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I am pleased to announce the soon release of my biography... Norma, Beyond Their Tears . William S. Johnsson, Ph.D., author of 35 books, scholar, professor, former pastor and Executive Editor of the Adventist Review wrote the manuscript. Steven Chavez of the Adventist Review completed the copy editing, and Alberto Valenzuela from the Pacific Union Communication Department is formatting the book. The biography will be published by the Pacific Press and is currently in prepress. Production will start in mid October with the target release date of November 1, 2019.
Hunger Action Month
The Hungry Children

As the world commemorates September 19, Remember the words of Jesus: "I was hungry..."

NAD has worked hard to prepare the dofast promotional packet for Educators, Pastors, Youth Pastors and Pathfinders. As the school year begins, we encourage all teachers and educators to become familiar with the dofast since it is part of the
NAD Bible Curriculum, ENCOUNTER.
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Norma Nashed,
Founder & President
 Restore a Child provides for the basic needs of orphans and underprivileged children. We accomplish this by providing protection, nutrition, education and healthcare. Our goal is to help children develop into productive adults.

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