This month, the Bishop Canevin community celebrated International Week, which is quickly becoming a must-see event on the school calendar. Often the diversity of Catholic schools, Bishop Canevin in particular, is not appreciated, but compared to schools with student bodies all living within an established district, a major benefit of a Bishop Canevin experience is the opportunity to interact with students from other cultures, backgrounds, races, and ethnic groups. The Bishop Canevin student body reflects the global community and our International Week festivities celebrated our diversity and ability to come together. For me, the most powerful moment occurred during mass when our students completed readings in Portuguese, German, Russian, Slovak, and Tagalog, the national language spoken in the Philippines. Equally significant with our student body comprised of students from nearly (20) middle and grade schools, our students have their cultural lenses and perspectives broadened by having the opportunity to be classmates and teammates, participate in school activities, and attend school functions with students from urban, rural, and suburban backgrounds. 
As one of the fastest growing student organizations, our students embrace the International Club and its mission to broaden cultural awareness while promoting inclusiveness. The event reinforces how the unique and welcoming nature of our school environment prepares our students to be difference makers in life beyond Bishop Canevin.


Michael Joyce

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