What would it take to cut petroleum use by at least 85 percent in the near term? What vehicle powertrain can use two renewable sources of energy and on one fill provide a range greater than 450 miles? It’s the plug-in flex fuel hybrid vehicle. As California and other states, including Minnesota, explore the role of ultra low emission vehicles in cutting harmful greenhouse gas emissions, it’s time for a closer look at the plug-in flex fuel hybrid, which is built on existing powertrain technology. Read More
E15 sales in Minnesota in July grew 7.5 percent to 6.7 million gallons from 6.25 million gallons in June, according to data from the Minnesota Department of Commerce. On a year-on-year comparison, the volume in July was 2 percent lower than the volume recorded in July 2019 (6.86 million gallons). On a cumulative basis, 41.81 million gallons of E15 was sold in Minnesota from January to July, marginally lower than the 43.75 million gallons sold during the same period last year. Read More
New Study Underscores Need For Aid A new study says ethanol producers have lost $7 billion this year from the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More

Bustos Introduces Next Generation Fuels Act The new bill by Rep. Cheri Bustos requires the EPA to set a RON 98 standard and expand the availability of mid-level blends, among others. Read More

House Ag Committee Chair Says Ethanol Is Priority Rep. Collin Peterson wants ethanol producers to receive 45 cents a gallon based on their January to April production or 2019 production if they were shutdown. Read More

Novozymes Launches Fiberex Platform Fiberex is a comprehensive platform based on novel enzymes and yeast strains to convert corn fiber into ethanol. Read More

Lallemand Launches New Fermentation Technology The new fermentation platform has been developed to generate increased profitability for ethanol producers. Read More
EPA Rejects 54 Gap Year Applications In mid-Sept, the EPA rejected 54 of the 68 gap year SRE applications it received. Read More

USGC Seeks Ways To Boost Asian Demand For Ethanol Higher demand for sanitization products has led to a demand for US ethanol in South Korea. Read More

USDA: Ethanol Exports Fall in July, Distillers Grains Up The 74.04 million gallons of ethanol exported in July was down from 78.49 million gallons exported in June while the 1.08 million tons of distillers grains exported in July was up from the 883,193 tons exported in June. Read More

Highwater Ethanol To Add Equipment To Produce USP Grade Ethanol The new equipment will enable Highwater Ethanol to produce 20 million gallons a year of hydrous USP grade ethanol, which is used in the sanitizer market. Read More