The recently released Climate-Smart Agriculture Progress Report from the USDA is a good first step in compiling initial conversations and recommendations or a unified strategy to build climate resilience and cut GHG emissions.The report explores various “themes” that emerged from comments and stakeholder process, including the role of voluntary environmental markets and concerns about at-the-farm level policies. Read More
On May 6, Highwater Ethanol and MN Bio-Fuels hosted a virtual plant tour for 11 students from Worthington High School's Agriculture Business class.During the virtual plant visit, the students were given a virtual presentation on the plant’s operations, facts on the ethanol industry, and shown videos on the ethanol production process and the ethanol industry’s economic impact in Minnesota. Read More
On May 6, Jeanne McCaherty, CEO of Guardian Energy and MN Bio-Fuels board member, testified in support of the Future Fuels Act to the Minnesota House Conference Committee. "The Future Fuels Act is a fuel, technology, and vehicle-neutral program. It does not dictate or mandate the use of certain fuels or vehicles," she said. Read her full testimony here.
ADM Completes Carbon Capture and Storage Project Through the project, one million metric tons of CO2 was captured and stored, the equivalent of removing annual emissions from 1.2 million cars. Read More

USDA Issues Progress Report On Climate Smart Ag The report indicates biofuels and bionenergy will play significant roles in meeting federal climate goals. Read More

Ethanol Production Tops 1 Million Barrels A Day For the week ending May 14, ethanol production exceeded 1 million barrels a day, the first time since March 2020. Read More

Court Vacates Three SREs Approved By Trump Administration The 11th-hour waivers granted by the previous administration have been vacated by the US Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. Read More
18.4 Million Gallons Of E15 Sold In Q1 In comparison to March 2020, the volume sold in March 2021 was 10.1 percent higher. Read More

Ethanol Reduced GHG Emissions By 544 Million Tons From 2005 To 2019 A new study shows the carbon intensity of ethanol decreased by 23 percent from 58 to 45g CO2e/MJ over the same period. Read More

EPA To Hand Over Biofuel Exemption Documents To GAO Probe The GAO is investigating the SRE program and information on the refiners that petitioned for exemptions. Read More

Ethanol Exports Rebound On Shipments To China Ethanol exports in March reached 133 million gallons, the second largest volume in a year. Read More