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Cellerate + Enogen Could Meet Cellulosic Ethanol Goal : Syngenta's bolt-on technology could help the industry meet the cellulosic ethanol targets in the RFS.  Read More

Biofuels & Biogas Unite In Call For Cellulosic Targets: Leading advocates have united to urge the EPA to reverse its proposed RVO targets for cellulosic ethanol Read More 

EPA Approves Efficient Producer Pathway For Al-Corn :   Plants with approved efficient producer pathways are able to generate RINs for production volumes above those grandfathered under current RFS regulations Read More

Record Feed Grain Exports:  Exports of US feed grains in all forms are up 20 percent. Read More

MN's Biodiesel Standard Will Double Next Year:  Biodiesel blend standard will increase from 10 percent to 20 percent next May, making Minnesota the first state to mandate a B20 standard.  Read More

Canada Unseats Brazil As Top Ethanol Export Destination In June:  Together, Canada and Brazil were the top destinations for US exports, combining to receive nearly half of total exports in June  Read More

E15 Sales Plummet In MN As A Result Of The RVP: 
The growing momentum in E15 sales in Minnesota came to a screeching halt in June as the EPA's long-outdated RVP (Reid Vapor Pressure) rule took effect Read More

Will The Biofuels Era Take Off At SeaTac? : 
 Gov. Jay Inslee's administration wants Washington to become the nation's leader in aviation biofuels.  Read More

A Better Fuel Mix Can Be 'Made In America: Former Sen. Rick Santorum says the EPA should have stuck to the 2018 RVOs. Read More

MBA's Testimony To The EPA On The 2018 RFS:  Read our testimony to the EPA at its public hearing on Aug 1 in Washington D.C. Read More
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As we approach the end of the 2017 RVP season for E15, we're getting some suggestions from various quarters that RVP relief may be at hand. Well yes, September 16 is almost here. If, however, the suggestion is that the EPA and/or President Trump is prepared to make some authentic regulatory change, then let's see the amendment or executive order. Quite frankly, I really wonder how the EPA could square a change with the RVP standard after it released the proposed RVO numbers just a few weeks ago.  The connection between the RVP and proposed RVO rule rests not with an explicit reference to RVP but rather the Agency's tortured reasoning and clinging to the blendwall fiction so as to rationalize its perverted analysis of the market barriers to higher levels of biofuel use.  Read more here .

The Deputy Director for Food Security at Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Kimihiko Eura, toured Guardian Energy in Janesville on Aug 22 to learn about renewable fuel production in Minnesota. MBA accompanied Eura during the tour. Read more here.

Environmental engineering firm, Pinnacle Engineering Inc, joined the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association as a vendor member earlier this month. Read more on what they do and their services to the ethanol industry here.

The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association collaborated with Farm Camp Minnesota to bring 31 children to Guardian Energy on Aug 8. This was the first time Farm Camp Minnesota included an ethanol plant tour in its activities. Read more here                                                                          Like us on Facebook  Follow us on Twitter  View our videos on YouTube