Minnesota’s ethanol industry contributed $2.31 billion to the state’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2018, according to a new study by ABF Economics. In 2018, the study said, Minnesota’s ethanol producers produced 1.27 billion gallons of ethanol, 3.8 million tons of dried distiller’s grains with solubles (a high-protein animal feed) and 283 million pounds of corn oil (which is used for biodiesel production) . Read More
Ethanol comprised 12.49 percent of all transportation fuel consumed in Minnesota in 2017, according to new data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA). At 12.49 percent, Minnesota's ethanol consumption ratio was the highest in the nation. Iowa had the second highest ratio with ethanol comprising 11.49 percent of all fuel consumed in the state in 2017. 
E15 sales in Minnesota hit a new record in 2018 with nearly 60 million gallons sold. According to a report by the Minnesota Department of Commerce, the E15 volume in December 2018 totaled 5.53 million gallons, bringing the full year volume to 59.4 million gallons . Read More

US Aims To Lower Beijing's Tariff On Ethanol Ahead Of Chinese Demand Boom U.S. trade negotiators hope to convince Beijing to lower tariffs on ethanol, putting American farmers in a position to capitalize on rising demand for the corn-based biofuel in China . Read More

Ethanol Industry Contributed $46 Billion To GDP In 2018 The US ethanol industry produced a record 16.1 billion gallons and contributed $46 billion the country's GDP in 2018, according to a new report by the RFA. The report said the industry directly employed 71,367 jobs and supported an additional 294,516 indirect and induced jobs in 2018. Read More

Kansas Ethanol Signs Agreement To Use Enogen Corn From Syngenta On Feb. 13, Syngenta announced a three-year marketing agreement with Kansas Ethanol LLC to use Enogen corn enzyme technology at its 80 MMgy ethanol plant in Lyons, Kansas Read More

Ethanol Fix Is Vital For MN Farmers Over the past five years, farm income has fallen by 46 percent. One thing that all Americans can do to help is use a biofuel that we make and sell right here at home. E15, a 15 percent ethanol blend, is made from farm crops like corn. Read More

US Asks Brazil To Consider Lifting Tariffs On Ethanol Exports The  United States  has asked  Brazil   to consider lifting tariffs imposed on its ethanol exports and is hopeful of a positive outcome, a senior official at the U.S. Department of Agriculture said. Read More

NACS Favors Giving Consumers Options At The Pump For the National Association of Convenience Stores, selling E15 is a matter of giving consumers plenty of fuel options. But the biggest barrier preventing retailers from adding E15 to their product mix is not being able to offer the fuel year-round. Read More

RFS2 Has Reduced GHG Emissions By 600 Million Metric Tons A new  study  finds that the expanded RFS2 has been a tremendous success in reducing GHG emissions, with nearly 600 million metric tons of GHG reductions since 2007, surpassing the EPA's original expectations of 422 million metric tons. Read More