E15 sales in Minnesota in June totaled 6.25 million gallons, 14.88 percent higher than the 5.44 million gallons recorded in May.

On a year-on-year comparison, the E15 volume in June was only 1.57 percent lower than the volume sold in June 2019 (6.35 million gallons). 

On a cumulative basis, 35.1 million gallons of E15 was sold in Minnesota in the first half of 2020, marginally lower than the 36.89 million gallons sold in the first half of 2019. Read More
Corn Use For Ethanol At 379 Million Bushels In June The amount if corn used for ethanol production in June was 26 percent higher than May but still 17 percent lower than the amount in July 2019. Read More

1.62 Billion RINs Generated In July The number of RINs generated in July was more than the 1.51 billion RINs generated in June. Read More

Biden Announces Commitment To RFS The Democratic presidential candidate also said the EPA's SRE waivers have hurt the ethanol and agriculture industries. Read More

EPA SRE Requests Near 100 The EPA has now received 98 SRE requests. These includes 67 gap year requests. Read More

Ethanol Production Up 1% The EIA reports ethanol production averaged 926,000 barrels per day for the week ending Aug 14. Read More

Ag Crops Don't Increase GHG Levels A researcher from Michigan State University finds biogenic CO2 emissions from annual agriculture crops do not contribute to elevated GHG levels in the atmosphere. Read More

EPA Reset Recommendation Addresses RFC, LCFS Six former EPA administrators want the EPA to reset its priorities. Among the new priorities include consideration of potential increasing GHG reductions from renewable fuels and the adoption of a federal low carbon fuel standard. Read More
Congressional Biofuel Caucus Seeks Relief For Ethanol Industry The caucus wants senate and house leaders to include assistance to ethanol producers to mitigate the negative impacts that the industry has experienced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Read More

2020/21 Corn Use For Ethanol At 5.25 Billion Bushels The USDA expects corn use for ethanol to increase in the 2020/21 marketing year to 5.25 billion bushels compared to 4.85 billion bushels in the 2019/20 marketing year. Read More

EIA Increases 2020, 2021 Ethanol Production Forecasts Ethanol production in 2021 will average 1.01 million barrels a day, the EIA forecasts. For 2020, it forecasts ethanol production will average 910,000 barrels per day. Read More

June Ethanol and DDGS Exports Up US ethanol exports in June were up 16 percent to 78.5 million gallons while DDGS exports were up 47 percent to 883,193 metric tons. Read More
In July, MN Biofuels released its 2020 Half-Year Report. This report details the challenges Minnesota's ethanol industry faced in the first six months of the year as well as the steps we took to keep our industry afloat and position it toward an upward trajectory when this crisis ends.