In this role I have had the privilege of meeting alumni who have great passion and fondness for our school. I have been fortunate enough to be included in both the 40th and 50th reunions that have recently taken place. When asked about the current state of Bishop Canevin my response has been that "60" looks pretty good on us! We have an amazing student body that is thriving in the classroom, community, stage and playing field. We have a building that is quickly becoming a 21st century educational environment that we can all be proud of, and a dedicated faculty that is second to none!
While the content of most Crusader Journals focuses on how our current students are living and enhancing Bishop Canevin's mission and reputation, I want to let our alumni and supporters know that our 60th anniversary is also a time for our current student body to understand and develop an appreciation for the students, faculty, staff, coaches, moderators and parents who came before us and created such a solid foundation upon which Bishop Canevin currently sits. Whether it be through Throwback Thursday Instagram posts , a re-creation of the famous class of 1972's "Ladies on the Roof" picture , or by providing the opportunity for current students to listen and learn from the experiences of graduates, our students understand the legacy and traditions of Bishop Canevin and are committed to writing their own chapters in our school's storied history.


Michael Joyce