I hope this newsletter continues to finds everyone in our Bishop Canevin community safe and well! During the initial days of the COVID-19 crisis, there was a prevailing sentiment from many that this pandemic would mark a turning point in both the method and delivery of educational services in our country. While COVID-19 has had a profound effect – closing our campus, canceling extracurricular activities, and postponing our events – what it has failed to do is diminish Bishop Canevin's spirit, mission, and core values which have endured in the face of adversity. 
Guided by the quote from the Easter Message of Cardinal Tagle, "a pandemic knows no borders, but neither do faith, hope, and love. In the darkness shines the light of Jesus Christ."  In countless ways Bishop Canevin's mission continues to be fulfilled while its environment adapts and prevails in the present situation. Adopting a mindset of "different does not mean substandard," our community has repeatedly come together while staying apart by having drive-thru parades to celebrate birthdays, recognizing senior teammates, and commemorating the final day of classes. 
Influential adults from faculty and staff to coaches have responded to each challenge in their unwavering encouragement of our students and support of our school community. Our student-centered approach has led us toward adopting a philosophy of "Educate with Empathy" that appropriately challenges while maintaining our high standards and expectations, yet provides the capacity for us to place ourselves in the situation of each child in order to create better understanding. 
Stewardship of our campus, community, and each other has been a hallmark of our COVID-19 response. Renovations continue; by the time of our next publication, construction of the Michael Maloney Fitness Center will be underway. Our new football coaching staff, modeling the way we expect our students to treat their school, has prepared the field as we eagerly await return to play in July! Our students have served the community by sharing their academic talents to virtually tutor grade school students within our Catholic Diocese. Most importantly our teachers have fostered the academic, personal, social, and spiritual development of our students in increasingly creative ways such as conducting a virtual retreat attended by the entire graduating senior class and hand-delivering graduation care packages to the Class of 2020.
The result of this impressive display has been an emphatic reaffirmation of Bishop Canevin's core values along with a deepened sense of appreciation not only for a Bishop Canevin education, but a Bishop Canevin experience!


Michael Joyce