Volume 66 | July 15, 2019
Biosecurity Training Needs To Be On-Going
Because of workforce turnover and changing conditions on dairy farms, biosecurity training needs to on-going and continually reinforced.
In general, biosecurity measures can usually be easily implemented, says Pedro Melendez, a veterinarian with the University of Georgia. Biosecurity failures can lead to more disease, animal welfare concerns, increased mortality and lower productivity, all leading to a decrease in profitability, he says. “Changes in biosecurity issues in general do not require large investments, so they are an improvement every dairy could do,” says Melendez. “[Their] implementation depends on the understanding of the importance and benefits that lie within them.”
Herd veterinarians should have an active role in developing biosecurity measures and protocols on dairy farms, and be involved in communicating this information to employees. “Veterinarians are seen as the most used and preferred source of information by the workers and managers,” he says.

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In the News
Meat Infected by African Swine Fever Found in UK
African swine fever has been picked up in meat seized by port authorities in Northern Ireland , the first time the ASF virus has been detected in the UK. Officials confiscated more than 300kg of illegal meat and dairy products from airport passengers’ luggage in June.

Nursing Could Benefit Microbiome, Vaccine Response
In humans and all mammals, scientists have long known that mother’s milk provides optimum nutrition for early development and benefits in long-term health. New research in human infants, from the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS), now helps explain some of the associations between the gut microbiome and subsequent immune response to vaccines.
FDA Issues Final Rule on Residue-Tolerance Standards
The FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine this week issued a final rule, “ New Animal Drugs; Updating Tolerances for Residues of New Animal Drugs in Food .” The final rule standardizes and clarifies the standards for determining, codifying, and updating tolerances, and also provides a definition section of key terms that the FDA uses in the determination of tolerances.

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