AFSI Newsletter - December 2020
Biosafety Resource Book Series
Biosafety Regulation and Processes in Bangladesh: A Guide for Researchers in Agricultural Biotechnology is now available electronically on our website and through the Bangladesh Biosafety Portal. This publication marks the launch of the Biosafety Resource Book Series as part of the South Asia Biosafety Program's capacity development interventions in Bangladesh. Aimed at researchers, the first booklet covers Bangladesh's regulatory system for genetically engineered crops and outlines the regulatory processes functioning at different stages of research and development. Additional installments in the series are planned for staggered release in 2021.
Cradle to Grave Environmental Impact Evaluation of the Consumption of Potato and Tomato 
The Fruit & Vegetable Supply Chains: Climate Adaptation & Mitigation Opportunities project's life-cycle assessment team at the University of Arkansas published a study in the journal Science of the Total Environment about the environmental life cycle impacts of potato and tomato supply chains in a “cradle-to-grave” perspective. A wide range of categories were selected for evaluation, with the results showing processing and the agriculture systems as the major environmental impact contributors, while contribution from the consumer stage varied with the ways products are prepared.

Integrated Approach to Climate Adaptation and Mitigation: Application to Fruit & Vegetable Supply Chains
Dr. Dave Gustafson will be delivering a presentation about the Fruit & Vegetable Supply Chains: Climate Adaptation & Mitigation Opportunities project as part of the session on Global Environmental Change at the 2020 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union on December 15, 2020. The talk's focus will be on the team's novel integrated methodology for studying food supply chains that includes climate, crop, economic, and life-cycle assessment models, which have now been successfully applied to two important plant-based sources of food in the United States: processed potato and tomato.