled with inspiring evidence of water's role in regulating climate through its remarkable capacity to store, move and transfer more heat than any other natural compound. Water is a planetary thermostat, and even with elevated greenhouse gases in the atmosphere it can cool the biosphere and address destructive feedback loops in the climate system. 

Our lineup of speakers represented five continents including Foster Brown from Amazonia, Precious Phiri from Zimbabwe, Walter Jehne (Director of Healthy Soils Australia), the notable Rajendra Singh (India's "Water Ghandi" and 2015 Stockholm Water Prize laureate) and Slovakian hydrologist Michal Kravcik (Goldman Environmental Prize recipient and author of "A New Water Paradigm" which served as the guiding framework of our conference).

We encourage you to check out their recorded videos and presentation slides on our conference program page. Interviews with Michal Kravcik, Precious Phiri, Jon Griggs, Adam Sacks, and Jim Laurie were also featured on Emerald Planet TV!

Precious Phiri's talk on
Precious Phiri's talk on "Community Grazing for Community Abundance"

Here are some thoughts on the conference from a couple of our core members: 

"The most wonderful feeling the conference left me with comes from connection to people around the planet whose separate energies joined at the conference. It filled me with joy and hope. From the Amazon to Slovakia, from Nevada to Australia, from Canada to India, and Zimbabwe to our own local heroes. What an honor to be part of this gathering and linking of life-affirming stories, science and strategies. Wonderful people, new friends." 
-Paula Phipps, Education Associate of BLC 

"I was truly amazed by the diversity of speakers we brought together representing so many different continents and cultures. The hopeful information presented at this conference offered a refreshing deviation from the doom-and-gloom scenarios I typically hear about with respect to climate change, and it increases my confidence that local ecological restoration efforts and collaborative stewardship can have a significant positive impact across our planet." 

-Lacey Klingensmith, Executive Associate of BLC

Foster Brown: The most important link is the one that's missing. We need to link a lot of people together.

A tremendous thank you to all the speakers, volunteers and attendees who helped to make this extraordinary conference possible. We look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts for future events!

Jobs, Justice and Climate: A rally to defend New England's future

December 12, 1-3  PM
Parkman Bandstand, Boston Common, Boston, MA. 

"Lift up the voices of New England's organized labor, immigrant rights, racial justice, and climate justice groups as we call for jobs, justice and climate action together."

Join BLC in this massive rally on December 12th, the day after the Paris climate talks, to help build an unstoppable grassroots eco-restoration movement. 

RSVP and find out more about the rally here!
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