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Congratulations to all the Board-Eligible Candidates that took the IBLCE Exam today!
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Welcome to the BBB Family.  My network has been growing in recognition and support over the past year and I have added amazing ladies to my circle of friends. As I sought a way to stay connected to my former GOO students, people I have recently met at conferences, Facebook friends and new students that I anticipate meeting in the fall, I decided a newsletter would be the perfect outlet for communicating and distributing information quickly to everyone.  

I hope this correspondence proves successful for networking and collaborating.  I also want to be able to connect our GOO graduates with undergraduates for mentoring purposes.  I am in the process of gathering new recruits that will become the graduating class of 2012 and they will need a strong support base in the lactation community.  

This letter will also serve as a bulletin for job opportunities that I am made aware of by others.

A newsletter will allow me to stay in touch and communicate to everyone regularly.  The BBB Network will strive to promote practices that are best for Mom and Baby and focus on informing parents to enable them to make the best personal decisions. This newsletter will keep readers informed of upcoming events, research, and links that help everyone better serve their communities with accurate, up-to-date lactation and birthing information. I will be building my contact list over the next couple of months and would love for you to recommend my newsletter to others who are interested in promoting and learning more about all aspects of Birthing, Bonding & Breastfeeding.
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Updates on Christy Jo Hendricks, IBCLC, CD, Author 

Grow Our Own Lactation Consultant/IBCLC Prep Course
Graduation 2011
I was pleased to announce the 2011 Graduating Class for the Riverside County GOO Program during an elegant dinner in Moreno Valley on Friday, July 22. Riverside County GOO honored 21 Clinical Lactation Specialists and  68 Lactation Consultants.  

For the first time, Christy Jo's curriculum was taught as an extension program in the Central Valley.  The Saturday evening Commencement boasted over 120 graduates, and approximately 90 will be sitting for the IBLCE exam.  The combined efforts of the GOO classes (including graduates from 2010 who needed to collect more counseling hours) has prepared almost 200 new candidates to sit for the 2011 IBLCE Exam.

New GOO classes are forming now for 2012.  Those interested in receiving a thorough education in lactation through the Grow Our Own Program should email Maria at and request more information about the fall course.

Phyllis Klaus Award for Improving Mother/Baby Bonding
Christy Jo Hendricks was awarded the Phyllis Klaus Award during the 2011 DONA International Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.  Part of Christy Jo's acceptance letter mentioned in part, "The mother-baby connection is the only relationship in the universe where two people are fused together so tightly and permanently as to form a union, but still separate enough to grow, change and develop individually. It is truly a mystery that I am passionate to protect and promote." She regretfully was unable to attend in person since the GOO Graduation was scheduled for the same day. 

During the Founder's Awards, Kathleen Kendall-Tackett and Dr. Thomas Hale were recognized for their research as they were presented with the Marshall Klaus Award.  Both of these individuals are very deserving of this elite honor.

CAPPA Faculty
Christy Jo is pursuing a position as CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association) Faculty.  The Lactation Educator position will enable her to teach the 20 hour lactation course to individuals outside of Riverside County who are unable to commit to a 15-month course, need a short refresher or desire to become Certified Lactation Educators.  CAPPA is the only organization that has a Lactation Educator Certification Program.
Regularly Scheduled Events
Bf Cafe Breastfeeding Cafe
Every Wednesday from 10-11:30

Come visit with other prenatal and breastfeeding moms at the Breastfeeding Cafe in Banning, California.  The group meets to share advice and a cup of conversation at the Farm House Restaurant located at 6261 Joshua Palmer Way.  

Riverside County WIC is piloting an exciting new program.  Once a month, WIC personnel attend the Cafe and issue vouchers to qualified clients. They also interview new moms to see if they can be enrolled on WIC. This collaboration is good for WIC, breastfeeding moms and public health. Find out more about this service at the next Cafe.

Riverside County Breastfeeding Coalition
The first Thursday of each month beginning November   
12-1:30PM (Lunch provided by Desert Regional Medical Center)

 A new Breastfeeding Coalition was birthed on July 7, 2011 by a group of individuals who are passionate advocates for education and community support.  Help encourage this new organization by becoming a member and supporting their mission statement: Promoting healthy families and communities through breastfeeding education, promotion and support. To find your local Coalition, visit the USBC Directory of Coalitions .  
Special Events
Christy Jo and Kayellen in front of the Pink Bus
1-7 World Breastfeeding Week 
Many annual celebrations are planned around the country to honor breastfeeding moms and create more awareness and acceptance of the way babies were designed to be fed.  Watch for and be a part of local events to improve breastfeeding awareness.  
August 7 
Boobie Palooza
August 19
Breastfeeding Summit Central Valley, CA

Mark your calendars...
November 12

August Special

 In honor of Breastfeeding  Week, Mommy Feeds Baby will be  available on the BBB website for 10.00  during the month of August.  This is a  great time to purchase a copy for  yourself, a La Leche Leader, clinic,  doula or Lactation Consultant...stock  up now for shower gifts.Celebrate  World Breastfeeding by giving a book  that normalizes breastfeeding.
August Price: $10.00
Regular Price: $12.95
Networking and collaborating to promote and normalize breastfeeding...hope you join with us and help spread the word!




Christy Jo Hendricks
, Bonding & Breastfeeding

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