In many ways our Catholic schools across the U.S. have been at the forefront of actions and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. While we have a widely-held belief and natural sense of pride about what our schools represent, the actions of Catholic school students, families and teachers have received recognition and praise from the greater community at large (Wall Street Journal: Catholic Schools Are Beating Covid). While Catholic Schools Week is a time on the calendar dedicated annually to celebrating our schools, what we have collectively overcome and accomplished has made this year's week more meaningful and significant. 
As part of our school-wide recognition ceremony, Dr. Jeffrey Suzik, Chair of the Middle States Visiting Team who evaluated Bishop Canevin this past December, delivered a taped oral report to the student body. As a school which strives to place student interests at the center of all endeavors, we believed it was important for the student body to hear what an independent evaluative body had to say about their school. The final written report is currently being edited and will be shared with our greater community upon receipt, but here are some direct quotes from the oral report:
"Bishop Canevin scored most exceptional in the following strengths; their faith forward response, their emphasis on reaching the varied needs of the students, the recent advancements which include the broadcasting studio and model classrooms, the COVID-19 response and most importantly the dynamic community."
I hope you share a sense of pride reading the notable efforts and accomplishments from our student body. The value of a Bishop Canevin education where a student-centered experience is embraced and where compassion and empathy matter is exemplified in our mission of being "Persons for Others." This important commitment will continue to resonate through everything we do.


Michael Joyce