We could not be more excited anticipating the return of our student body! As a school community we have been through a lot in the past 5 months and their return will be a much needed cause for celebration, joy, and an opportunity to give thanks and count blessings. The time apart served as a referendum on an in-person Bishop Canevin experience and as one of the only schools to offer 5 day a week in-person instruction to 100% of its students body, I am confident in our community's ability to execute our Reopening Plan for a variety of reasons.
The first is the size of our campus and classrooms. In speaking with other school leaders they are envious of our campus and ability to adhere to all of the CDC guidelines and recommendations. Thanks to the efforts of our facilities team, each classroom is equipped with socially distant seating and areas such as the library have been converted into classrooms to house classes that exceed 20 students. In the hallways, lockers have been spaced out, and signage added that promotes safe transitions between classes.
Second, we have conducted extensive research on the equipment required to safely open the building under the current circumstances. Through the obtainment of grants, donations, and our own investment from the school, we have purchased health and sanitation equipment that not only promotes a safe opening of school, but a sustained opening. Equipment has been added to conduct daily temperature checks; hand sanitizers have been installed outside each classroom; and electrostatic sprayers will be utilized daily to conduct deep cleanings in classrooms and restrooms, and to clean equipment in our labs, art studio, and gymnasium.
Third, and most significantly, a plan is only as good as those who are executing it and I have the utmost confidence in our student body! This plan aligns with our Bishop Canevin mission that asks our students to be "Persons for Others." During these times there is no greater example of being a person for others than wearing a mask, being hygienically conscientious and behaving in a socially responsible manner. Our signage depicts the "COVID Crusader" and we believe that by effectively social distancing, being hygienically conscientious, and behaving in a socially responsible manner we can do our part to combat the effects of the pandemic on our school community.
As a community we are not going to be successful by following this plan alone. A successful return to school requires a commitment to be socially responsible in the hours spent away from campus. It requires attending virtually when not 100%, avoiding large social gatherings, and wearing a mask. Bishop Canevin's culture routinely places the needs of others ahead of the individual, and the Bishop Canevin standard has never given anyone a reason to doubt our ability to adhere to this plan.
While the daily routines of our students will look far different from what they were when they were last on campus in March. What has not changed, however, is who we are and what we represent. Bishop Canevin will continue to be rooted in its mission and core values as a student centered, academically excellent, faith based, and community oriented school! 


Michael Joyce