September, 2020
Volume 16, Issue 3
Director's Letter

We have a few important announcements that may be of interest. But first, some words of thanks.

If you are a health care provider – thank you for your service and for your sacrifices these past 7 months. If you are not a health care provider, thank you for the sacrifices you are making, too . . . whether you are working in supportive capacities, or whether you are protecting yourself and others by social distancing, frequent hand-washing, and wearing masks out in public. 

We have not put out any newsletters nor organized large conferences over the past few months, because time and resources at the BTER Foundation remain significantly strained, with increased demands on our services and fewer personnel to provide those services. However, we have continued to work with individuals and small groups to expand access to care. Today I want to share some of our recent and upcoming projects that are more public in nature. You are welcome to read, view, or participate in some of these activities.

Upcoming conferences include:

1) BugFest, September 14-19, sponsored by North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Maggot therapy will be featured on Tuesday, September 15, along with stories about other beneficial insects. More information can be found at:

2) Wild on Wounds, September 24-27, sponsored by the Wound Care Education Institute. In addition to a wide variety of courses on wounds and wound care, the BTER Foundation will present one lecture on maggot therapy and another lecture on leech therapy. More information can be found at:

3) At this years meeting of the American Entomology Association, the BTER Foundation has been invited to speak about how health care workers and providing medical care with insects. Conference information can be found at:

Recent publications with BTER Collaboration:

1) Clinical study of Maggot therapy for Fournier's gangrene. Fonseca-Muñoz A, Sarmiento-Jiménez HE, Pérez-Pacheco R, Thyssen PJ, Sherman RA. Int Wound J. 2020. PMID: 32691532

3) The Awesome World of Blow Flies, 2020. Author: Abbas Mirabzadeh (Forward by RA Sherman).

Are you working with Phage? If so, you assistance is requested. An urgent need for Acinetobacter baumannii phages (for patient care) has been announced by the Phage Directory. Their statement reads: Please email if you can help in any way, or if you would like further details/clarification."

How can the BTER Foundation help you? Just let us know. The BTER Foundation regularly provides personal assistance and group courses in biotherapy. If you have any questions about biotherapy, you can reach our therapists for assistance via e-mail ( or phone (949-246-1156). 
Would you like to help us help others? There are so many ways that you can help. If you are a health care provider, you can join our faculty, provide counseling, or provide an in-service to some of the many clinicians around the country that want to learn more about biotherapy. If you are/were a biotherapy "care-receiver," you may be able to counsel individuals who are now considering a similar treatment course. They probably have as many questions and concerns as you did.

Perhaps you have special skills - clerical, social media, writing, marketing . . . . If you have the desire and time too help, we have needs to match any skill level. And if you have the desire but no time, then you could help fund our “Patient-Assistance Grants” which help subsidize the costs of care for those without insurance.
In fact, just letting us know if we are meeting your needs helps us do our job "BeTER."

Contact us if you want help.
Contact us if you want to help.

With best wishes, Always,
R Sherman (signature)
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